As the realization Dawn upon him, he was left fuming again like a burning volcano.

Geet was shattered beyond limits hearing those venomous words from her love. Unfortunately she has fallen incredibly in love with the same man who knew in better way that how to break her.

She controls her heart who still wanted to forgive him after what he said but she couldn’t bear the humiliation those words has spitted on her character and her career , for her , work was next to God and she really has worshiped it.


Don’t you dare to raise finger upon my profession!! She whispered in low dangerous voice, pointing finger at him,Maan looked at her little shock for her outburst, as it was the first time ever she has been this much angry on him.

you know what, for you, nothing matter other than your self pride and ego. First  check your thoughts , before raising finger at other person, MK.

Maan was infuriated with her words, he pulled her harshly towards him clutching her waist tight.


Leave me… She struggled hard, not a minute more wanted to stay in his arms, she feels sick of herself for letting him close to her even in the past.

Why?? What happened now, don’t you like my touch?? He scoffs really not over the thing yet.

You are just impossible! She spitted furiously , couldn’t believe that he was still holding onto it. Blind in his own anger.

Answer me dammit… How do you like my touch, his hands roamed furiously on her body, touching her everywhere on her cloth. Next he pushed down the chain of her dress making her gasp in horror.

Better than Rohit?? He whispered eyeing her furiously, and she just looked at him with wide eyes, you are sick … She whispered painfully still tried to get out of his arms.

Stay still…I am not over yet.. he whispered back huskily blowing his hot breath on her face, she shivered as his sinful hands pressed on her bare back, touching her every corner of body, she gasp feeling his mouth on her cleavage, he gives her a harsh bite, ahh.. she moaned out, clutching his shirt in a fist, still doing futile attempt to come out from his arms.

Leave me… She whispered again breathing heavily trying to pushed him away but he was lost in her now.

He continued to shower wet kisses on her neck line, going down, he pushed her dress down pulling her back to senses, she pushed him harshly this time, her eyes brimming with tears, she somehow managed to pulled up her dress with her shaking hands.

Maan looked at her, standing still, but something broke inside him seeing her in such a vulnerable state that too because of him.

He bangs his hand hard on the mirror breaking it, blood dripped from his injured hand and so her tears drops down on her cheeks.


She gives him one accusing look then look at his hand, I can’t even say that you deserve it, MK!! Not you but guess I deserve it.. I deserve the pain , she spoke with most painful voice giving him teary look, for loving you, she said it in mind before exiting the room banging the door shut behind her.


Woh haseena woh neelam pari

Kar gayi kaisi jadoogari

Neend in aankhon se cheen li hai

Dil mein bechainiyan hai bhari

Main bechara hoon awaara

Woh na samjhaon main yeh ab kis kisko

That beauty, that blue fairy
She did some magic on me

She stole my sleep from my eyes

She filled my heart with restlessness

I’m helpless and lost

To who all should I explain this

He looked at his blood fill hand and clutch it hard giving himself more pain, his eyes closed clutching hard absorbing the pain, her teary face flashes before his close eyes making him snapped it open.

Geet somehow managed to reach her home, as she opened the door, it was dark, isolated just like her life has became that very moment when he put those blames on her.

She reached upstairs in her room and closed the door behind,


She rolled down on the floor, feeling defeated. Breaking down in pool of tears which she had never done before usually..hiding her face in both palms she sobbed silently.. uncontrollably..then hard..letting it go out at once then stood up and ran inside the washroom.

The water cascaded down on her body, making her shiver uncontrollably in the cold, but she wasn’t in senses anymore, his words buzzed again and again in her mind, his touches.. they were sinful..she thought suddenly looking at her hands, waist..where he had touch her.


She tried to rubbed off his touches from her body, but he has claimed her heart that she couldn’t able to forget his touches anymore, it was not in her hand, she cried feeling defeated by her heart. It was more painful when your love accused you if something ..so cruelly..


She sat under the shower for hours… Trying to forget and forgive ..trying to makes her heart understanding.. totally shaken ..as it was the first time someone had use such low words for her. That too, she never excepted it coming from him.


Mid night,

Geet was in deep slumber after facing emotional break down. She was snoring silently, with that painful frown on her forehead, face cutely pouting with anger and pain. He could easily make out her each thoughts. He smiled adoring his love for a while before taking seat beside her on the bed.

His hands reach on her face to caressed it, his sinful touch as if woke her up.

She was startle finding someone so near her in her room, on her bed. As the realization dawn upon her tire mind, she was left shock, horror stuck on finding the same stranger in her dark room, now caging her beneath him on the bed.

She couldn’t scream , couldn’t react..her voice died in her throat feeling his sinful hands caressing down on her neck line, then down on her revealing cleavage.

His dark eyes drinks her beauty as her chest heave up and down giving her sexy look.

Her breath hitch feeling his rough lips following the path his hands had followed.

Maann…she could only uttered his name feeling same touches, her droopy eyes tried to focus on his face, which was hidden in darkness, but his eyes, those were same but yet different. She was again left confused and then lost in his sinful touch as if drugged.

He was going to open the knots of her nightdress while his hand already open the hooks of her b**. Something strikes inside her and she pushed him off…

How dare you..to touch me again… She was seething in anger glaring him down , he gives her Devilish smirk as she tried to cover herself wearing back her cloths but then as she turned around to give him peace of mind , he was gone.. vanish as if in thin air.

Geet now held her hairs, feeling dizzy..her head spinning.. already his those cruel words..then her break down..now again he was here..or it was just her illusion, is that same stranger..?? She falls back on the bed, what is happening with her..was she imagining Maan..or it was just an nightmare..but then she feels it..feel him. .. he was really there with her.

She touched everywhere he had just kissed her but damn.. there was no mark.. she was furious, just crushed the bed sheet..breaks the light lamp.

How dare he? She took her cell to call him but then stopped remembering about their encounter. What is he wasn’t Maan and some stranger or just her imagination. She shivered with the cold air rushing inside furiously making her looked at the open window. She quickly followed there, look down but there was no one . Only darkness.

She sighed, taking few breaths trying to calm herself. She thought to just go to sleep. It must be because of her tired self she is having illusions.


Dil mein mere hai dard-e-disco 
Dard-e-disco, dard-e-discoDisco 



He makes a furious move.. giving another shot, really angry with the conflict going on in his mind and heart. Then her painful face flashes in his mind, making him angrier and he gives another kick in the air, with sweat dripping doing from his wet hairs, on his face, going on his hard torso, vanishing down in the straps of his pants.

Cut it!!

He left a sigh of breath taking the towel from the spot boy, wiping off his face and body.


Geet didn’t remember that how did she managed herself last night but she did like always.

At Morning, she flipped the pages of magazine , taking in the view of his magnificent pics, each every photo, each structure was just flawless, taking her breath away.

Then them.. together..as if forbidden..she smiled .. a painful smile caressing her palm on the pair which laid there flawless on the magazine, standing out.

It’s not possible..anymore.. he couldn’t respect her then there is relation between them. Atleast, she broke it .. she couldn’t .

Her phone buzzed, she looked at the screen, it was Dhanraaj, she don’t want to speak anything now or with anyone..her phone continued buzz, then dead..but she just stared at it then again another ring, it was pinky.


Geet wasn’t sure, should she share her problem with pinky or not. She would get unnecessarily worried and then those sweet words of consoling.. which she hated the most. She don’t blame pinky or anyone but herself for all the mishap. After all , the person, own self is the reason of every problems, he should not accuse to anyone for that matter.

The phone went dead, giving her much needed peace. But it was short lived as it again buzz. She press the green button, making her mind to just face it and finish it in all.

I am no more working in this movie.

What?? Come again.. did I heard something wrong?? DJ was so shock hearing her, or her voice which was so cold and not like her. He had shoot scenes of MK which he had managed to convince him so in hard way and it was time for to shoot both there scenes but here another shock was waiting for him.

I am saying, I am not into this movie. You can cast anyone other than me..

Look.. Geetakshi.. I don’t know the reason why are you backing out but let me remind you, you know about the contract you signed, haven’t you??

I know, DJ. And I have my own reasons better you not ask. She tried her best to remain cool.

Then you also know the clauses in the contract, you have to pay huge amount for breaking this contract.

I am ready .Anymore restrictions..?? She asked keeping her compose, eyeing outside in the balcony.

I..umm.. he couldn’t able to find any reasons to stop her now.

You know, Dream girl, you are the charm of my every movie.. there is no replace to you.. you know everything..don’t you!! He was pleading finally.


I know, DJ but I seriously can’t handle this movie. Try to think from my pov…plz. I can’t..



And the call was cut.. leaving DJ dejected and frustrated.

First MK and now Geetakshi.. he threw his cell away frustratingly.

Maan couldn’t believe, she took that step..so drastic.. she is just backing out..

Not so easy..Dreamgirl!! He thought smirking seeing both of there caps in the magazine as both stood out perfect together looking glamorous ever.

Fantabulous!! He whispered looking at the couple laid in the magazine..

You are meant to be with me, Geetakshi.. and I will make sure to not let you go away… He owe looking at the pic of them together, then his M shape lips touched her face in the magazine, giving her kiss.

“Don’t think much.. AASHIQ will happen only with Geetakshi!! And I will make sure of it.. “

Saying so Maan cuts the call, giving much needed assurance to DJ. He left a sigh of relief knowing , MK will definitely make her agree now.

The game has just began, Dream Girl!!

Precap :-

lamha lamha

Armaano ki farmaish thi

Lamha lamhaIn

Jurrat ki aazmaish thi


Gir girke mujh pe barsa tha

Barsa toh kab main tarsa tha

24 thoughts on “AASHIQ PART 37

  1. Maan broke geet with his hard words…and his actions created hatred for him in geet’s heart…will she forgive him… poor girl was tired and upon that her aashiq is behind her well I m confused whether it’s her illusion or it’s maan or someone else waiting the secret to be revealed…the outcome of maan’s behavior made geet blackout from the film…but maan is all set to caste her back waiting to know what’s in the store ❤️😘

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  2. I want her to be strong enough to fight against him in this,he has to beg for her forgiveness as he did very wrong to her by pointing her character…Feel sad for her,she is too good,and she is hurt and shattered due to him…Just want to say whenever aashiq comes the story gets more intense and intrigued, whoever he is he is a step ahead always,
    Now wt will mk do
    Waiting for further…

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  3. Mugda I will beat u now ab ye kya hai pehle maan insults her humiliated geet so much yet he couldn’t keep his hands off her geet so hurt yet imagined maan she refused to work with him maan on the other hand not once regretting his deeds wants to make geet his ye tu mujhe itna kyo confuse Kar rahi hai main marugi tujhe

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    1. 😂😂🤣🤣😋😋
      I really forgot previous update while writing new one..😜😜
      But..fikar not.. will try to do next one good..😁


  4. Wonderful update dear.
    Its very shocking how can maan said ssuch words to geet?
    Geets decision is right.
    Self respect is most important then anything.
    She refused to work in the movie.
    But now maan decided he will not let her go so easily.
    What will he do now?
    Update soon dear.
    Take care.

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  5. No way!!!! This time Maan will not win!!!! How dare he!!! He thinks that he can accuse Geet so lowly & get away with it? Money, image & power are nothing…And I truly hope Geet teaches him a deserving lesson the hardest way possible!!! He did not even think of the danger lurking around her…He is lost in hiw own ego, pride, name & power…useless…

    Geet don’t back down…Stand up for yourself & never every agree to anything he says or threatens you with…

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  6. Wow nice update
    Maan badly hurt her with his words..
    And who is the aashiq ..
    Eagerly waiting for your update..
    When are you going to update..

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