Sanam Mere Humraaz pt.16

You are my Passion

Kunal walked in their room , only to see Nandini crying silently. he slowly walked before her, she looked up startled and tried to get up but he stopped her , pushing her down softly by holding her both shoulders. he sat beside her on the bed, he wiped her tears softly, she couldn’t met his gaze, kept ignoring to look at him, while treid to wiped off her tears herself.


Nandini.. he looked down at her face, she was still looking down, sniifing siletnely, when I have married to you, then it’s my duty to keep you away from any pain or tears. kya baat hai. he cupped her chin, making her look at him.

nothing.. bas aise hi…


she muttered wipping the fresh layer of tears, which again flowed from her eyes, while she couldn’t looked at him.

nanidni.. I am not only your husband. but your friend as well. agar koi kami rah gayi .. then tell me.. I will fulfill that also.. spoke kunal despreataly, wanted her to share her problem with him.

nandini gasped.. you are making me embarrassed kunal! she cried out.

I love you so much, Nanidni! he said looking into her swollen eyes, my love for you won’t change in any situation.. whatever is in your heart, tell me.. he encouraged her again.

nandini couldn’t speak, she bite her lips, crying out, and turend her face away from him, couldn’t able to face his questioning eyes.

if you don’t want to tell me, then it’s okay. I guess. you don’t have trust on me!


he said defeated. she looked at him pained hearing his words coated with pain.

no, kunal! she shakes her head in denial .. I will tell everything to you.. I would like to die than breaking your trust.

he put his palm on her mouth, nodding her in no, phir kabhi aisa mat kahna.. he warned with stern look on his face.

she gives him painful smile, removing his palm from her lips, she gives him one moisten kiss on his palm, taking him by surprise, next he heard her words which shakes him again with that same pain which he bore hearing their conversation through the intercom and now still bearing it,

main hi madhu hoon. she creid out turning her face away.


his eyes moisten, he holds her nape and pulled her closer making her face him, his forehead touching with her as he looked at her with his wet eyes while she couldn’t met his painful eyes, she looked down and cried again, I am madhu..

say everything, which is in  your heart, nandu. speak up.. he encourage again. making his heart ready to bore the pain, his love must have bore all alone all this while.

my first marriage happened with Rajdeep. he proposed me.. asked my hand for marriage from baba.. but that we were unknown of his true colors. she stopped trying to gulped the knot in her thrat. he behaved all lovey dovey till marriage. after marriage.. she cried out breaking into sobs, kunal wrapped his arms around her shoulders hugging her.

Rajdeep is very possessive.. he couldn’t even bear the wind that touches me.. I was tired of his harrasements.. and constant abuses. she sobbed on his chest, as the those memories of past came in her mind, making her shivered trembdeously. kunal rubbed her back, comforting her, while she told him further, one day, both rajdeep and madhu goes for a trip,. but their jeep meets with an accident and falls down into a river. rajdeep seems to be drown but she thinks he is dead.

she goes to her baba and tells him, what happened.  he tells her to move on as she ‘s still young and has a life ahead of her. she should start living her life afresh with a new identity in a new place.

and that what I did.. nandini  pulled out and got up from the bed, I thought he is dead.

I changed my name to nandini. so that no one can recognize me. I came here with baba.. leaving that place.. and here you came into my life, she turned to look at him.. coming into your arms.. I got to know what love is really. . and life became so beautiful.. she mutters rushing into his arms again as he hugs her tight, both drowing in the grief.

I wanted to tell you, kunal.. so many times.. she pulled out to looked at his face, but I became selfish.. I didn’t wanted to lose you.. she confessed, looking into his eyes. he gives her one loving peck on her moisten lips, she closed her eyes, trying to absorb his love as much as possible, he has came back and could have harm you as well.

and today when his phone came..

I have listened all.. he revealed before she could go further.

Nandini gasped, closing her eyes tight, more tears rolled down on her cheeks. she couldn’t meet his gaze.. knowing she is at fault for hiding such a big thing of her life from him till now.

I am your culprit.. she confessed. feeling guilty. her lips quivered, she turned her face away.

he shakes his head in no, holding her by her shoulders, you should have told me this before only.. tabhi main tumse utna hi pyar karta..


I don’t wanted to go back to him, I can’t live without you, kunal.

I can’t either.. he pulled her in a hug.

KUNAN_heart_️_fire_ . . . . . . . - dhamidrashti - دهامي_دراشتي - دراشتي_ده


Kunal handed her a gun, do as I had said, hmm?

Nandini took the gun with her shivering hands , keeping it in her purse, she got down.

she started to search for him in the airport, walking slowly. Rajdeep who was waiting for her, saw her there, he was pleasantly surprised on finding her the same , just back at his home, she was wearing red and white sari with large tika on her forehead. has adorned herself as per Rajdeep’s choice. just the way she used to be back at his house.

Madhu.. he called her taking her attention, she startled, looked back at him, taking slow steps she reached before him, where he was seating, I knew, you will come.

that I had already decided..



she told in stern voice and pulled out the gun from her purse, pointing it at him.

Rajdeep was not at all shock, he sat just as before, calm and that small smile on his face, you want to kill me?

her hands were shivering.. she started to sweat, not able to hold gun also,

Rajdeep got up, come on, hold it properly.. how have you held it, Madhu. he walked towards her.

hold it like this, he gestured her with his hands, walking slowly near her, and shoot me here .. he pointed his forefinger on his forehead, stood before her with the gun in her hand pointing on his forehead, or here.. he poke on his chest, asking her so.

and next moment, he snatched that gun from her hand, you want me shoot me, ha??

Nandini was startled, she was already sweating profusely, she looked at him with hidden fear , still keeping brave face before him.

you want to shoot me.. he repeated his words and fire the gun on the floor, making her jump back.

Kunal came running to the airport hearing gunshot sound,


while people started to gather around.

you want to kill me, idiot! He laughed sarcastically, before pulling the trigger and shoot on her, pointing on her heart. she gasped… next he shoot her on her stomach.. making her fall back, she rolled on the floor, falling on her stomach.


to be continue..


8 thoughts on “Sanam Mere Humraaz pt.16

  1. intense update!
    great that Kunal makes her comfortable and she confided in him!
    Rajdeep is insane!
    liked that he assures her!
    oh no Rajdeep shot Madhu!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kunal wiping nandini’s tears n telling her that its his duty to remove her pain…he is her friend also. she can tell him if anything is lacking ..he will fill that also was touchy. as nandini didn’t want to lose his trust she revealing the truth was emotional.did nandini face physical abuse also or just mental abuse?kunal kissing her…telling her that she could have told this before ..he would have loved her the same way was beautiful n emotional.nandini saying that she doesn’t want to go back to rajdeep…she can’t live without him…kunal too saying it was nandini pointing the gun at rajdeep was superb.shocking that rajdeep was cool.shocking that he shot her.perfect pics

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  3. She told him everything that she once goes through…And he supports and consoles her…Loved the way he is there for her in this tough situation…

    Rajdeep has his own plans and all,he is just calm and looking cool,he distracts her and take the gun and shoots her,now wt will happen…

    Waiting for further…

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