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Part 21

His eyes were spitting fire ready to burn them all for even glancing with there dirty eyes at his sweetheart. He engulf her shivering body in his protective arms while she control her urge to spill her tears when those disgusting goons were starring at her hungrily.she try to hide herself more into him from there dirty gaze but she never stop from darting angry glares at there way.they laugh out loud seeing her condition unknown of the upcoming storm they have to face for there deeds.named Maan Singh Khurana! !

He swiftly take out his shirt and wrap her in it taking her in his arms suddenly. 

All become alert marching towards them while she held him from his nape staring  at his hard face continuously and next she heard his dangerous voice that even made her shiver.

Leave my way . He glared at each one dangerously. 

Leave this girl to us,  we will leave your way..the goon reply in his horse voice eyeing her.

Geet wriggle with his comment , and hold him more tight little bite scared now with the turn of events.

Sweetheart relax , I am here . He whisper huskily near hear earlobe taking her face in his neck and she nodded silently leaving a sigh of breath.

As he march forward along with her one goon from behind attack him but he was all alert for this dodge it cleverly turning towards him he hit him with one leg on his stomach that he started to wriggle in pain falling down on the mud.

Geet gasp with happiness rushing through her seeing her man fighting  for her.while maan glance at her happy face finding lost peace in him.she smirk eyeing that goon and so others but her smirk just ignite the fire more as they March on him more again on him . 

Sweetheart , make a move fast .his words come as fast and alien to her that she looked confused but when she saw all three goons are approaching them , her eyes widen in fear and she hided her face in his neck. 

Urghh. .wrong move lady !! He groan as one blew fall on his face. 

Maann..geet scream on is face as he stumble few steps back but balanced himself still she was in his arms. He glared at her while she pouted cutely with puppy eyes blowing soft air on his injury. 

How dared you bas***. She shouted on them while they again come to fight with him but next moment all turn shock including maan with her action.

Geet was already fuming red with there attack on her Mr. Khurana. And her fuse busted with there next attack that she just push one with her other hand with such force that he landed on the floor hard shouting in pain while she slap on others face with all her might that it turn red .

Her blood was boiling like volcano , how dared they beat her Mr. khurana.  

One goon who was left with other one attack them again but this time maan made her to beat them both with her legs as he flew in air swirling her while she furiously hit them in her anger.

It’s all come out from her the humiliation she faced before sometime. The anger which was burning inside her from the time she heard those boys.

Just a minute , sweetheart.  He placed her slowly on the floor while beat them up again with his tai chi skills. They lay there wriggling in pain regretting the moment they dared to touch her. 

Make sure you never again cross her path.or else..? He left the sentence threatening them dangerously glaring at them.

Geet was all the while smiling through her tears watching him .as he turn towards her she lifted her both hands up, gesturing him to take her now she is hell tired. 

He chuckle on her childishness and take her in his arms in a swift move like as if she is a feather. 

She giggle seeing the condition of goons making his heart flutter with happiness seeing her smile. 

He saw her lips cut with blood drip, he touch his with his thumb softly not to hurt her but she wince in pain with her eyes again going teary and that’s it  again he was angry therefore going near them he again beat them furiously .

Sahab ..Ab bas bhi..karo. .we are sorry  !! They beg him.

While geet clutch his collars tightly taking his attention .

He us the one who slap me maan..she confess angrily wanting him to be beaten up again by her Mr.Khurana. 

And he did, placing her on her feet ,he slap him uncontrollably with rage rushing through his all veins .how dare he slap his delicate sweetheart . Reminding her blood he beat him to near death till all other beg him to leave them to live.

Satisfied with himself he leaved them and pulled her in himself he lick her list and the blood from her cut lips , she wince in pain and kissed him back.  He tried to be slow , slowly sucking her soft petals he suck out her all pain and miseries from her making her heat thump loudly in proud of  her man.

He take her in his arms and left from there still there lips were lock with each other.

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Part 22

both were staring each other continuously without even blinking while geet has her hands around his neck holding him tightly. maan couldn’t able to break his gaze away from her beautiful face but his eyes did turn angry whenever it landed on her cut lips. he was so horrified finding her in that condition , all broken and vulnerable in between those goons. but she did fight with them like a true queen. he chuckle and she looked at him amused questioning him with her eyes what happened ?
you did fight well, sweetheart !! his voice was husky flirtatious .


geet shy away with his admiring gaze.


i wished to go back and beat them all again .. he mutter further turning furious again .


no need.. you have punished them enough . she hold his own cheek lovingly admiring him.her hands rolled down on his neck holding him .


while maan was busy in his staring session with his sweetheart he didn’t saw the tree in front and bang his head mistakenly on the trunk making both of them stumble backwards .


he left her to stand on her feet furious to core for the bang.


maan .. geet gasp before breaking into fit of laughter. he stared at her sometime lost in her melodious laughter before turning angry on her , he glared at her furiously for making fun of him.
she control her laughter and watch him really hurt as small bump appear on his forehead.


oh.. maan.. its hurting ? she question worriedly examining his small wound . while she blew some air on his forehead he got lost again in her and suddenly take her pouting lips in his own shocking her to core.



umm.. she moan in the kiss as he started to kiss her passionately but softly not to hurt her bruise lips. she pulled out angrily glaring him.

what happened ?

he asked her confused on her anger ,while pulled her in his arms more closed.

we have to get back first. hume yaha dar lag raha hai andhere main.she said softly eyeing her surrounding , both were all alone in the forest. 



main hoon toh dar kaisa ? his eyes shining in possessiveness .
maan.. hum yaha toh raat gujar nahi sakte na ? she tried to make a reason , hume koi dar nahi hai jab aap humare sath ho ? she added seeing his gaze turning soft again.
they get back to camp against there will as geet was still upset with the boys talks but they are no where to search in this deadly night and anyone don’t know there that she is the queen. his car was also there.
As they entered they just got one tent for both of them, geet move inside hurriedly feeling cold while wrap in his shirt. maan followed behind making a environment uncomfortable as it was her first experience . she started to feel nervous with the thought that they both are going to sleep in small hut type tent . it is too small .
Geet .. changed into my shirt .he called out from her back unwrapping his shirt from her body making her shiver in the cold as well as the thought itself.
she nodded in no slightly feeling his hot breath falling on her neck line. he was so closed to her. he turn her slightly to see her nervous heck.
Kya hua ? change nahi karna hai ? you need to , look at your cloths. they are all messy and torn... he clarify cupping her own cheek , completely forgetting about her being married.

geet realized and nodded silently before going out out to wash her face and freshen up , she was all shivering in cold coming back. as she wipe herself with the towel he offered, he called her again .

geet was all the while silent and confuse with her inside emotions,went towards him where he was seating on the small cot there with first aid kit.

as she sat silently lost in her own thoughts, when felt something wet touching her corner of lips , where she was bruise sometime before, she gasp coming back from her little lost world. and flinch a bit feeling stinging sensation when she felt his ht breath blowing on her shivering lips.

she watch him examining her whole body if there is any injuries and found little scratch on her elbow. he aid it too blowing the air softly there as well taking her to new world . as she felt new sensation running down her spine , she felt bless to feel his care for her . her insides all churn up with  new emotions when she watch his angry eyes ready to burn those goons who try to force her .

and next moment she flung into his arms making him stumble back on the bed while she landed on him , there lips rub with each other sending current of pleasure in both of them .

he take her shivering lips in his own kissing her hungrily and passionately while her eyes turn moist kissing him back. he glace at her moisten eyes and let her  go softly.

what happened , sweetheart ? are you fine.. ? He asked  lovingly holding her chin seating on the bed he take her in his lap.

she nodded silently in yes before hugging him tight with her face buried inside crook of his neck.

just hold me , maan . she whisper on his neck and he hug her tight kissing on her bare neck , he opened her all hairs to make her relax and started to comb it wit his fingers giving her massage.

MAAANN.. she moan out loud feeling his wet kisses crawling down on he neck , on her upper chest. she clutch him tight giving him more access she arched her back.

He pulled her choli more down to get the more access to her mounts, and at instant he tore it almost making it hang on her chest , geet gasp coming back to reality with the sound of thunder outside .

her face turn red watching his dark eyes staring at her full br**** hungrily. it was his first time ever he was seeing the beauty . and beauty of her. before he could touch her she flung away from the bed trying to hide herself form him, from his hungry gaze.


GEETT.. he groan in frustration. he wanted to touch her. wanted to test her .. the sight he saw before sometime. though there was lamp inside the tent. but that illuminate the small place with its golden light. the sight of her feminine beauty lay in front of his eyes , he now wanted to taste it, devour it to his heart content, he turn restless to have her right now but she just ran away form him.

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Geet turn frighten and all shy don’t know where to hide in that small room. she just stop dead on her place with her bare back toward him which was shining gold. she had her choli wrap on her front with her shivering hands.

As he started to come closer , she heard her own heart racing with high speed. so as his steady footsteps just behind her.

She keep her hand on her chest on her heart , which was beating uncontrollably.



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9 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 21 & 22

  1. Maan beating the goons horribly while seeing geet in pain…the way geet was happy seeing maan fighting for her made her happy maan saw the lost happiness in her eyes..they are back to tent unwillingly..maan cannot resist himself from loving her waiting for the precap 😘❤️

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  2. Awesome chapter n maan beating goons badly seeing geet in pain n geet gets happy seeing maan beating goons for her n maan aid her wounds after reaching tent n thnxx for pm me

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