Sanam Mere Humraaz pt.15

You are my Passion


[WARNING :- 18+]

Kunal sat with the commissioner in his Office, waiting for Rajdeep, as police brought him inside, he sat beside kunal , who just ignored him, giving him one furious glare..

do you know, why you have been arrested? commissioner asked.

you did not arrested me, I have got myself arrested! I have intentionally called from the hotel no. because you trace me then and I can able to talk to him, he utter last words looking at kunal, who lost his patience which he was holding till now, why? why the hell you wanted to meet us… what else now you want to tell me..?? he blasted ,

he turned to commissioner, he has cause lot of trouble to us. just because of him, we left that country and come here, here also he came following us. he was in much frustration.

you make him understand in better way, uncle.. if he tries to trouble nandini again, I will kill him, I ‘ll kill him, uncle.

look, why are you troubling them? do you know, you can be charge for harassment case. commissioner spoke asking from Rajdeep.

before arresting me, you should arrest him, because he has married already married woman, who is my lawfully wedded wife. told Rajdeep.

STOP!! blasted kunal, banging his hands harshly on the table before, if you utter another word for my wife.. he threaten looking at Rajdeep angrily but he broke through him, I am talking about my own wife, to whom are assuming as yours.

kunal was damn frustrated with this man’s constant rattling, he tried to control his temper, fisting his hands on the chair hand.

commissioner sir,  have shown him enough proofs, even you can see it, he is not ready to whom he is saying as nandini, she is my madhu.  rajdeep said.

madhu.. madhu.. madhu.. has he turned mad or something.. I have told him hundredth of times, that she is not your madhu.. but she is nandini. my wife. kunal blasted on him again.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka

we have married before thousand of people, taking seven pheras,..

I am not telling lie either, we have also got married taking seven pehras of marriage. I can even prove in the court that she is my wife.

I have lots of more proofs which you can’t ignore.. think twice.. you can get punish as well. spoke Rajdeep.

you are forcing me to go to court.

kunal got up angrily, having nothing to say now, he gives one dreadful glare to the man and walked out.

if I would be on his place , I would have done the same, he is right on his place, but then.. I am also right.. Rajdeep mutters, looking at the way kunal went.

you can arrest me, if you want, but I will bring my lawyer, he spoke turning to commissioner.

no.. you can go now, but don’t bother them henceforth, you can go to court for whatever you want to do.. commissioner warned him.


DtnmLZNX4AACVvi (1)

Nandini stood upstairs, in the corridor, listening to talks going below between kunal and his parents. they were trying to make him understand fearing for the media and there prestige, being well known people in the city.

what to fear and why dad? when we have done nothing wrong. he has done the crime of harassment.


and at the end this will get proved only that she is Nandini.. not some madhu..

kunal looked up to see restless nandini upstairs, she went inside hearing the ring of phone.



as she pick up the intercom in her room, Rajdeep spoke from other side, you don’t need to speak, I can recognized your each breaths even.

she gulped hard, her eyes turning teary, while kunal on the other hand was listening to them from another intercom in the living room.

at the end, you have to come to me, Rajdeep spoke, be practical madhu, I don’t want to go to court, I don’t want legal hassles , if you force me to do so, then I have to do that also, I have to tell in the court that you have mole below your left b*****, I will tell every details of your body in the court.

kunal was shocked listening this, he couldn’t believe it, while he listened him further,

then how you will feel madhu.. ladies constable will take you other room, she will remove every inch of cloth from your body, step by step, and will see that spot, then I will be prove right in the court.

you wont able to face anyone then.. nor Kunal.. he will be defame in font of the world.

think madhu, you can only stop this..

kunal just kept mum listening to them, waiting for nandini to speak something.


listen Rajdeep.. she gulped the knot in her throat, I have lost.. I have no other way now. tears rolled down on her cheeks, feeling defeated, I am ready to come to you, but..

but.. what?

you won’t harm kunal in any way,

why will i harm him, i have no enmity with him, in fact i am feeling sad for him.. poor guy, how much he will be broken, after knowing it, that your not Nandini but Madhu. said Rajdeep with the evil grin plaster on his face.

he don’t need your sympathy, said Nandini, gritting her teeth.

you don’t him but i know.. how big and kind heart he have.. which is filled with love for everyone. and for me.. she speaks drown in the love of kunal, even I can’t tell, the depth of his love for me.


Kunal stood dumbfounded listening to her, his eyes moistening already, with the pain Nandini must be carrying, and her words filled with untold sufferings.

meri ek muskan se khil uthte hai woh.. seeing me sad makes him restless.

said Nandni lost.

Rajdeep, he even have sympathy for you!

he have given me his love, family.. everything. but you.. you have only snatch these things from me!! she cried out spitting at him.

you have been dead for me long back.. but kunal.. she stopped gulping the lump in he throat.. he wont able to live without me.

kunal, his eyes well up, he closed his eyes tight, couldn’t handle the pain or truth.

Rajdeep became silent.. as her words dawn upon him, his eyes moistened without his own notice.

but i will come to you.. because I won’t able to bear the insult he will face.. I won’t able to bear it.. people pointing finger at him.. just for this reason. I will come..

i was nothing for you rather than one beautiful body. and now also you won’t get anything from me leaving only this body.. other than this dead body everything of mine will stay with only Kunal.

kunal wiped his eyes.. trying to absorb the truth.. the depth of her love.. she denied to accept her feelings .. she even didn’t realized her love for him.. he thought remorsefully.

now tell me, where I have to come. she spoke determined now, wiping her tears.

to be continued…

12 thoughts on “Sanam Mere Humraaz pt.15

  1. wow rajdeep is arrested.shocking that rajdeep planned this to get arrested to talk to them.poor kunal is fighting with him for nandini.shocking that rajdeep blackmailed nandini to come back to him if she doesn’t want kunal to be harmed.shocking that to save kunal she agreed to go back to him.nandini saying that except her body everything will remain with kunal only n describing kunal’s love was emotional. shocking that kunal overheard the conversation n realised that she is actually madhu.but happy that instead of getting angry he is emotional knowing how much nandini loves him.what will kunal do now?poor kunal.perfect pics

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  2. Nice update n nandini is only madhu n she really loves Kunal for Kunal is ready to go back to rajdeep n rajdeep is such a cheap person n thnxx for PM me

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  3. The truth is out,superb twist it is…Now all knows,she is ready to go back to him for Kunal,she really loves him and only him,but not confessing it or realising it…She has a past with him,it’s not good and from her words it is clear that he treat her really bad and didn’t give her any respect too…as now Kunal knows all, waiting for to see his reaction and wt will he do next… eagerly waiting for next…

    Liked by 1 person

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