PART 104

Next Morning, MSK was late for his office, obviously because of his moody wifey. Geet woke up after a while, her eyes pop out seeing the time, it was almost going to be afternoon soon. she hurried towards washroom , getting ready for the day.

where is maan, Dadima? Geet asked as soon as she step inside living room, where dadima was.

come here, geet. first of all you need to have your brunch.

I am sorry, dadima.. oh hume bahot late ho gaya aaj..

no problem, beta.. it happens, tell me, kal raat kya adventure kiya, jo subah itna late ho gaya.. and even Maan skipped his breakfast today. dadi blabbered out making geet shy, but hearing her last words she turned worried.

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kya kaha aapne, he skip his breakfast? humari wajah se unhe aaj bhooka jana pada office. she pouted sadly.


koi baat nahi, beta. you can go with his lunch to office, isi bahane aap kc bhi dekh ke aayenge..

hum..?? geet was shock, she wasn’t expecting this,

why not? your are his wife, and partially owned the office, so you can visit anytime beta,

anytime na, dadima.. I will go some other day.. told geet giving her fake smile, as she wasn’t ready yet with this visit, and then she was damn nervous, thinking how wille everyone react seeing her, anyone doesn’t know about their marriage.

as you wish, bete. I won’t force you, aap khudko thik lage waisa kijiye. but he will he happy on finding you there with his lunch.

Dadi’s words buzzed in her mind as she prepared his lunch contenting his fav. items.

she was still confuse, as both went to angel’s home to give a small visit.

Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram

Patita Pavan Sitaram

Ishwar Allah Tero Nam,

Sabako Sanmati De Bhagawan



Geet sang the lyrics, teaching small children, it is the same lyrics Dadima has told her few days before, saying it is good for woman to hear it in this condition.


Maan was busy with files, when one peon brought the red roses bucket to him.

Sir aapke liye aaya hai..

For me!?? Confused he got up, taking those flowers in his hand he asked him to leave not listen him further.


He eyed those roses, turning around, and caught one small note attached to it.

Outside staff started gossiping and hovering around his cabin, for all were too shock to see those roses delivering to him, knowing about their angry boss, they waited when those flowers will be thrown out or his outburst.

But there was pin drop silence, all tried to look inside, but he has already pulled on the blinds.

Leaving defeated sigh, all disperse back to work though still astonished with this sudden change in their boss.


Maan couldn’t held back the smile that play on his lips after reading that small note from his wifey, ” these roses for my precious hubby, for being in my life, and completing it”

He kissed those words, then eyes those roses, remembering her face, then their special moments yesterday night.

His phone buzzed, pulling him out of her thoughts, he saw the Id , it was again she.


He could feel her voice little Shivering, he became tense instantly.

What happened, Geet? Are you fine, !? Kya baat hai!? He asked worriedly

Maan..I am fine . Kuch nahi hua hai, hume. She said out, realizing she makes him worried while giving small smile to Dadi, who was accompanying her, because of her current state.

He left a sigh of breath, then asked lovingly, kya hua.. aur yeh phool..!?? He caressed those soft petals imagining her soft plump lips,

Geet blushed, couldn’t speak, she did sent him flowers being excited , but now when he asked her, she couldn’t utter any word.

I loved this surprise!! He spoke huskily, making her shivers in response, she could feel his eyes turning dark with passion, she gulped hard before answering, I am coming office.

What!?? His eyes widen delighted in surprise, he almost raised his voice making her confused, kyon..AaP nahi chahte, hum aaye waha par!? She pouted asking so.

It’s not like that, Geet! You can come whenever, sweetheart, it’s yours office too.

His words melted her instantly

I was just surprised, and don’t come alone, is Dadima coming with you!?

Aapko kaise paya.. she gives one look to dadi who in return smile, knowing her grandson too well .

Aur hum koi chote bachchi thode hi ap dono Hume akela nahi chodte..

She pouted at the end,

That is not the thing, Geet! Its first time you are coming , and you still don’t know the routes clearly here, and now you are not alone, sweetheart, try to understand.

Ji..ha..hum samaz Gaye.. I know, she pouted again giving frowning look to Dadi, who in return smirked at her, teasing her further.

So when are you coming,..

We reached..I think so.. Geet spoke, looking around as the car stopped before huge building, and how could she forget the building. It was not the first time for her, Maan must have forgotten but not she, thought Geet, as memories of painful past hit back, making her eyes moisten.

What..really.. he dashed out of his cabin to receive his wife, totally forgotten about the memories both have shared in his cabin, the same office.

What happened, Geet? Asked Dadi seeing her wet eyes,

Nothing Dadima, woh bas aisehi..

Both walked inside, entering into lift, few clutches her wedding chain tight, feeling nostalgic , with those memories, with how much difficulty she had managed to visit him here in Delhi, but all he could did was to blame her for the thing, she didn’t even imagine.

Alright…it was past.. he wasn’t knowing about his own feelings but now he know, he loves me, and then it wasn’t his fault, it’s only me.. she tried to console herself , putting brave face before Dadi.

As soon as both came out, Geet felt all of a sudden his warmth surrounding her. She forgot all about her pain, or those bad memories, it was only him, his love, his warmth, his soothing whisper of word in her ears, are you fine, sweetheart , tum think to hona.. Maan asked patting her head,


As he saw her worn out face, when both walked out if elevator, he couldn’t held back and rushed to took her in his arms, not caring about his shock staff,who gasp with wide eyes and mouth as if seen some ghost.


Geet pulled out softly, giving him warm smile, i am fine, don’t worry. She assured him holding his hand, which he hold back tightly giving her adoring look and turned towards his staff, Adi called other departments as well, to be present on the floor, so that Maan sir can introduced his wife. He was sweetly surprised on finding the sweet and beautiful lady as their angry boss’s wife.

He welcomed her pleasantly, while everyone heard MK announcing, here, meet my wife, Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana,

Everyone gasp in horror as they didn’t know about his wedding, and when did it happens, and few could easily make out her pregnancy with her little baby bump.

Girls, burned in jealousy, few adores her,

As she was glowing with her pregnancy and Maan’s love.

few envy her beauty, while few men kept ogling her , eyeing her lustfully.

Geet was hell nervous to face everyone, she kept holding Dadi’s hand like a small girl while Maan was having her arm wrapped around her back, holding her close.


She startled, feeling soft petals landing on her head, she looked up and realized , petals of roses were showering on her, everyone greeted her afterwards, coming out of their shock.

Now excuse us..and get back to the work.

Announced Maan before, taking his wifey to his cabin where both had share past memories.

Dadi followed behind.

Geet became again silent, as she watched her around, every wall and corner was screaming out about those flashes. She saw herself crying in his arms, his blaming.. then his pushing her out of his office. She held herself together.

She was pulled out of her thoughts, feeling his hands wrapping on her bare waist, she startled looked at him, Maan..!?? Dadima.. she muttered not in her senses,

Maan gives her one look, Geet, where are you lost? Dadima toh kab ki Chali gayi!

Geet looked around and realized she is not there, she saw his cabin door locked from inside, and blinds on window.

Maan..yeh..!?? She was still confused, lost somewhere.

Umm,. He buried his face in her cleavage, sniffing her scent as his hands pushed off her sari pallu from her shoulder..Maan..she clutches his shoulders, with eyes close, feeling his assault.

You know,I don’t like they way everyone was looking at you,.. jee karta hai..tumhe band rakhu kamre main.why did you came here, he whispered huskily, with his mouth travelling up towards her face, giving her smooches.

She was hypothesized again in his spell, just hmm…in response, as his words dawn upon her, she blushed furiously , feeling overwhelmed with his love,her hands hold onto him,

Tum sirf meri ho.. mere liye ho.. for my eyes only..


He whispered further, cupping her gorgeous face , his passionate eyes lock her into them, she was drowned in him, he looked at her lost face, then her eyes which were filled with love and passion, his eyes went down on her shivering lips, just sometime before he has imagine them and now he can cherish them again in reality, thinking so he slams his mouth on her petal lips, stopping their shivering.



Office Romance.

Stranger or Danger?




12 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 104

  1. Woww geet is late and maan skipped his breakfast…so geet planning to visit maan office before that sent a sweet surprise to maan.. where whole office was waiting for the reaction of MSK after receiving red roses…and surprise never seems to end for maan.. geet visiting office and maan was so happy…but geet was lost in her bitter past moments…of office but forgot everything by coming to maan’s arms..where he introduced as his GEETMSK to all staffs…and lovely romance waiting to read more โค๏ธ ๐Ÿ˜˜

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  2. Superb update dearie:):):) Such a sweet & endearing morning moments with Dadima:):):) I love their bonding so much. And how Dadima showers all her love on Geet and takes care of her in all ways:):):) Dadima is such a naughty tease too:):):) Just like her grandson:):):) But both of them are so loving & protective of Geet:):):) God bless them always. And I love Geet spending time with the children at Angel’s home with Dadima…Its so wonderful.

    Wowwwwwww:):):) So Geet sent such a wonderful surprise to her hubby Mr Khurana:):):) Hehehehehehe I loved the way his staff was so curious and was expecting their DD boss to throw it away…But they were in for a shock:):):) And what a bigger shock they got when he introduced Geet as his wife:):):) But what I loved most was the way he was so concerned about her, travelling to the office, if there was anyone with her…And the way he engulfed her the moment she came out of the lift…I absolutely loved that…Because Geet was already having flashes of the bad past and was disturbed trying hard to put it all out…His warmth, love and soothing words was all that she needed…And now I am wondering how far Maan is going to go with his office romance:):):) Its best that they have lunch & go out or go home:):):) But am excited to see what you have in mind dearie:):):)

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  3. Awesome update n maan trying to remove bad memories from her mind with his love n care n maan introducing her to his office staff as Mrs.GMSK n she became happy with love she is getting from maan n thnxx for pm me

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