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Bheegi Bheegi Raaton Mein
Mithi Mithi Baaton Mein
Aisi Barsaaton Mein Kaisa Lagta Hai
How do you feel in wet nights,
With sweet talks And such rains?


He take steady steps towards her to reach near her while she was lost in her dancing in the blessing of the Rain.


Geet was lost when she felt him behind her and stop in her track waiting for him to reach near her.

Maan smirk before taking her wet form in his arms from behind and he swift her in his arms swinging her around in his arms that she broke into giggles that mingle with cascading rain.

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Aisa Lagta Hai
Tum Ban Ke Baadal
Mere Badan Ko Bhigo Ke Mujhe
Chhed Rahe Ho Chhed Rahe Ho
It feels as if You are teasing me
by Taking the form of a cloud
And soaking me wet

Geet looked into his mischievous eyes and pulled away from his arms but not soon he pulled her again in his arms harshly there by making her bang on his hard chest.

She kissed on his neck lovingly to which he groan and pulled out her head holding her wet hairs and smash his lips hard on her .

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Geet gasp clutching his wet shirt tight while her eyes got closed in the furious rain .he kissed her hard quenching his thirst. He opened her lips with his and stuck his tongue inside her mouth sucking her breath out.

She pushed him suddenly breaking the kiss making him stumble few steps back.

GEETT.. he groan in frustration combing his wet hairs back looking smocking hot.

She giggle away seeing his frustration and ran away from his reach dancing in the Rain again.

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Ambar Khele Holi

Ui Maa Bheege Mori Choli
Hamjoli Hamjoli
The sky is playing Holi,
My bodice is getting drenched,
My sweetheart

Maan watched her wet form looking sensuous even dancing each steps seducing him to extent .


Ho Paani Ke Is Rele Mein
Kaisa Lagta Hai
In the rush of water,
How does it feel?

He reach near her and snakes his arms on her own circling that his face buried inside her neck kissing her madly that she moan in his arms giving him more access.

Aisa Lagta Hai

Tu Ban Ke Ghata

Apne Sajan Ko Bhigo Ke

Khel Rahi Ho Khel Rahi Ho

It feels as if You are playing games

By drenching your beloved

in rain By taking the form of a cloud

He turned her vigorously in his arms and kissed down on her neck , opened cleavage while his hands teased her bare stomach.

She tried to wriggle out of his clutch turning mischievous when he glared her to stop her teasing now.

That’s when it thunder loudly making her flinch and she hugged him tightly in fear.

Barkha Se Bacha Loon

Tujhe Seene Se Laga Loon

Aa Chhupa Loon

Aa Chhupa Loon

Let me protect you from the rain

Let me hug you

He smirk in victory , while his hands snake around her wet form holding her protectively in his arms.


She snuggle closer in his warmth feeling cold air teasing her . His rough cheeks rub onto her soft one while his hands roam all over her bare back making her moan in his touch.

Dil Ne Pukara Dekho

Rut Ka Ishara Dekho

Uf Ye Nazara Dekho

Kaisa Lagta Hai Bolo

Heart has beckoned you

Understand the signal by the season 

Look at the view! How does it feel?

She suddenly realized that what he is doing and pushed him again running away shying with his gaze.

He ran behind her and stop in his track to see her resting her back on one Tree trunk.

He reach near her while she turn her back blushing away . He left mesmerized with the view of her magnificent back.


His fingers trail down on her bare parts while her breaths became heavy with his sweet tortures.  She stick onto the trunk when she felt his wet lips cascading on her back.

Maann. . She moan in pleasure while his kissed her whole back keeping her all hairs on one side.

Aisa Lagta Hai Kuchh Ho Jaayegaa

Mast Pavan Ke Ye Jhoken Saiyan

Dekh Rahe Ho O Dekh Rahe Ho

It feels as if Something shall happen Look at the blow of the joyful air,

My beloved

Aisa Lagta Hai Tum Ban Ke Baadal

Mere Badan Ko Bhigo Ke Mujhe

Chhed Rahe Ho Chhed Rahe Ho

He suddenly takes her in his arms while she hide her face in the crook of his neck holding him tight from his neck.

He hurried towards his room not able to control more after her sweet torture or seduction.

ONCE inside the room he take her directly inside the  washroom .

She looked confused to which he whisper huskily nipping her earlobe.

let me undress you..

She blushed furiously hiding herself in his warmth as chill air blow from the windows making large sounds .

Just a minute , Sweetheart .

He went to closed all windows and come back only to see her standing still shivering in her wet form.

He take in her view coming closed to her. Her each curves were prominent making him groan in desires.

He come behind her blowing his warm air on her nape , she turn in a swift move feeling him and hug him tight.

His hands pulled out her sari first which was sticking to her body.she hug him again.

Aaj bahot pyar aa Raha Hai , sweetheart? ? He teased her showering kisses on her neckline , he opened her hooks of blouse and slide it down from her body along with her b**.

She turn crimson red when he opened her skirt as well and that fall down on her feet.

He bang her behind on the washroom wall and attack on her mounts making her scream in his passion.

She clutch his hairs tight pulling him more closer while he latch on to her nipple nipping it , pulling it , sucking it hard while his other hand cup her other br**** .

Geet squirm under him feeling tremors of pleasure running down her spine.

Parting from her he threw his shirt hurriedly and pulled down his pants.

Geet hug him again feeling him while he groan in desires feeling her each body parts sticking to his.  Her soft mounts press on to his hard chest making him go mad .

He turn on the shower of hot water while she blink her eyelashes in falling water to looked at his smirking gaze.

She blushed when there lips touch in yet another passionate kiss. Both kissed each other hungrily in cascading shower .

His hands roam all over her bare body feeling her when he pulled out her last cloth from her body while his one hand fondle with her one b****t .

He cupped her hi* angling her for a soul searing kiss . Both broke apart after like ages feeling breathless .

As she became stable from a breathless kiss just then  he pulled her again for a passionate  round of love making.

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