Maan drags her forcefully with him as the girl behind her pushed her further towards him. Geet was startled, shocked, she tried to struggled but no words came out of her mouth like always.

you think that after what you did.. I will accept you!?? he was rude with his words just like his tight hold on her delicate wrist, as he pinned her on the car window forcefully glaring her down.

she shuddered, already shivering.. tried to keep her calm.. but she couldn’t stop shivering though, out of fear and pain.

hume maaf kar dijiye.. par humara irada aisa kuch… but before she could complete, he thundered, making her jump back on her place, she bangs behind on the car, just shut up!!

he pushed her inside the car, and speed up it to reach the destination, he wasn’t in his senses at all, his mind was blurred with anger and ego.


Maan keep dragging her in his house, till both of them reach his room, servants just gapped at the scene, keeping mum knowing their boss and his anger too well now.

he pushed her on the bedroom door, the knock behind hurts her, she screams out in pain, as her eyes began to filled up.

don’t shout!! he blasted glaring at her furiously, while he bang his both fist on the door beside her,  she muffled her moan and looked back at him scared.

sam said you love me very much..? his voice came as dangerously low, making her shivered, he looked at her dangerously with his red furious eyes.

I .. did.. she stammered.. par humne unse yeh bhi kaha…

he again broke through her without letting her complete, so you forced her to leave me? his jaw tighten, he looked down at her, demanding an answer.

oh yeah.. so how did she get your diary? which was filled with your feelings for me? if you don’t know, how did she read your diary?

he was speaking while she looked lost in him, her heart twitched in pain.. while he continued having no mercy on her little heart that only knows to love him.

or you intentionally put that in her room, to make her read it. don’t you know her nature, growing up together, if she found about it.. you must have tricked her into it, with your those tears.. he rubs his thumb furiously on her wet cheek, wiping off that tear which spilled out of her hazel eyes, hearing his rude words.

ahh. she winced

shh… not a word. I don’t want to hear anything coming from your mouth, he put his forefinger on her shivering lips, shutting her down, she mum, looked at him scared.

Ms. Geet Handa.. you love me..?

she nodded innocently at his question while he smirk evilly. then it’s your own business. doesn’t matters to me. you forced sam to leave me.. she nodded in no hearing his accusations.. but I won’t accept you.. never ever..

Geet gasped, with her wide eyes opened, she stick to the door behind not caring about the wound , she was getting on her back, but his words wounded her heart deeply. she was pulled out of her shock next feeling his hand trailing down on her bare neck, he forcefully jerk her sari from her chest, making her gasp.. her eyes widen.. she unbelievingly looked at him, he further pulled out her sari completely from her body, making her circle around herself, she landed in his arms.. his hands started to strolled up towards her blouse in intention to tear it as well..

maan.. she screamed.. you can’t do this..


I said. don’t utter any word out of your damn mouth.. he hissed, his jaw tighten glaring her down.. while he tore her blouse in one swift move. she creid out feeling unbearable opain of humiliation.. and it’s hurts more when he is doing something like this.

don’t plz.. she muttered… feeling his hands opening the knot of her skirt.. she pleaded while he only got ignited seeing her drama.. now you scared, Geet.. ha?? he hissed in fury, jerking her closer by holding her bare waist. Geet felt so conscious with his closeness while she was having nothing at all in her terms.

Kaise kahoon ke dil ko teri justajoo nahin

Yeh aur baat hai ke meri qismat mein tu nahin

How can I say that my heart does not desire you?

It’s another thing to say that you are not in my fate

                                                               – Geet

to be continue..

so how’s it.. let me know through comments.. do like and comment. I want 70 likes to this.. after this only I will update next one.



38 thoughts on “KYON KI.. CHAPTER 1

  1. Loving the new episode completely…well maan is so harsh on geet I wonder why is he this much angry…that to just to know geet is loving him insanely maan thinks that geet sent sameera from him only to get her love..and now he is misbehaving with geet… waiting to know how the story gets carry forward…all the best for your new plot dear❤️😘 do continue

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  2. Love new FF poor geet why mann treat like this thrn why he married her if he doesn’t love geet but her cousin Sam and what this dairy got to do with it what reason he still user her and sound his family treat luke dirt too


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you🤗
      Things will reveal further in the story .. Geet had her feelings written in diary which Sam reads, and she left Maan for Geet.. it is for now.. further will reveal in future story.


  3. Hey saw your thread congrats on starting new story please do pm me for next chapter want to know why he hates her this much and geet love not like this she became slaves to him
    He behaves like monster why geet married to him because he never married her in normal situation

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you di🤗
      Things will reveal further in future updates..for now he hates her blindly just like her love is blind for Maan, just because of that she is tolerating all this.


  4. What kind of animal is Maan. If you don’t love her then leave her, divorce her.
    You married her and now torturing her.
    It is marital rape..
    Sam whatever she did doesn’t matter to me now as maan is a cheap low class rogue..
    Killing the soul of an innocent is a sin..
    And u did that..
    Congratulations maan..
    I hope geet can leave this animal for better..

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      1. Your inbox is full dear..
        Plz delete some of msg first and let me know .. I was going to pm you but it didn’t got send.

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