Part 26

Geet Hug him ever so passionately loosing it completely in his charisma.his magnificent scent.his hands wrap around her fragile body perfectly to hold it forever in his arms. His lips continue to feel her soft damp skin of her neck while she let out a small moan of pleasure with her eyes close feeling his closeness. 

He parted from her only to take her beautiful lips in a passionate kiss. As there tongue mingle with each other exchanging a saliva geet felt her while world spinning around feeling his rough lips sucking the life out of her. He kiss her hungrily while his hands roam on her body roughly trying to feel her with her cloths on. 

Finally after like ages he left her lips not before pecking it hard. Geet was all red with her own eagerness. She hide her face in her both palm and turn away from him.

Let’s practice, sweetheart. He whisper coming behind of her he caged her again in his arms and made her to hold the sword tightly giving into her hand , his hands come on top her holding her fist on the sword tightly.he nudge her to make a first move while he will guide her. 

She looked at him in awe as they practice and he taught her new lessons which were quite unique even Samrat also did not taught her that and in the way which maan do perfectly ever. She blush half smile with true happiness glistening in her hazel eyes.  

What happened?  He asked her confused at her sudden change of behavior. She is a big mystery for him still need to solve or more discover precisely maan thought but next moment he was taken a back by her act as she ran into his arms happily and hang on his neck like a child while her small whisper of words left him to groan in his desires.

Thank you! ! Her soft breath tingle his skin so as his all senses making his fingers tighten on her small back. 

Aise nahi. He whisper back dangerously glaring at her gorgeous face. 

Kya matlab hai aapka?  She asked turning back to serious. 

I want something from you,  will you give me , sweetheart? He asked with his face giving no emotions or expressions this time making her confused. 

First tell me , maan .I will surely if anything in my hand .she utter totally confused at his changed of demeanor. 

No. First promised me .he forwarded his hand waiting for her to rest her own on it.

Nahi..maan hume pahle batao toh.. hum aise hi wada nahi kar sakte .. she was getting scared now thinking of his demand .


Are you fearing from me , your Mr. Khurana?  He asked smirking this time.

Nahi..hume aapse kyon. .dar lagane Laga. .hum nahi darte She stammer showing herself courageous in front him .as she just wanted to wipe out that silly smirk from his face.

Accha!! Then proved it saying so he drag himself closed to her while she step back as a reflex. 

Wada karo. if not then I will stop to guide you further in this sword practice.he finally put a stop to this argument giving her final verdict. 

Geet , her eyes widen in shock to see him going back .no.her mind scream , he is best ever , how can she let him go when she needed to learn this sword fight from him with great skills. She loved it from him. Her all burn red thinking of there closed proximity they shared while practicing .

4 (1)

Maan.please ..rukiye. she called from behind stopping him in his track .his heart skip a beat hearing her beautiful voice pleading him to stop. 

As he turn around your gauged her expressions. She fumble with the sword in her hand and went near him.

Hume manzur hai . She kept her hand in his own promising him .maan hold her hand tight pulling her in his arms she landed on his chest when he opened her hair band and her curls started to blew with a wind that covered both of there faces when he again take her lips in his own and stated to suck it harshly making her insane in his hold. 

Geet went to had a shower after sweating out profusely. 

She was hell tired and thought to take warm bath to sooth her tire muscles. 

After half an hour later she felt relax coming out of washroom she was just wrap in a towel.  

Humming a tune , she went to cupboard to get her cloths. 

Her eyes roam all over her exclusive collection of sees but she was not able to pick one .

Yeh pahnoo ya phir..yeh. .ya yeh. .nahi nahi..yeh..thik hai..nahi yeh..kaunsi pahnoo. .she pouted much confused to pick one.when she heard a voice from her behind making her eyes pop out from her socket.

Need help ??

Geet turn to looked at a person though well knowing to whom this voice belong to .

Maan.she whisper trying to hide herself in a cupboard itself.

You know my voice ?? His voice become closed to her ears as he takes steady steps towards his pray . 

Ha Sweetheart. .he whisper huskily on her bare shoulder ,tingling her senses with his ragged breath.

What are you doing here ? She felt her voice die in feeling stubble grazing on her shoulder along with his sinful lips.  

Why do you always seduce me to extent ?? He whisper back sliding her wet curls on other side he suck in harshly a water drop on her skin teasing him. He lick her wet skin almost burying his face in a crook of her neck .his hands hold her tight from behind perfectly in his arms.


Her towel went loose from his tight hold that it started to roll down almost bearing her cleavage. His hands cup it harshly on her towel while he shower wet kisses on her bare cleavage. She got lost in his sinful touch moaning continuously in his arms. 

Both were lost that didn’t realized when the door of her room bang opened as she didn’t lock it in a security of her maids though they did try to stop him but he make his way inside without listening any of them. As he needed some work papers which he forgot take from his one of drawer and he thought he will get it quickly till the time Queen will be inside washroom but he never thought what’s waiting for him if he entered inside like this.

Geet her eyes widen in shock hearing the door banging opened,  fear ran through her hearing the commotion outside in between maids and him before he entered inside his room..

To be continue…

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