Naam gum jayega, chehra ye Badal jayega

Meri Aawaaz hi Pehchaan hai, Gar yaad rahe

My name will be lost, my face will change

My voice is my identity, only if you can remember

Maan looked at her sadly as the got down from the car and headed inside the Mansion. She hadn’t speak anything till now and this thing making him worried. He was desperate to hear her voice but she just couldn’t melt down this time, giving him punishment.


He called out from behind holding her wrist as she was ready to go inside washroom.


Won’t you speak anything now also?

Geet didn’t turned around, so he has to face her, he walked before her to see her looking down, once he make her to face him by holding her chin only to see her eyes filled with tears.


If you won’t speak, how am I to know, what is bothering you most??

He wiped her unshed tears, but then few spills out in her chubby cheeks making his heart skip a beat feeling her pain.

She just pushed off his hands from her face and turned again this time to cupboard pulling out her night wears.

Maan watched as she took out another new nighty which he had brought for her. He sighs feeling helpless on not able to manofy her.

He just walked ahead behind her and help her to closed the door touching her hands, then taking her palms in his, he brought her closer to his chest.

She sighed closing her eyes , she knew she couldn’t able to be away from him or his touches and in her current situation it became worded, so there was no point in stopping him, he either won’t budge.

Maan felt her relaxing in his arms, he dipped his face in the crook of her neck as he pushed down her dupatta.


Geet sighed, feeling his lips doing wonder on her soft skin. His hands holding her baby bump, he continued to shower soft and wet kisses on her neck.

She pressed her lips to muffle her moans, he turned her towards him and saw her attempts to not let her voice out. His fingers touched her soft lips,

Meri soni, meri tamanna

Jhoot nahi hai mera pyar

My love is not fake
Deewane se ho gayi galti

Jaane do yaar

My beloved, my desire

My love is not fake

So please let it go

This crazy lover has made a mistake
I love you, I love you

I love you, I love you


Geet looked at him astonished, her hazel big eyes turned more big in surprised seeing him singing something for the first time ever that too for her,


He kissed her softly cupping her face in his both palms. Geet was hypnotized with his sensuous kiss, she responded back, holding his nape. in next minute he opened the zip of her dress, pulling the material from her shoulder, he broke the kiss and his mouth traveled the path on her bare shoulders, kissing and biting her soft skin, Geet was controlling herself to not to moan out his name, although it was impossible.

maan heard her soft moans but his name was not yet taken from her mouth. he was getting frustrated that in his frustration he bites her hard making her screamed out.. aahh…

He realized just what he did in his desperation, and looked at her face to see her pouting lips, you know you are looking ravishing in this dress that i can’t control myself, he whispered huskily, pecking her swollen lips.


Geet blushed furiously, holding onto his biceps, Maan smiled seeing her red face and lifts her in his arms taking her by surprised, she looked at him bewildered while he added further, you should wear these often. and winks naughtily, geet held back the smile that was going to escape from her lips.


he put her down on the bed carefully and hovered on her, “I am going to make you scream my name out from your mouth.” Geet gasped, tried to wriggled out but he wasn’t the one to let her go today.

Aake meri aankhon mein tum dekho

In mein har ek adaa tumhari hai

Come and look into my eyes

Every style of yours is in them

his hands traveled the path on her bare arms, before it reach on her side breasts, she sighs heavily, her breaths turning uneven. while he sings further,

Kehne ko yeh dil hai mera lekin

Dhadkan mein sada tumhari hai

This heart belongs to me just for namesake

But my heartbeats call out your name

as his hands grasp her soft palm, taking it in his own he directed it towards his chest, where his heart was beating fast with anxiousness seeing her still mad at him.


Tum se hai chain mera

Tum se hai mera qaraar

My peace is with you

My rest is with you
La la la la I love you,

I love you

La la la la I love you, I love you

he kissed her both eyes making her closed it, then pecking her forehead, he came down on her little nose and gives her a soft bite making her pout again, he chuckled before taking her lips again for another kiss.

the night went by as he pulled out her cloths followed by his, and showered her body with kisses and love bites.

geet couldn’t control herself more, she just let those four letters slip out from her mouth as he came down on her private part, kissing there,

maaann..she whispered so softly that maan thought for a while, its only his illusion but next again she moaned out this time loudly feeling his fingers inside her,


next moment he was inside her, making love to her ever so passionately, his whole filled with happiness just hearing his name from her mouth.

Geet was lost in his passion, she continued to moan out his name giving him pleasure.

after a while maan was sleeping on his back taking her on his chest, Geet was snoring softly next moment, making him smiled as he continued stared at her face, feeling guilty for making her sad on the first place.


Next day, both were going for check up and her ultrasound was going to be taken. Maan was in the living room having small talk with dadi, when he felt her presence and looked up to see her walking inside. his breath stuck in his throat, he gaped at her with open mouth as she was wearing new blue color suit looking breathtaking in that.


his admiring gaze was enough for geet get the silent msg on how she is looking, she blushed silently, taking the blessings from dadi, both went out bidding her bye.

in the car,

maan hold her hands in his , kissed it softly making her shudder in response, geet gives him one look and turned her face again towards the window, maan just realized that she hasn’t still forgiven him.

Meri soni, meri tamanna

Jhoot nahi hai mera pyar

what should i do to get your forgiveness, Geet? tell me… i am really guilty , first for shouting you like that then without any fault of yours, i know i should have control my anger.

Deewane se ho gayi galti

Jaane do yaar

La la la la I love you, I love you

La la la la I love you, I love you

Geet looked at him hearing his desperate voice, he was really guilty but then she still couldn’t take out his words from her mind, it kept haunting her even at that moment. she couldn’t utter any word for her throat chocked with emotions, without giving him any response she just looked ahead at the road.

Maan felt broken just seeing her ignorance, controlling his all emotions, he started the car, driving it towards the hospital.

Doctor did her ultrasound, while both watched on at the screen seeing the tiny little life, making them emotional. doctor was out giving the couple privacy.


Geet didn’t realized when she started crying silently, seeing her baby, my baby.. come soon.. mama is waiting for you.. she mutters breaking into tears as Maan engulf her dearly to his chest, his eyes also were moisten.


Geet felt the warmth of his love cocooning her in it, she was stable now and just looked at him, realizing new things yet again today,

his moisten eyes, the love shining from those wet eyes makes her heart flutter yet again, thanking god for sending these angles in her life, first Maan and her baby.

GHSP 194 HD(0)_0328

Precap : Is Geet going to forgive him or has she forgiven him already??

15 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 97

  1. geet will forgiven him for sure………….dont get upset maan…….but try to control ur anger……….

    lovely update……………..

    loved it…………

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  2. Lovely part the way maan trying to manofy geet..geet is controlling herself not to moan his name but maan won..the beautiful moment of seeing their symbol of love… hopefully geet should forgive maan😘❤️ waiting to read more

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  3. Poor maan.
    How may times he tried to manofy geet.
    But she responded to maans love.
    Emotional moment when both saw their baby on the screen.
    Geet said thanx to god for sending maan and baby in her life.
    Excellent update dear.
    Update soon

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  4. With them,all the chapters r awesome…
    Just Beautiful ❤😍
    Their moment with their child😍
    She will forgive him,she already is…
    He should take care of his anger,and he will,as his sweetheart is special and everything to him…He will definitely love care and protect her and their baby well to the most…

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  5. Awesome update dearie:):):) Poor Maan…He is so distraught by Geet’s silent treatment…And not getting her forgiveness…But his words have affected her so badly…It has shaken her up so badly…Maan needs to do a lot more to give her the assurance and conviction that her heart & mind needs…

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