Part 25
[WARNING :- 18+]
He entered into her room steadily and in a blink of a moment he was seating beside her head on her bed admiring her pure beauty in shinning moonlight. As soft wind blew her curls come on her face disturbing her beautiful sleep. She frown in sleep feeling irritated when his fingers very softly slide her curls tucking it behind her neck as his hands roam more downwards on her neck below on her swollen chest. 
Soft giggles broke out from her beautiful lips making him smirk and soon enough he saw her snap opening her hazels and before she could scream out in fear he smack his lips on her soft petals there by shutting her.
Geet was hell shock and her breath hitch in her throat while he continue his assault on her lips sucking and chewing to his heart content almost coming on top of her. He was burning hell in his untamed desires for her that he was not able to sleep a ounce .
Geet at last pushed him with so much force that he landed on the floor there by wincing in pain.
Yeh kya battmizi thi ?? She spitted fire with her words as well her eyes which were red in fury.
You stole my sleep and now sleeping into peaceful slumber. He scoff gritting his teeth as he got up and marched towards her angrily. 
Humne .humne kya kiya? ? She asked confused not getting his words but soon its hit her as she saw his passionate gaze roaming on her blouse as her pallu has fallen down on the bed.
She hurriedly take it and was going to wrap it when he furiously hold her thereby stopping her attempts to hide herself from him.
I WANT YOU .. he whisper huskily on her shivering lips as he lick it teasingly making her crave for more. 
She watch his perfect lips just touching her own but not claiming.she wanted to kissed him desperately but he was teasing her. Finally she slam her mouth on him giving him sweet shock but soon he kissed her passionately almost opening her mouth his tongue went inside her mouth seeking her sweetness she pulled him on her body herself laying back on the bed . He pulled out her sari completely from her body leaving her just in a her blouse and skirt. He tore her blouse furiously from her body and the sight welcome him shock him further . She was not wearing her br*.  
Geet lay silent turning all shy with his advance. Maan..she gasp feeling his hands fondling her breast with his both hands. She didn’t felt this pleasure before that he was giving her today ..soon his mouth landed on her one of Mount sucking it like a baby he chew it..taste it to his heart content. While his other hand didn’t left her other mount .he massaged it pinching her nipples earning a sweet moans from her continuously. 
His hands roam all over her bare torso feeling much he had fantasies about it.about her. Soon he showered her body with his wet kisses hungry not getting enough of her. In his frustrating he tore her skirt away from her body leaving her only in her own cloth. 
Maan..she moan out feeling his hot mouth doing magic on her bre**** . She arched her back giving him more access she pulled him more into herself.
His hands started to roam on her last cloth that was wrapping her sanity from him. He felt her all wet only for him. His gaze went on her face only to see her lost. And that instant he left her seeing her still not ready for him. 
He angrily started to go from there when she didn’t let him caging him in her arms she pulled him into hug holding him by his neck.  Her nipples poke into his vest and little opened chest.
Geettt. .he groan in frustration hugging her tight almost rubbing there bodies with each other.
Maan…she responded with same yearning.still he don’t know what is stopping her.
Are you worrying for The King ?? He asked in a soft dangerous whisper that left her shiver with the coldness in his voice.
Maan..please. .kuch mat kahiye ..she moan in his arms trying find solace there which she always get around his mere presence. 
He let it go for a moment which was blissful enough to calm down his all nerves.
He pulled her more harshly claiming her lips again this time more carnally in his anger for her.



She was trying to practice it from long time now bit it’s not happening ..Finally in frustration she threw the sword aside. 
Want some help ?? He asked from his sweetheart looking no less than a delicious cake to eat and lick.he thought licking his lips seeing her all sweaty gorgeous body hiding behind kurta and payzama. (Pants and shirt ) her cloths sticking her like a second skin .highlighting her precious each curves to his hungry eyes.  While his passionate gaze stuck on her poking nipples which was quite visible through her white transparent material of cloths which were wet now.
Geet felt shiver run down her spine seeing his gaze halted on her curves. As a reflex she crossed her arms over her chest  making him chuckle out.
She ordered all her maids to leave her alone and when both were left alone she turn to practice her own self. When suddenly she felt two arms snaking around her waist. One went on her arms very steadily as if feeling her and hold the sword tight with holding her hand.
Do it for yourself?, for you , not for any other person or his sake ..he whisper on in a crook of her slender neck licking her sweat that left her stun. He clearly looked so much furious as she stared into his angry red eyes when her hazels moisten feeling his angry grip on her arms as well as her slender waist.
He instantly melon down loosening his grip when all of a sudden sword slip from her hand as she was gripping it loose feeling him holding it tight.


Grip it tight , Rani . He caution her keeping sword in her hands.  She nodded silently seeing his stern expressions . When he again got back to his position behind her holding her from back. His closeness stir her all insides. She was loosing it.after last night ..she was not into herself. She craved for his touch badly.his closeness and when he was so closed her now .she loosed it and her concentration broke feeling his rough lips grazing her wet neck. She left the sword in his hand not able to control herself more.
Are you loosing it already , Sweetheart ?? He whisper huskily on her neck while his both palms press her brea** on her cloths making her moan in his arms. Finally she turn into his arms hidden easels completely in him.



What a scene to behold !! She exclaimed smilling evilly  as her eyes narrowed  through a binocular

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