Few days passed, since both couldn’t muster the courage to face each other or have a talk. but in those few days, Geet realized that she had fallen in love with MSK. and now she was waiting for the right moment to confess her feelings to him since she couldn’t keep it inside her for long.

her phone buzzed breaking her from her reverie, what’s up, sasha?

get ready and make yourself pretty to come with me.


what!! first of all you need to tell me , where are we going?

have you lost it, Geet?? oh.. wait..wait.. let me guess.. it’s because of your MSK.. you have forgotten about what i had told you few days back.

Geet was turning frustrated with those taunts of her devil friend, will you tell me clearly what is it about?

Geet.. seriously..?? there is reception tonight, so you have to come with .. i have told you the same thing that day before KC!

geet bite her tongue as now clearly remembering about sasha telling her the same thing but then she was so lost in his thoughts that she couldn’t concentrate on anything.. nor her office.

Geet.. Geet…

um. yeah sasha.. i do remember..

okay. come fast then.. i am waiting for you downstairs.

what.. now..

yeah baby.. now.. so hurry.. saying so she cut the call.

Geet looked bewildered at the phone then next moment she was running like a tornado, finding something suitable to wear, getting freshen up she wore jeans and tee, getting her bag full of her needed stuff, she was done and went downstairs.


here sasha was waiting for her ready to go as it was already evening. she almost dropped her cell down seeing her walking like that wearing those cloths..

what the hell.. she muttered angrily,

Geet saw sasha waiting for her, surprised to see her looking so pretty, she literally ran towards her to give her a hug, wow sasha.. you are looking awesome.. no matter what, you always look so pretty.


but before she could hug her, she stopped in her track hearing her devil friend, OMG!! i asked you to make yourself pretty, is that how you dressed up, Geet?

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sasha gritted her teeth making Geet pout her face, she was almost looking like kitten.

sasha walked towards her car, followed by sulking geet, she continue to make faces behind sasha, and looked at her dress.. acha toh hai…

both sat in the car and sasha took her driving seat and threw one packet on her lap, geet looked bewildered as she tried to look into it when she heard sasha, I was knowing about you.. you  would be like this. I bought a dress for you, just in case, if you needed it.. and here. she gives her look whereas Geet was giving her silly smiles showing her full teeth, ‘see if you like it’ said sasha looking ahead on the road.

thank you, sasha.. you are such a sweetheart, you know? geet blabbered as she was so happy to get the gift from her friend that to another new dress.. she excitedly looked into and her eyes shine to see the gorgeous material of dress. she caressed the soft cloth feeling excited to wear it.

what is this cocktail party for? geet asked curiously after a while.

there is gathering tonight.. of most powerful and richest people in the city.

Geet listened to her with her eyes and mouth wide opened.


Both reached at the venue, geet got down and sasha went to park the car.

geet was standing at a corner like a obedient child waiting for sasha with that bog of dress in her hand and that’s how he saw her. his car entered the venue, and adi who was accompanying MK, saw her there, he quickly called maan, sir, it’s miss Geet.. there..

what?? Maan was shock on finding her there as he saw her, why is she here? just then he saw sasha coming from other way and then both went inside.


maan was little relived on seeing sasha with her, alright, Adi , let’s go ahead, we will see her later. he said with that hidden smile on his face on seeing her after a few days now.

both entered the party hall, which was lavish and lighten with the rich decoration. sasha asked her to go to dressing room on second floor , i have called one make up artist for you,

but there is no need for that..

what.. don’t argue with me now, you just go and change your dress also.

but what about you? you are not accompanying me? she pouted.

there is other work waiting for me.. she has started to get angry.

what work..

my dad came with a b****. i am going to meet them.. she gritted her teeth and turned furiously to go while geet looked terrified seeing her so angry, she knew about her family.. poor sasha.. she mutters before turning to go upstairs.

reaching on second floor, geet was confused .. which room.. oh i forgot.. she slapped her forehead, cursing herself, right or left.. she walked in the corridor, forget it,. and she thought to check on one which can be open, she tried first one and it got open, hell, anyone there?? she couldn’t find anyone or that make up artist also, she walked ahead inside the empty room, but only get silence, maybe it’s the room only.. thinking so she walked to one of the bedroom to open it, deciding to change her cloths first then but as she turned the locked open, she gasp with the sight, followed by voices,

why are you behind me always.. i want privacy

Babajji.. someone is here?  she hide behind the door and peek through it,

don’t forget we are announcing our engagement today..

Geet gasp as the realization dawn upon her, that she has definitely entered the wrong room. next she heard the voices and looked inside , but then cursed herself to see the couple almost making out and their cloths flied in the air, her eyes widen while mouth turned o shape, without wasting a minute she turned back and tried to hurry to go out but in this her foot hit on the table there making the sound.

Geet was shocked as she started to sweat badly now, hearing the man walking out, i will go and check , who’s there.

she looked here and there and made a wild dash outside the room, with crying baby face for facing all this.

Precap :

Geet was shocked and furious as the girl just tore her dress.. her fav. new dress, gifted by her friend..


17 thoughts on “MSK’S LOST BRIDE PART 19

  1. Wow lovely but missed maaneet scenes…they both don’t know how to face eachother…in mean geet was falling for him and ready to confess the feeling to maan…Sasha and her party…I loved the way she bought a new dress for geet indeed true friends loved their pics…maan is also present in the party…he was shocked to see her but was in relief to see Sasha along with her…now geet entered on a wrong room hope she is reaveal with the truth of her so called fiance precap is scary hope màan comes on a right time ❤️😘 waiting to read more

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  2. Awesome update loved it geet had decided to confess her feelings for maan Sasha took geet to a party jhalli geet wore casual for a party Sasha gave her dress seems her so called fiance truth gonna come our today as usual miss disaster forgot her way and accidentally entered the couple room in hurry to escape she made much enough noise to attract couple attention it seems geet gonna get a shock of her life

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  3. Very small update.
    Everything was so nice.
    Both love eacb other.
    They become one.
    Geet fall in love with maan.
    She was eager to tell him.
    But what all this?
    Is maan really going to engage with someone?
    Geet saw this…
    What will happen now?
    Update soon dear.
    Take care.

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  4. I am so upset & disappointed with Maan for staying away from Geet…I am happy that Geet has realised her love for Maan and wants to confess it…But here Maan has stayed away from her for several days…I really feel like kicking him…This Sasha…why is she bugging Geet to accompany her for this event…But ohhhhhhhh….Maan is attending…Will he whisk her away somewhere private and have a heart to heart talk with her…

    The incident in the room suddenly sparked a thought in my head…By any chance is the guy her supposed fiance? Will Geet find out his reality & truth today? Is this destiny’s way of exposing the truth of her past and also show her that she indeed belongs to Maan? Excitedly waiting dearie:):):)

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