Geet was so shocked, tears rolled down on her cheeks feeling insulted and hurt. Maan watched her for a while then realized what he did in a fit of anger, next moment he was at her side, trying to pick her up but she refused to budge, she just rudely pushed off his hands glaring him down.

look.. geet.. don’t be childish.. come.. he again tried and picks up her struggling self in his arms, leave me, you hippo!! she screams on top of her voice making him startle, here you go again.. baby..

“don’t baby me”


she gritted her teeth so furiously pointing her forefinger at him. you should ask sorry from me for your rude behavior.

sorry and me..? never… he scoffs giving her a look,


haww.. then leave me.. you hippo.. she again shouted at last, he just threw her down on the chair in kitchen.

as you wish.. darling.. saying so he left from there still mad at her.

Geet huffs in frustration and stood up with great difficulty as her hip was badly hurt. the strike of pain ran through her whole lower as she stood up. ouch.. god.. help.. me.. she cried out reaching upto the oven and put the ready made meal inside but not knowing how to warm it as the kitchen was alien thing for the Geet Handa, she never ever step inside it.

after few minutes, Maan heard the loud sound from the kitchen, he rushed downstairs scared for geet and the sight in front of him just made him gaps in horror. the oven has become totally black burning like a coal, smoke was literally coming out from it while he saw her standing there with that baby face of hers and she was crying holding her hand.

Geet.. he rushed towards her, first turned off the main switch of the oven and took her hand in his to have a look, ahh.. she cried out as her hand has burned  and turned whole red making him worried for her.

how did it happened? he asked making her seat on the chair while he pulled out ice cubes form the refrigerator, walking towards her, he softly hold her hand in his, she was still crying like a baby, ahh.. she again shouted feeling the cold ice touching the burning area.

i was.. hungry… so thought… to warmm..mm. the.. food… and this….


she couldn’t complained the sentence while sobbing silently seeing her hand burning red. it looks so horrified.

maan sighed in defeat as he just realized, she must have not knowing about those things, it was his mistake, he should have ignore her immature words for a while but then she knows it better to how to turned on his anger.

you know… i don’t know about cooking.. and still you didn’t help me..

he softly blow on her wound feeling pained to see her hurt that too because of him, he couldn’t forgive himself, it’s alright baby.. now it will be fine.. he said nothing but sweet words to sooth her pain, putting an ointment on her wound.

After a while Geet was seating on his lap like a baby and he was feeding her sweetly. Geet was just blabbering and complaining about his rude behavior while he listened silently, having no other option.

maan, you didn’t eat at all anything, have something.. she said .

now you remember about me?

why are you taunting me, it was not my fault? she argued frowning cutely at him,

it was only your, baby .

no.. not mine..

it was your.. remember who started it?

geet pouted her lips realizing her folly..

but i don’t meant any of them. you know it!

but you did hurt me, baby.. he scoffs lifting her in his arms and he got up to put her down on the chair.

he walked inside washroom to wash his hand, she walked behind limping on her feet with back pain, maan you didn’t have your lunch , plz have it..

i am not in a mood, geet.

plz maan, are you still angry? why are you taking out your anger on food.

i will have it later, geet.

but maan,

but he walked upstairs, without hearing her further, geet stood at the last step on the stairs just watching at the room upstairs.


Ruthe-ruthe piyaa manaa_un kaise

Ruthe-ruthe piyaa manaa_un kaise

Image result for music gif images

Maan heard the song and turned to see Geet standing there with his i phone in her hands, he wonder when she get his phone and from where, before he could think further, he heard another new song,

Woh hain zara khafa khafa

to nain yuun milaaye hain ki ho ho

he is a bit upset upset

and he’s meeting my eyes

she looked at him and gives her silly smile to him, he gives her stern look realizing jsut what she is doing to manofy him.

Naa bol du to kyaa karun

Woh hans ke yun bulaae hai ki ho ho

she make a face and changed the song,

Koi haseena jab rooth jaati hain toh
Aur bhi haseen ho jaati hain

Image result for music gif images

maan, his face was worth watching, next moment geet broke into loud laughter adding more fuel to his anger, as he heard her next,

oh my haseena… and she breaks into another fit of laughter, pinching his cheeks..


GEETTT.. he gritted his teeth glaring her to death that she gulp her saliva, making some distance between both,  while the song was still playing, maan eyed the i  phone in her hand and then her, she understood his msg and quickly shut it down.

maan just turned to go, when he heard meek voice,  to manofy my hubby.. and then he sighed in frustration hearing another song,

O mere sona re sona re sona re
De doongi jaan judaa mat hona re
Maine tujhe zara der mein jaana
Hua kusoor khafa mat hona re
Maine tujhe zara der mein jaana
Hua kusoor khafa mat hona re
O mere sona re sona re sona

Related image

O my beloved, my beloved, my beloved

Don’t separate from me, or else I’ll give my life

It took me some time to understand you

Don’t be upset, as it was my fault

geet jumped in joy, finding the right song to manofy her hubby now, she quickly stable herself seeing him turning towards her, he give her look like saying, “this is not the joke”

GHSP 118 HD(3)_1615.jpg

and then he turned around walking downstairs, as Maan reached at the last step, he heard her following him and then she just jump on his back, making him stumble few steps though he managed both of them.

O meri baahon se nikalke
Tu agar mere raste se hat jayega
Toh leharake, o balkhake
Mera saaya tere tan se lipat jayega

If you leave my arms

And move away from my path

Then swaying and moving around

My shadow will embrace your body

Geet, get down.. yeh kya pagalpan hai? he was stern as he tried to lose her hold on his neck, she was really suffocating him.

no.. first forgive me.. i said na.. i am sorry, she was too stubborn.

Tum chhudao lakh daaman
Chhodte hai kab yeh armaan
Ki main bhi saath rahoongi rahoge jahan

No matter how much you try to escape

My desires won’t leave you alone

I’ll stay with you wherever you stay

Geet.. finally he give up and lifts her from behind, holding her hips, let’s go to kitchen, she chirped ordering him.

maan silently followed her orders keeping his anger in control, knowing he has already hurt her.

once both entered inside, she asked him to warm up the food, he had prepared, he denied clearly, but then she wasn’t willing to let him remain hungry today for her fault, tumhe meri kasam, maan.

what the hell.. he pushed her down on the chair making her pout her lips, i don’t believe on these things.. he clearly declined glaring her down.

fine.. phir muze kuch ho gaya..


but he didn’t let her complete her sentence as he pulled her up holding her both arms tight, their faces were really closed, don’t you dare, kuch nahi hoga tumhe.. main kuch nahi hone doonga..


he whispered huskily, so much passion oozing out from his eyes, he licks those dry lips of hers before pulling those in his mouth for a soul searing kiss.


O phir humse na ulajhna
Nahi lat aur uljhan mein padh jayegi
O pachtaogi kuch aise
Ke yeh surkhi labon ki utar jayegi

Don’t confront me again
Or else you’ll get confused

You’ll repent in such a way that

The redness of your lips will fade away

geet moaned in his mouth, enjoying his raw assault, as her hands bound together on his nape pulling his more closed while his hands went inside her shirt feeling her soft and warm body. he pinched  her hard nipple, cupping her bosom, making her crazy with his raw touches.

both broke apart after a while feeling breathless but after span of time, again locked their lips together for another kiss.


Maan was eating quietly since she had give her kasam , while geet continued to stared at him with a teasing smile on her face, she pouted her lips thinking she can’t feed him like he did, because of her injured hand.

maan watched her tantrums and just shook his head,

what happened, kyon aise muh bana rahe ho? she pouted asking him so.

am i making faces or you, baby? he was amazed hearing her and taunted her, getting up to wash his hands.

she followed him behind and as he turned around he banged on her, geett.. he glared her.


O miyan, humse na chupaao

Woh banavat ki sari adayein liye

Ki tum ispe ho itraate

Ki main peeche hoon sau iltijayein liye

Hey mister, don’t hide it from me

With all those fake styles of yours

Why do you have so much attitude

Since I’m behind you, pleading a 100 times

so did you forgive me? she asked like a child with hopeful eyes that melted his heart and small smile cross his face, sachhi.. she threw herself in his arms.

Ji main khush hoon mere sona
Jhooth hai kya, sach kaho na
Ki main bhi saath rahoongi rahoge jahan 

My beloved, I’m very happy

Tell me the truth, as to what is the lie

I’ll stay with you wherever you stay

i promise, i won’t utter those words again.  she hugs him tight, and tears well up again, soaking his chest, geet.. he tried to pull her apart but she didn’t let him instead snuggle more closer in his chest feeling really low.


baby… look at me.. he demanded, pulling her apart, this time she looked at him with her soak eyes , making his heartbeat raised in extreme pain, i am sorry.. i never thought those words will.. hurt you.. so much.. i was just.. her voice cracks as she broke into loud cries like a small baby.

shh.. baby.. relax..


he tried to calm her caressing her back as she put her head on his shoulder crying out, his heart was in great pain seeing her shedding tears, he never thought she was hiding her sadness behind those sweet tantrums of hers, he chuckle with moisten eyes patting her head.

i am sorry, geet.. i pulled it long.. he mutters, feeling guilty for torturing her so much, as he took her burn hand in his , blowing onto it softly, she shivers feeling his lips on her burn skin,


geet looked at him while he turned his gaze on her , looking at her passionately,  next moment he lift her in his arms, she moaned in pain, kya hua.. he asked concerned, while she shyly told him about the hurt she had got when he pushed her down on the floor, and she pouted again but making him guilty again. don’t worry.. i will look at it and the pain will go away. he whispered eyeing her passionately that makes her blushed, he kissed her forehead lovingly, making their way towards the bedroom while song continued to played in the background.


O mere sona re sona re sona re
De doongi jaan judaa mat hona re
Maine tujhe zara der mein jaana
Hua kusoor khafa mat hona re
Maine tujhe zara der mein jaana
Hua kusoor khafa mat hona re
O mere sona re sona re sona

Image result for music gif images


Hello Maan…

Geet stood rooted hearing that voice, as she thought she had heard it before somewhere..



  1. Lovely update dear truly her words did hurt maan deeply but poor geet was constantly physically hurt on the process of manofying maan…on her angry she ended up with oven..her songs for maan was cute… poor girl broke up at end thank God maan finally forgave him .. waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ❤😍

    They sorted out their issue and back to themselves after so many manofying from her to him…she gets burn and all as she is new to kitchen,then he feed her,she is watching him eating and feeling sad that she is not able to feed him as he does due to the burn…
    Excited for upcoming events….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Superb update
    Thank god they solve their problems.
    Whatever situation will come maan will never leave her.
    How childish geet is but she never leave maan. Because she loves him a lot.
    UpdTe soon dear.
    I thing its time of ur twist.
    Precap is interesting.
    Update soon dear
    Take care.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Maan must exercise more patience knowing Geet is childish and always hides her pain behind tantrums or childish antics. He really needs to curb his temper and anger….There is a lot more them to discover about each other so there has to be a lot of give & take between them…I hope they have a heart to heart talk and agree to be open about everything without misconstruing what they say to each other…

    OMG…who is that now? I really hope its not Maya…Is it Adi? Or is it his dad? But it sounded familiar to Geet…so who could it be? Now my curiosity is really super high dearie…

    Liked by 1 person

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