As soon as, Geet step inside the room, she saw the rose laying on the floor in discarded state, petals were scattered around, she hurriedly went forward to get it , feeling sad seeing it’s condition.

Geet, ruko.. what are you doing? Maan came running from behind seeing her going to bend down.

Oh ..sorry..Maan.. I was just taking this flower,

She apologized, pouting her lips.

Maan bend down beside her feet , taking that thrash rose in his hand, he asked, this is of no use now, sweetheart!

She pulled it from his hands, asking him to collect those few scatter petals as well,

But Geet ..

Plz Maan..I want them..

He shakes his head helplessly and collect them all before giving it back in her open palms.

These are precious for me, because it’s given by my precious hubby! She ended with a sweet blush turning to go when he caught her by her elbow making her stop.

Achcha!?? Kaha se sikha yeh Sab..

Mr.Khurana, this things comes from own heart.

All right .teach me as well ..he snuggle closed from behind, snaking his arm on her bare waist, she shivered giving more access to his face as he showered deep and wet kisses on her neck and shoulder, pushing down her sari.

Mr.khurana.!!! She gasp, drowning in his love and passion, as she tried to hold back her sari in place hiding her modesty.

Maan jerk open his eyes hearing her, he makes her turned and watched her adorable face covered in mischief, let me go..Β  if my husband see you here holding me, he won’t bear it..he is way too possessive for his wifey, you know? She told with such innocent voice making faces but hidden smirk on her lips.


Is it so?? But he is not her let me romance with Mrs.Khurana!!

And in swift moment, he pulled out he sari completely from her body making her took circle around her, she gasped, going to stumble but he caught her in his arms, she looked up at his smirking face, and twisted her lips.


You are one sexy woman, Mrs.khurana! Did your possessive husband told you? He was husky with his voice sending chills down her spine, as he eyed her beautiful face passionately , his fingers played with her lips, pulling it out from her teeth, it’s my right..he teased her.

Don’t..she pushed his hand back as he made her stand properly, it’s my husband’s right! She played along.

Geet turned and walked towards table putting the rose and it’s petals securely on it when felt his hands sliding sexily on her baby bump.

Sweetheart…he moaned in the crook of her neck smelling her sweet scent. Geet closed her eyes resting her head back on his chest.

Maan made her turned towards him, and slammed his mouth on her, hungrily kissing her. She moaned in his mouth kissing him back.

After a while both broke apart taking in breaths, he took her in his arms walking towards the bed.



He looked amused at her,

I have to comb my hairs..she muttered.

He smiled and turned towards dressing table, putting her down on the chair, before she get the comb in her hand he took it, Geet looked at him, I will do that for you ..he assured her, Geet sat back relax, while he started to do his work making her relax, she closed back her eyes, as his hands roamed through her curls coming them back.

After a while, she was droopy, she looked at him with her half open eyes, when he was done.

Maan took her back in his arms and made their way to the bed, making her lay down, he switch off the lights , putting on just her side lamp.

Few minutes passed, she suddenly open her eyes feeling her sleep was gone, Maan looked at her, and pulled her in his arms, caressing her waist, what happened?

Neend nahi aaya Rahi..

But just now you were sleeping…

I don’t know.. suddenly my sleep is gone, she turned her back towards him and closed her eyes, but there was no sleep.

She again turned facing him and put her head in his chest, he just kept looking at her, as she twist and turned in his arms, shaking him as well with her,

After a while, having enough, he jerked her back on the bed and hover softly on her without putting weight on her tummy.

What are you doing?? He asked huskily glaring her down.

Humne kya Kiya..she so innocently asked with her pouting lips.

Nothing. have done nothing..only twisting and turning disturbing me as well.

Now you have problem with my sleeping with you as well?? Ha Maan?? She asked angrily , her eyes filling up again.

Not again…Maan thought,

He saw her trying to get up, lay back, he was stern with his voice and looked at her strongly, that she gulped hard and watched him with her wide hazel eyes.

Drowned in her innocent eyes, he kissed her forehead lovingly, then eyes, making her inhaled a sharp breath, his lips traveled down on her cheeks, wetting her chubby cheeks, he gives her a small bite, she pouted her lips giving him accusing looks, he chuckled pecking her lips and initiate the kiss then, followed many more on her whole body, soon their cloths were scattered around and room was filed with their moans.



Geet looked on at the Beautiful sight ever of her life, her little angel was playing with her dada holding his hands as he was trying to make her walk but she was stumbling on the steps.he caught her in his arms and pick up tickling her , laughing along with her.


Geet laughed along, catching both of their attention. Maan looked at her and call her, Geet!?? Aao Na, come fast..

Geet nodded her head happily taking a step to walk but someone holds her back, Geet stopped in her track and look back to see Maan holding her back.

Maan..let’s go.. she tried to drag him but he wasn’t taking any step rather holding her back.

Maan..!?? She frowned, chalo na..look our angel is waiting for us..saying so she turn to see her angel playing with Maan.

Maan..she smiled again , tried to go but he was holding her back, she turned again and now was horrified seeing his evil smirk.

Maan..what are you doing.leave me, she struggled, let me go..I want to go to my Maan and my angel..

Maan..she screams trying to get his attention where as he was playing with their daughter, she looked back again found the same Maan but he was giving her evil smile not leaving her hand, holding her tight, she turned again with her teary eyes, but Maan and her angel was vanished now, there was only white mist, nothing to seen.

She turned horrified, come with me..she heard his hoarse dangerous voice, and see him dragging her along with him, no..leave me..I want to go to my angel .


Maan…leave me..why are you doing this?? Maan!?? He was just giving her evil smirk, he was devil not her angel Maan.


She screams and got up breathing heavily, Maan jerk up seating beside her,

Kya hua sweetheart?? Geet??

She was sweating badly , still getting those flashes, Maan was taking her away from her angel… can’t happen..he couldn’t how could he..he was so happy playing with he then..??

Geet!! She jerk out of her thoughts hearing his voice, she turned to look at him with her scary eyes, she was damn scared from him now.

Will he!?? She quickly put her hand on her baby bump, pushing herself backwards from him till when she was going to fall back, if not, Maan hasn’t holding her hand, GEETT!??

Maan was just looking at her intently seeing her each gesture, at the point, she was going away from.him, he tried to call her, gain her attention but she wasn’t listening at all, lost in her nightmare, and then she was going to fall back but he caught her in a moment.

Geett..what’s the matter..speak up.. he shook her hard, she kept wriggling to get out of his clutches, murmuring something.

Sweetheart..Geett.. he clutched her bare arms hard, sheet was sliding down from her body, he wraps it more tightly aroundΒ  her taking her in a bear hug, must have seen a nightmare..nothing else.. look you are safe in my arms..


he patted her head, soothed her back, her breaths were normal now, he pulled apart only to see her sleeping on his chest. He left a sigh of relief and made her lay back, covering her properly, he wore his pants, Fetching his cell, he called the doctor, narrating her all about , her behavior, she assured him, telling, it’s normal in pregnancy, just take care of her .

No need to panic, MrKhurana, she must have seen nightmare, it’s normal in pregnancy, woman in those days, being tense, go through this.

Maan looked at her watching her intently, he was scare for a moment seeing her lost, then going away from him, he couldn’t bear the thought, he looked at her , then walked up to cupboard, pulling out her one of nighties, he drags his feet back to bed.

Pulling up her sweaty body in his arms, he makes her wear the small piece of nighty.

Maan looked at her again, she was deep asleep after her going through that turmoil, he lays back beside her, hugging her to his chest, just kept looking at her but there was no sleep on his eyes.


Precap :-

Morning after!??


11 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 99

  1. Why she got such a nightmare,is something going to happen to any of them…
    They were happy and contented and later this dream,he is concerned of her
    Wt will her reaction,is it going to affect her , hoping nothing goes wrong..
    And next will be πŸ’―,Aww advance congratzzz on that…

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  2. Oh god I m worried about the nightmare does it intending something… that too maan being evil I couldn’t bear the thought…maan taking geet away from their cute angel..oh no hope geet delivers the baby well with support of maan.. waiting to read more ❀️ 😘

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  3. Nice update n they were happy n waiting for baby arrival n geet having a nightmare n that indicates that something going to happen n thnxx for PM me

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  4. Oh dear!!! Why such a nightmare? So suddenly…And now she is scared that Maan will take her baby away from her? This nightmare has given more fears and insecurities to Geet…I wonder how will she react to him after she wakes up…Now I fear for them both…

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