Part 23
Ho Dhak Dhak Karne Laga,
Ho Mora Jiyara Darne Laga
Are Re Dhak Dhak Karne Laga
Ho Mora Jiyara Darne Laga

(It’s started beating fast
My heart is starting to get scared)

Geet stopped dead feeling his arms coming on her stomach and he pulled her roughly sticking her body length on his own.

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She started to wriggle feeling his rough palm rolling on her bare tummy .

Saiyaan Baiyaan Chhod Na, Kachchi Kaliyan Tod Na (x2)
(My lover, leave my hands now, don’t try to pluck the flower-buds)


He turn her harshly , his eyes were dark with passion and desires for her. His one look was enough for her to stop her moments and she shivered with the look he gave her.

Dil Se Dil Mil Gaya, Mujhse Kaisi Yeh Haya (x2)
(Both the hearts have met, then why this transgress (shyness) from me)


He took her in his arms suddenly putting her on the bed he crawls on her as she crawl back on the bed feeling scare with his advancement. And in one swift move he pulled out her choli throwing that aside on the floor. Geet gasp in shock trying to hide herself but he hold her both hands tight watching a beautiful sight in front of him.

Tu Hai Meri Dilruba, Kya Lagti Hai Waah Re Waah (x2)
You are my lover, You look amazing

You look amazing , sweetheart! ! He whisper on her bare chest sending ripples of pleasure through her whole body.

She felt her eyes moisten hearing his praise. It felt so utterly right to her craving heart that she hug him with her all might pulling gluing her body to his bare one.

Apna Kaha Jab Piya Tune Mujhe
Main Mithe Mithe Sapne Sajane Lagi

When You called me Yours, my beloved

I started to decorate sweet dreams

Geet..he groan with her move feeling her taut nipples poking on to his chest. He pulled out and rub his lips on her nipples not taking it in his mouth that she wriggle under him craving for him to take it.

Dekha Meri Rani Jab Maine Tujhe
Meri Soyi Soyi Dhadkan Gane Lagi

When I saw You, my Queen (lover)

My sleeping heart-beats started singing

He rolled his tongue on around her ni***** making her groan in frustration

MAAN. .she arched her back pulling him more on to her mo****. As he take it in his mouth feeling utmost pleasure pondering in to him. His hardness throb in to his pants making him rub on to her.

Jadoo Tera Chhane Laga,
Meri Nas Nas Me Samane Laga
Your magic has started to work
You are becoming a part of every vein/cell of mine

Maan..she moan loudly feeling so unknown sensations rushing through her as he latch onto her breast feeling hungry and unsatisfied to do more. Her hands roam onto his bare back almost scratching it with her small nails.

Khud Ko Mai Bhulane Laga
Tujhe Saanson Mein Basaane Laga

I’ve started forgetting myself
I’ve started making You a part of my breath
(making You an integral part of my life)

He groan sucking her both mounts hungrily palming it roughly.he never did before touch any woman this close not even a kiss and today when he saw her raw beauty he can’t able to resist himself more to having her. He don’t know what magic she had created on him from the beginning that is so powerful.

Khud Ko Mai Bhulane Laga
Tujhe Saanson Mein Basaane Laga

I’ve started forgetting myself
I’ve started making You a part of my breath
(making You an integral part of my life)

He looked at her face shining in golden light , her eyes closed enjoying his assault on her. He smirk taking her lips for hungry kiss. He suck her lips furiously making her gasp for air while his hands got hold of her bre***. She continue to moan into his mouth while he carnally kissed her turning mad with her softness.

He pulled out and tore her skirt away before she knew. She closed her legs swiftly feeling cold but he furiously parted her both legs as his hands travel from her toe to her thighs feeling her soft cotton skin.

You are so soft , sweetheart. He whisper on her thigh as he shower wet kisses on her both legs coming between her core .

She shiver tremendously feeling his hot breath falling on her cloth that was hiding her sanity.’s wrong.


her mind scream snapping her eyes opened that looked horrified she glanced at his agonized face feeling miserable.

Are you still thinking of yours so called King.? He spitted out dangerously. His looks could furious eyes daring her to say yes to his asked question.

Maan..she cry out scaring to core seeing his change of demeanor suddenly. He look so angry .

He realized he had made her scared with his anger but he can’t help it. He can’t bear a sight of her thinking of that man when he is here near her.

You are virgin .aren’t you ? He asked her pulling out the last cloth from her beautiful body.


Geet felt her whole world spinning with his question. Already she was hell tire with the events taking place from morning and after there make out , his piercing gaze made her dizzy and she blank out with the sight of his agonized eyes. She can not bare it.


He looked at her gloomy face as they drove back to palace.she still didn’t eaten anything from yesterday looking pale and weak.he suddenly breaks his car hard gaining her back from her lost state. She didn’t spoke anything still with her gaze on the was lonely road with forest all around.
Geet. eat something at least now.he offered her the food he had pack on there way when she just refused to eat.but she didn’t budge making him lost his patience. 
Geet..he again called her but again getting same response from her he lost it.
Pulling her forcefully in his arms he hold her tight despite her futile wriggling. 
Hume chodiye. .yeh aap kya kar rahe hai ? She cry out trying her best to wriggle out of his hold but he was way too strong for her fragile self .on that she was feeling weak from the night he humiliated her like that. Finally giving up , she left her attempts of coming out of his hard arms and rested her head on his chest feeling defeated in front of him , her all emotions  , her new blooming feelings.
Hume mahal wapas jana hai..yahan kyon Rok diya.? 
She weep silently on his chest trying to find some solace to her aching heart.
You have to eat this first .he demanded rubbing her back soothing her pain.
Nahi.hum aapse naraaz hai ! She complaint like a child but deeply hurt.
For questioned you about that ,which is the truth , isn’t it , Rani ?He hiss dangerously pulling her out to face him.
Aapka koi haq nahi banta, Hume ustarah se ..but she stop watching the look on his face.that was extream fury and hurt .
Don’t I have any right on you ? He asked feeling detach but don’t know why.this feeling of restlessness , unknown pain.
Aisa nahi hai , Maan.she try to reasoned feeling his hold loosen on her which she don’t liked at all.
She instantly hug him tight not wanting the only person in her life to loose now. That fear engulf her making her shiver with its intensity.  
Sweetheart. .he hug her back tight feeling her shivering in his arms .
Kya hua , Geet .?,he asked with all concern for her. 
Hume bas mahal wapas le chaliye , yaha thik nahi lag Raha.Her fear fill eyes wander around as it started to turn evening.
Will you gonna feel alright in Palace ? He asked her looking intently at her knowing well she don’t like to stay there in four walls.
Tell me everything . He demanded again holding her chin in his fingers he make her to look at him.
Hume waqt chahiye. .hum Abhi nahi..humse nahi hoga. She put her head on his shoulders hell tired with everything. Hiding and pretending everyday , silently suffering without no fault of hers. 
He looked at her and he knew maybe she had suffered too much and he was damn sure that the reason is only those both royal people. His eyes burn red owning to take revenge once he will know the whole truth from her. If she make it sure , he is not gonna leave them .
Geet eat something now , then we will go ,
he again asked her caressing her cheek lovingly. 
Hume bhook nahi hai ? She pouted nodding her head negatively.
Still , you have to eat , you have not eaten anything from yesterday. It’s not good . He argued .
Nahi ..humara man nahi hai.she said coming out of his arms.
When he just let her go and pulled out the parathas from box and taking out one bite he kept it in his mouth in between his lips.
Geet looked at him from her corner of eyes and when she saw him eating without her she fumed on him but before she can think further , she found that piece of paratha in her mouth along with his sexy lips.
Geet , her eyes widen in shock at his shameless act. He had stuck that bite in her mouth while chewing it along with her in her mouth.
Geet felt her heartbeats stop  with his sensuous move. She kiss him back passionately pulling him more close. Both gulp down the bite and kissed each other hungrily forgetting there surrounding. 

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