PART 105

Maan took her in his arms, with their lips lock together , devouring each other’s mouth. He sat on the sofa, taking her delicate self on his lap and continue to kissed her.

His one hand holds her securely on his lap while other one started teasing her senses.

Umm.. she moaned in his mouth, feeling his fingers roaming on her bare back, he continued to caressed her waist, back, reaching up to her curves he cupped it, pressing it further. Leaving her lips, his mouth went down on her cleavage, torturing her further with hot demanding smooches.

Maann.. she holds him tight, pressing his broad shoulders, while her condition worsened with his sweet assault, as his beard rubs onto her soft skin, he didn’t have shaved for a while now,she shivered, began to breath heavily.

Maan was enjoying his play,he opened the hooks of her blouse, pushing it down on her shoulders.

Maan..chodo na…

She whispered, with her half open eyes,feeling conscious, being in the office.

Hmm.. he holds wrist tight which were on his shoulder, eyeing her sternly, chodne ke liye nahi pakda hai. He gives her passionate gaze making her downcast her lashes in shyness.

You have to take your lunch.. she managed to speak again between her high breathing, as he opened the hooks of inner wear further, making her gasp.

That I will have in my own way.. said he eyeing her hungrily, Geet couldn’t met his gaze, knowing his double meaning while she wasn’t in the condition to reply getting trapped in his foreplay.

She put her head on his shoulder, while Maan smirk seeing her blushing, his hands went inside on her perfect curves, cupping it, playing with its softness.

Geet moaned, her lips pressed on his shoulder, as she suppressed her moan.

Maan had his face buried on her cleavage , nipping her soft skin, giving her moisten kisses.

He could have gone further with stripping her there on his lap but the knock on the door stopped him.

Geet, her eyes widen in shock, she became conscious again as her hands wrapped on his back, trying to hide herself in him.

Sweetheart..he groans with her move as her soft curves pressed on to his chest, his body was on fire, he holds her back with his palms pressing on her bare back.

Relax.. he tried to calm her down as she was breathing heavily on the crook of his neck.

He got up taking her in his arms, made their way towards his room in office.

Geet wasn’t in senses anymore, to notice where he was taking her. She keep on glue to him , he was having sweet smile on his face seeing her condition.

He put her down on the bed, and wrapped duvet on her bare body, she clutched it at once to her neck making him laugh out.

Geet gives him furious glare with cute pout on her lips, it’s all because of you and you are laughing on me!? She complained.

I will help you to wear your cloths back..wait for me.. he teased her further, giving her wink and exited the room, pulling the door shut.

Geet looked at the way he was gone, with her wide eyes and mouth. She started to wear back her cloths, cursing him in mind, complaining about him to baby.


Baby.your dad is shaitan.. you don’t become like him.. her words stuck in her throat once looking around, she realized where she is.the same room.. that day..flashes through her mind, making her eyes teary. She cried out finding herself alone, then sobbed silently.

Maan after a while came back to check on her, and found her sleeping, he walked up to bed and covered her with duvet. He looked at her face, saw tear marks on her cheeks. His heart twitch in pain, seeing those marks, it makes him worried.

He wiped her cheeks with his finger tips, pecking her forehead, he left the room.

After an hour, Geet opened her eyes slowly thinking, she is at home. There was sweet smile on her face which widen seeing Maan there before her eyes. come you are here , you should be at office, !?

Maan chuckle hearing her innocent question, i am at office only, look around, you are at office with your Mr. Khurana. He pressed her palms in his hands, seating beside her on the bed.

His hands comb back her messy curls, giving her adoring look, he looked at her sari fallen down on the bed beside her.

You should freshen up , then we would have meal.

Geet looked at him and just hmm in response, the smile was gone from her face realizing where she is. She couldn’t pushed those thoughts from her mind, seating in that room, thinking so she got up, Maan help her down, then till washroom.

Kya baat hai.. pareshan ho?  He asked softly cupping her face, not wanted to stress her further.

Nothing Maan. I am just tired. She muttered, removing his hand from her face, she steal her eyes from him.

Ghar jana hai!? He asked further holding her arms, keeping his calm.


She nodded in yes..then no.. looking down, have you had your lunch, she inquired instead, looking at him.

No.. we will have it together.. I know you must be hungry till now..

She pouted, he chuckled, holding her jaw, he rubbed her soft cheeks with his thumb making it redder.

She pushed away his hands softly, he pulled her closer, holding her arms, she looked up to see his passionate gaze, want some help..

Geet was back to her self, listening to him, ji bilkul bhi nahi.. saying so she pushed him and ran inside washroom, slamming the door back on his face, Geet..sambhal ke..

Maan smiled, then his face turned serious again remembering about her tears, then her full face, kya baat hai, Geet, jo tumhe itna pareshan kar Rahi can’t even share it with me, he frowned painfully waiting for her on the door, knowing she needs him now.



Maan..shararat nahi..

She moaned, feeling his hands on her bosom, as she fed him next bite.

Both were having lunch in his cabin. Maan couldn’t leave a chance , having his beautiful wifey close, all for himself.

Geet warned few times , after a while she was tired, and got lost in him, and his naughty touches.

Maan fed her next bite from his mouth, making her go red. She chewed on the bite, looking down. He teased her further by touching her everywhere, removing her sari pallu.

You should come every day with my lunch to office. He muttered, lost in smooching her soft skin.

Maan.. she moaned, not in her senses to realized his words, she just let herself flow in his passion as he removed her blouse completely, once after they completed their lunch.

He pulled the cups down from her bosom, enjoying her…


Maan was in the conference room, for his last schedule meeting for a day. Geet pouted, turning tired with whole office tour as pinky accompanied her, and shows her every crook corner of office. They were taking little breaks. Few staff was good, few just shows her force smile while once she turn her back, bewitched her and cursed her in mind, jealous with her beauty.


Pinky, hume Maan ke paas Jana hai. Woh kaha honge is waqt..

He is in conference room for meeting, I showed you before sometime.

Pinky, don’t call me, looks odd..

But I have to mam..

Pinky said with a sweet smile, seeing her humbleness, the time she spent with this sweet adorable woman teaches her about her down to earth nature, and she was just like child.

You don’t have to, when we are friends..

Friends..!? Pinky looked bewilder. don’t like me

No it’s not like that, mam.

Geet gives her glare, she stuttered, I mean, how can I..

Like this, Geet pulled her hand for a handshake forcefully, giving her cheeky smile, pinky couldn’t hold back the smile, friends.

Geet was frustrated now waiting for her hubby,  as he had asked her to wait for him, then both can go back home together.

She pouted, feeling alone in his cabin, as pinky had already left to do her work.

she dashed out of his cabin to meet him. As the room started to suffocate her with those memories.

Geet was walking alone in the corridor that reached conference room, she was lost in her thoughts, then looking around she didn’t notice the person coming from other side.

And boom.. both dashed together,

Ouch..Geet moaned, feeling sudden bang, her hands wrapped on her tummy protectively while feeling slight pain.

Are you okay, miss..???

She heard that hoarse voice, while her all attention was on her baby still.

His hands hold her from her waist, supporting her .

Geet came back to her senses, feeling his hands on her bare waist.

She disgusted, pulled out from his arms, as he was rubbing his palm on her bare skin.

Thank you..muttering she pulled out, not giving him proper look, just his if evil eyes.. she frowned , turning to walked passed him, still lost in her own miseries.


The person stood still, looking back at her, as she literally ran away from him.

Running straight into his arms, Maan looked little startled, as he has came out finishing his meeting, other staff had already left the conference room.

He walked out and she rushed into his arms, hiding her face in his chest, sweetheart, what happened.. he asked worried, patting her head.

Kaha tak bhagogi, Rani..aur kab tak.. now the time has came to take my revenge and I will surely taste you!!

The person smirked kissing his finger tips which has felt  her softness, giving  one look to at them he walked out from there.

Woh..woh..just now.. I walked into someone..that man.. usne muze kuch ajeb tarah se chuha..I don’t like his touch.. she muttered making Maan furious.


Who was he!? He pulled her apart, demanding an answer from her, he looked at his back while that person walked out.

Geet was already shivering, Maan realized, he was making her more scare, he control his anger, tum thik ho!? He asked softly, cupping her face, she just nodded her head, looking at him, he pulled her in bear hug, Maan, Hume ghar jana hai.. she whispered on his chest.


He hmm in response, patting her back, still wondering who was the person she was talking about.

And I don’t know who was he, she pulled out looking at his face as if reading his thoughts, he looked surprised, still with serious face at her.

Shayad aapka koi client ho.. she said further, he nodded, keeping that thing in mind, he decided to check himself later on.

Let’s go..

He walked her out of office, his hand wrapped around her securely.


Precap :-

He get to know about the reason behind her tears.

16 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 105

  1. Is he the one who made trouble in the Mahal and were behind her too…I never thought he will again introduce…Why didn’t she identity him…He is really a danger, somewhat a obsessive one,Maan should take care and be always in alert mode…Hoping everything goes fine without any major issues,hope they can handle all that is going to come in their way…

    And as always their moments ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you :)) she didn’t recognized him because she didn’t gives him a proper look and then he is from past, that she couldn’t remember enough. more you will find out in next few updates. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Good update geet cannot come out of her past incidents from the office where today it was full of romance in office but she worried and slept maan saw her tears and felt bad…..want to know what is bothering her and why she is not sharing with him made him hurt…is that king is back Wondering what will happen now… waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Superb update dearie:):):) Hahahahahahaha Maan is definitely a nautanki majnu when it comes his cutie wifey:):):) He will never leave a chance to be with her, tease her and love her. But he should understand that she will feel conscious of her surroundings as its not something she is used to…

    I really wish Geet would share her feelings with him. She must unburden it from her heart by telling Maan that the past bad memories are stifling her when she is there…Hoping hoping dearie:):):)

    Oh no!!! Who is this pervert monster? Who is now after Geet? Thank god Geet told Maan. I hope Maan finds out who it is & eliminates him pls….No more villains, sadness and pain for Maaneet…pls pls pls…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Superb update n maan n geet romance never ends n some one from her past came n but geet remember past events n gets scared n maan behavior n later maan saw tears n feeling sad for her n gets hurt that she is not sharing her pain with him n thnxx for pm me

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