Nandini was furious seeing the audacity of the guy. She pushed him angrily away , jerking him back to his senses.

Kunal just realized what he did, he bangs his hand furiously on the wall , making Nandini startled,

How can you just say like that, Nandini? I really love you! It’s just because of work purpose I was out of country for few days.. and look I am here, aren’t I?

Kunal spoke with his heart breaking still reminding her venom words.

just then there was a knock , followed by call for Nandini.

she turned to go out, her eyes were teary and red in anger.still not able to realize the depth of his love but own self confused with her change of heart, her heart was restless, beating loudly hearing his confession yet again.

She did missed him terribly and that was the reason behind her out pour on him, it was out of her overflow of emotions.

Kunal caught her wrist stopping her, I am sorry!! He mutters walking behind her.

She wiped her face and control herself, I am sorry, just leave me alone now .


She said in plain voice.


I want to get ready before going out ..

she whispered

Alright , get ready.. saying only this he was out shutting the door back.

Nandini somehow control herself and done her make up again before exiting the room.

Tujhe na dekhun toh chain mujhe aata nahi hai

Ek tere sivah koi aur mujhe bhaata nahi haiI

Kahin mujhe pyar hua toh nahi hai

I’m not at peace if I don’t get to see you
don’t like anyone else other than you
Have I fallen in love

R u all set for 24 th of June !!!! Gold awards !!!! Can’t wait !!!_dancer_type_3__dancer_type_3__dancer_type_3__dancer_

Nandini dance on the tune like always mesmerizing the audience, with group of girls accompanying her on each steps.

While Kunal who was there in the first raw of audience sat shock for a while, his heart skip a beat listening those lines of songs, did she really mean it or its just her performance.


He knew there is no one in her life right now apart from him, then is that all for him.

Yaadein teri tera hi khayal rahe

Dard sataye bura haal rahe

Aisa pehle toh kabhi bhi na hua

Kaise tune meri dhadkan ko chhua

Pal pal dil beqaraar rahe

Mujhe bas tera intezar rahe, intezar rahe

I remember you all the time
I’m in pain and my condition is bad
This never happened with me earlier
How did you touch my heartbeats
My heart is restless all the time
I just keep waiting for you

Nandini didn’t even know why did she chooses that song to perform , but the song described her own feelings.


She was lost in the dance when all of a sudden she felt , the zip of her dress is slipping down. She stopped for a while, fearing for the worse to happen.

Kunal who was watching her very keenly realized that something has happened , she seems suddenly restless and looking scared as her moves has became slow.

He thought for a while and got up from his chair walking out of the stadium towards the back stage.

Suddenly lights went off making the whole hall dark even the stage.

Nandini stood rooted feeling him behind her as he pulled her around in his arms, she gasp in horror, seeing his face hidden in the dark but his heavy breath she could easily recognized.


Uljhan yeh meri koi suljhata nahi hai

Uljhan yeh meri koi suljhata nahi hai

Ek tere sivah koi aur mujhe bhaata nahi hai

Kahin mujhe pyar hua toh nahi hai

No one is able to solve my problem
I don’t like anyone else other than you
Have I fallen in love

Before she knew, his fingers trailed on her bare back, holding her chain of dress, he pushed it up closing it.

Nandini, who was holding her breath till now, left a sigh of relief feeling finally at safe.

She has her eyes closed, and when she opened it feeling him disappearing , just the way he had came here and next moment lights came on, brightening the whole stadium again.

Performance again started making the audience to calm down again.

Nandini saw him walking back to his seat and she couldn’t held the smile that escape her Beautiful lips seeing him giving her his charming smile.

She was just ending the dance, taking swirl around herself, while her co dancers has already made a exit, when all of a sudden whole stage set on the fire.

In next few minutes whole stadium became empty, it was burning in large flames of fire.

Nandini who was dancing lost in her own brewing feelings, felt hot all of sudden, she opened her eyes only to gasp in horror finding herself caged in between flames of fire.

Kunal who was trying to reach the stage, finally became successful after few attempts, he saw her stuck between the large flames, when his gaze went upward and his eyes widen in horror to see fire flakes was going to fall from above.


Nandini.. he shouted running towards her, reaching upto her he pulled her harshly towards him holding her wrist.

She hissed in great pain getting jerk on her arm, while next moment she landed in his arms, both roll down on the hard floor at side.


فخمين _fire__hearts_️، ، ، ، - - silsilabadalterishtonka - shaktiarora - drashtidhami - silsila

Her eyes widen in terror seeing those fire flakes falling down harshly beside them.

Nandini ..are you fine?? Kunal asked restless seeing her lost in the horror view.

She was numb for a while, let’s go Nandini.. we need to get out of here first.

You go from here.. go away ..


She pushed him harshly standing on her feet. She feared , in saving her he might lost his life as well and that she never want to happen.

What?? Are you mad Nandini.. come on let’s go..

He jerk her a little but she was stubborn as well…I told you.. go from here..let me die..she screams making him shock.

فخمين _fire__hearts_️، ، ، ، - - silsilabadalterishtonka - shaktiarora - drashtidhami - silsila

He just looked at her for a while, I am not going anywhere without you, he hold her hand again pulling her back, just listen to me, we are going to make it out from here, you understand me, ??


He cupped her face trying to put senses in her scared brain.

Without wasting a moment, he pulled out his coat and wrap that around her securely, he take the view of his surroundings once before making a move.

Nandini was damn scared to even take step, he looked behind to see her still lost in her fears, Nandini..move..


he finally took her in his arms and made a wild dash out of large fires, she has her face buried in his chest while he hold her securely in his arms like a baby.

Kunal was successful in bringing her out, he took a sigh of relief, and put her down only to see her losing her consciousness.

Nandini..are you okay.. Nandini..he patted her cheeks, she slowly opened her eyes and saw his sight looking blurry.. she wasn’t able to put her eyes open for a long time, she closed it again making him scare for her,

Nandini, opened your eyes.. I won’t let anything happen to you, he mutters worried for her, caressing her cheeks while she smiled with her closed eyes hearing his words.



9 thoughts on “SANAM MERE HUMRAAZ PT.7

  1. thanks for the pm!
    lovely update!
    why is Nandini like this?
    great that Kunal knew she was in trouble and saved her from embarrsment.
    Thank God he saved her from the fire!
    why does she want to die?
    hope she will be fine

    amazing precap!
    update soon

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  2. loved kunal trying to make her understand that he cares for her its just that he was away for work.both saying sorry was emotional. loved the lyrics of the song on which nandini danced.kunal doubting whether these lines were for him was getting opened was shocking.loved kunal saving her dignity by zipping her part was unexpected. kunal saving her from the fire. ..wrapping her with the coat. ..taking care of her like a baby …was lovely.but why did nandini told him to go away n let her die?kunal telling her that he won’t let anything happen to her n nandini smiling was touchy.perfect pics n gifs. now only I realized that such a scene was there in the show as well.I missed such a nice scene.if you have its video please pm me

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    1. Thank you😊
      Yeah me too loved that scene , and there was background music on that scene where he goes running to reach her, it was Mohabbatein..🎶 yeah i have that..but not link..then how do I pm you then? Also you can watch it on voot..just that they must have cut the music from there because of copyright issue. Also it was so later in the the time of Ganesh was maha episode.


  3. He protected her and rescued her from fire…She is scared of losing him and also of the thought of something happens to him if he tried to help her worries her…Those dance and following scene reminds me of show…

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