tere bina jiya jaye naa

Without you I can not live

bin tere, tere bin sajana sans me sans aaye naa

Without you, my love, I can not breathe properly

tere bina…….

without you….

Maan step inside the room only to get pleasantly surprised seeing the decoration inside, it was well arranged with flowers and scented candles, he slowly walked inside trying to locate his dear wifey, but the room was empty, the soft music playing in the background making the atmosphere more sensuous.

he walked ahead, his steps halted coming in the middle of room,


there was rose petals, on the floor, carved in sorry words, his lips curved in a beautiful smile seeing his wifey’s sweet attempts to manofy him.

Geet..he call out but there was no response, he sighed and put his stuff on the table, pulled out his tie, throwing it on the bed, he walked towards balcony seeing her shadow there.


She turned around, and his breath hitch in his throat seeing her sexy look, she was draped in the one of sexy nighties he has brought for her, wearing thin robe upon it.

Geet smiled wildly rushing into his arms, Maan engulf her dearly, sticking her body to his own.


I missed you, she again complained sweetly, burying her face in his neck, sniffing his masculine scent.

He couldn’t speak, lost in her, lost in a moment, his hands wander on her body sensuously making her moan, she wriggled softly, he holds her tight, burying his face in her open curls, inhaling her sweet fragrance.


His mouth found the right place to wander as he left few wet kisses on her open neck, going below, she giggled pushing onto him, feeling his stubble pricking onto her soft skin.

Chodo Hume.. aate hi shararat shuru. She laughed on, holding his collars.

Not my fault sweetheart, khud shuruvat Karti ho, and then put blame on me, he whispered huskily, jerking her closer, his lips locked onto her, licking her sensuously, maann..she moaned in his mouth, before both start the kiss.

Aap ki baaton mein phir koi sharaarat to nahin

Aap ki baaton mein phir koi sharaarat to nahin

Bevaja taarif karna aap ki aadat to nahin

Aap ki badmaashiyon ke yeh naye andaaz hai

Humne kya Kiya..she whispered breathing heavily.. after their sensuous kiss.

Lab hile to mogare ke phool khilte hain kahin

Lab hile to mogare ke phool khilte hain kahin

Aap ki aankhon mein kya saahil bhi milte hai kahin

Aap ki khaamoshiyaan bhi aap ki aawaaz hai

Achcha.. my innocent wifey.. what is all this then!? He jerk her holding her waist, she wriggled again, pulling on to his arms but it wasn’t possible.. it is for my dear hubby, she bound her hands around his neck, caressing his cheek, her fingers trailed down on his jaw.

Mr. Khurana!! She added giving him naughty smirk.

Is it so. Alright.. then I am leaving.. he freed her out of his cage and turned to go, Geet was shocked, she quickly rushed to him, hugging him from behind, Maan..I am Sorry..


He turned around facing her, knowing well about what she is talking now.

I hurt you a lot, didn’t I?

No…he shook his head in denial making her surprised, she looked at him with her wide open eyes.

You didn’t hurt me, Geet but your behavior hurt me, the thing that you didn’t yet trust me enough…


His words were halted, as she pressed her palm on his mouth shutting him.

Aisa phir kabhi mat kahna.. she whispered , her eyes moistening, realizing the depth of hurt, her behavior has caused him.

I trust you, Maan, with my life. His words filled his whole with much needed peace, he removed her hand from his mouth, giving a loving kiss on her hand, then why can’t you share with me, what is bothering you, Geet? Why are you pushing me away. He asked painfully.

Geet looked at him for a while, and then narrated the dream she saw, looking at him for answer but he was called just like before,

You are worrying for nothing, sweetheart!


He cupped her one cheek, looking into her eyes, this was just a dream..a nightmare.. nothing related with life.. not the reality and the reality is I am here with you, near you and our baby, he caressed her baby bump.

She put her palm on his which rested on her tummy, wanted to believe on his words but feeling restless again reminding about the dream.

You believe me, Sweetheart?

She looked at him with her moisten eyes, khudse bhi Jada,

Then don’t think much about it.. let it go.. believe me, nothing will happen, I will make sure nothing goes wrong.he assured her, giving peck on her forehead.

She gives him small smile, putting her head on his shoulder, he engulf her dearly patting her head.

Aapko yakeen hai, Maan, ke kuch galat nahi hoga but we never know, what is store ahead..I don’t know why this feeling is not leaving me..making me so restless.

Babaji meher rakhna..

Sweetheart..let’s go.. I am hungry…

She was pulled out of thoughts, hearing him, she looked at him,


when he said again and I know you must be hungry as well. and as he said so, her stomach makes grumbling sound making her embarrassed, she was so red, she turned her back to him.

Dekha.. didn’t I said!? He teased further, caging her from behind, his hands went on her tummy, my angel must be hungry! He whispered sensuously, kissing in the corner of neck, she moaned giving him more access.

In one swift move, he lifts her in his arms, Geet gasp holding him from his neck as he makes their way to the bed.


Aap ki aankhon mein kuch maheke hue se raaz hai

Aap se bhi khoobsurat aap ke andaaz hai

Aap ki aankhon mein kuch maheke hue se raaz hai

Both were in a deep eye lock, as the song played at the background. He put her down, stay here, I will bring something to eat for us..he got up when she spoke, not something but everything I have cooked for you, she muttered then broke into sweet laughter, seeing his face.

Maan shakes his head on naughtiness of his wifey and walked out, to bring the food as there was no servants around , because of it was late night, Dadi has sent them off.

As Maan brought everything, his deary wifey has cooked for his, his was sweetly surprised again seeing all his favorite dishes. She gives him cheeky smile as he makes her seat on his lap.

Maan.. taste karke bataiye na, how’s it!? She urged , turning desperate.

He gives her small smile before taking the spoon full, towards her mouth, she frowned and directed it towards him, he take it in his mouth, chewing on the bite, his taste buds were delighted ,

Maan.. kaisa hai.. she asked again, seeing his face giving no reaction.

He gives her one tough look, straining all energy from her body as if, achcha nahi bana!? I knew it! She whined, turning teary.. I can’t make small thing even better for you.. I can’t do anything for you.. I always hurt you.. bahot tang karte hai na, hum aapko.. I am so sorry..she blabber started to cry now.

Maan was just watching her, blabbering nonsense, enough!! He raise his voice making her shut, she sniffed silently looking at him with her puppy face.

He sighed, putting the fork down, he holds her face strongly, giving her one stern look,that she hitch on to her breath, stopping her cries.


Don’t ever repeat the words again, understood!? He glared her, she just shakes her head in acceptance not really known about which words he was talking.

You don’t trouble me, Geet! And it’s your right! You are my wife, Sweetheart! And then whom you will trouble , if not me!? He chuckled at the end, seeing her eyes winding, mouth turning o shape, look, Geet, he rubbed his thumb on her jaw line, looking into her hazel eyes, as he wiped her cheeks, you can trouble me, ask me for anything, don’t ever stopped yourself, don’t hesitate to share anything with me, understood?

She again nodded, like a obedient child,

And now for this beautiful surprise from my dear wifey, it s fabulous Geet,! He whispered huskily last words pulling her face close, she smiled listening to him.

Don’t ever say again that you can’t do anything for me, you have already given me most precious possession in this world, or angel, don’t you know? He patted her baby bump, her face lightened , yes..


He looked at her red face, slightly blushing, little smiling, he loved that look of hers, you don’t need to do anything special for me, because..

She looked at him desperate to hear his words next, because…she asked seeing him silent, cupping his nape, he jerk her, smashing his lips against her soft one, because..he whispered again making her thirsty to hear his words, as he licked those soft wet petals of hers.

Lab hile to mogare ke phool khilte hain kahin

Lab hile to mogare ke phool khilte hain kahin

Aap ki aankhon mein kya saahil bhi milte hai kahin

Aap ki khaamoshiyaan bhi aap ki aawaaz hai

Because.. Maan .. she moaned rubbing her palm in between his hairs at back, as he kissed her sensuously, his hands started to roamed on her bare thighs, because you are already special for me.

Geet blushed furiously, looking down, he holds her chin in he his fingers, I have the love of this special woman of my life, he added making her scarlet red, I need nothing more, sweetheart just your trust..

She raised her eyelashes to look at him lovingly, just trust me enough Geet, to share your every little problem with me, trust me enough.

tumblr_mvw1vhb43U1rk5tb2o2_250 (1)

Maan… She was overwhelmed with his love, she hugs him dearly, pulling his face in between her neck, don’t ever distance me again, Geet!! I can’t tolerate it, I will do something insane , if you will do like this again..he whispered , possessively holding her in his arms.

I am sorry.. she again mutter crying silently, facing him now.

This sorry won’t work again, sweetheart! He whispered passionately, giving her looks, he wiped her tears with his lips, caressing her damp cheeks, his hands pushed down that thin material of robe from her body, making her Shiver with chill air plus his possessive tone.

His face pressed onto her cheek, as he remove that robe baring her half, as the piece of nightie was so small, because her baby bump it went up her thighs. She was breathing heavily, with her eyes close, Maan breathed into her mouth before initiating the kiss.

to be continued…


reshamee raten roj naa hongee, yeh saugaten roj naa hongee

the nights will not be colorful/silky everyday

These rarity will not happen everyday


20 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 101

  1. Wowwwwwwwwww what a wonderfu, beautiful & romantic surprise to manofy her Mr Khurana:):):) I absolutely loved it:):):) So cute the way Maan pulls Geet’s legs. But most important was talking their heart out and sorting out the issue…so that such a thing never happens between them ever again. I am also worried about the nightmare…I am worried for both of them as I do not want anything hurting them ever…

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  2. Wow such a cute apology from geet side.. finally she shared her dream to maan which was worrying her.. though she still have a instinct of something bad happening..maan also accepted her sorry and told about his insecurities when he is not gaining her trust… love maaneet passionate moments 😘❤️ waiting to read more

    Liked by 1 person

  3. sensous update. I loved how maan tried to relax geet and explained her to trust him. geet made maan feel special but still she is nervous and feels something is going to happen. she is feeling insecure still. hope everything goes fine.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. They r adorable…
    Finally she tells him wt is bothering her,he assures her that it is just a dream, don’t be bother about it,but she can’t deny the fact that something is going to happen,hope everything will be okke…
    Their conversations is ❤
    He only wants her trust as he feels he failed in that…But she tells him she trusts him with Everything…
    Looking forward to further…

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  5. chalo geet ko apni galti ki ehsaas ho gaya………… shayed sab thik ho jaye………..

    lovely update………………

    loved it………….

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