Part 30
[warning :-18+]

Geet woke up at midnight feeling sore in between her thighs. While she try to get up but couldn’t able to because of a enormous pain .

Tears rolled down her cheeks seeing the blood stains on the bed sheet.

But she wiped it furiously thinking she is no more going to cry on her bad faith but she will cocooned the love now which she got today in form of Maan.

She watch his each futures of face admiring it. While her staring session broke due to his stir in a sleep and he woke up narrowing his sleepy eyes on her.

He smirk seeing her blush furiously in his gaze and she try to get up wrapping herself in her sari.

Geet try to walk but as she place her first step on the floor she stumble and going to fall but he was quick to move and catch her pulling her on the bed he looked at her concern.

Is it paining? ? He asked her holding her chin.

While she nodded shying away.

He looked at the blood stains and felt satisfied knowing that she is only his.

Hume washroom jana hai. She softly murmur seating still like a doll.

Maan watch the epitome of beauty sat in front of him so near. He wanted to cherished her again but knew she was in pain be can of there love making .

Let’s go. He stand up pulling up his pants. While she was shock and watch him without blinking her eyes.

I am not going to come inside, sweetheart . He whisper huskily taking her in his arms.

She blush again hiding her face in his neck.

He left her on the door and stand outside waiting for her to finished.

When she come out again he again lift her in his arms and placed her on the sofa. Geet looked at him.confused while he went straight to cupboard and pulled out new bed sheet from it.

He dump the old one in washing cloths while wrap the bed with new one.

Geet looked at him awe.  She didn’t saw any men in her life doing this type of work though it was small for maan but big thing for geet.

Maan after his work done come back to her again lift her softly like as if she is some fragile doll and placed her on the bed slowly .

Geet was continuously admiring him .it was her first time watching this caring side of any man.

Maan looked at her and smile at her cuteness as she  was lost in him admiring him.

He brought the tube of antiseptic cream and sat in front of her on the bed.

Sweetheart. Come here.

His voice was husky low , his passionate eyes hold her into it.

She blush again and slowly cradle closer to him.

He pulled out her sari with slow steps while her eyes widen to think that he was again going to..

Her thoughts broke with his husky voice.

Don’t worry Jaan.  I am not going to hurt you more.

But she place her palm on his lips .

You didn’t hurt me . And blushed again hugging him tight.

Geet..he groans with the contact of there bare bodies. His hands press on to her back crushing her more in to him.

While her hard ni***** crush on his hard chest making his desires high.

But hearing her moan of pain he pulled apart slowly and peck her forehead lovingly.

Don’t worry. Your pain is going to fly away once I will aid it. He said taking little gel on his forefinger.

Feeling his unsaid love and care her emotions flood out through her eyes. In her whole life she never felt this much care by anyone.

She didn’t get this love not even from her own family .

She crush herself again on him and cry out on his shoulder.

Sweetheart.  His heart twitch in pain to see her condition. She was just crying continuously from yesterday.

Pls don’t  cry. It’s hurt me. He cradle her head and hug her tight . He pushed her slowly on the bed behind and hover on her.

Why do it hurt you ??

She asked with her moisten eyes. Still his face was closed to her . He drank her tears slowly before licking her damp cheeks.

Maan. . hurts you ??

She moans in his hold while he shower wet soft kisses on her face showering his love on her.

to be continue. .

Precap : His answer ??

All seems to be alright but is it ????

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