Maan woke up from the peaceful sleep he ever had, having her in his arms and most of all owning her as his. He doesn’t wish anything more than this.


He looked at her, sleeping soundly in his arms like a baby, snuggling closer having no worry lines anywhere on her face.

He couldn’t help the small chuckle left from his mouth making her pout her lips in sleep.

He raised his one brow in suspicious, “are you awake?? ” He whispered caressing her face softly but get to know she didn’t.

He smiled, pecking her forehead dearly, he got up, as he bare body rubs his, sweet sensation ran through him making his desires burn again.

Controlling his all rational thoughts, he somehow managed to got down from the bed without breaking her sweet sleep.

Maan looked at those scattered cloths of them and flashes of their union last night ran through his mind making him feel satisfied and beyond happy for owning his love. He clear every little mess in her room, keeping in mind about her devil friend.

Wearing his cloths, he was ready to go, not wanted to trouble her more after she wake up, maybe she wouldn’t liked it, as what happened last night. His heart was heavy thinking so, or she would even hate him, no he didn’t want to think bad about her but then he couldn’t held his thoughts.


No willing to left her again , he took steps to reach near her, he bend down and kissed deeply on her forehead, making her heartbeat raise even in her deep sleep. Soft smile adores her cheeks making him smile as well.

He then kissed those lips softly without breaking her sleep. “How much she sleeps?” He thought but then he knew it was her another habit apart from being foodie.

Maan left from there taking her sweet memories along with him.


At late hours of morning, she slowly opened her eyes, feeling the lack of his warmth. Her hands spread on the mattress trying to find him but there was no one. She woke up with a jerk, finding herself alone in the bed, her eyes wandered around in the search of person who owned her last night.

Tears sting her eyes as soon as she remembered that what happened last night. In her flow of emotions she lost her virginity to whom?? Who claims to love her but then why he is not here, after what they shared. She thought as tears flew down on her chubby cheeks.


Thought of Sameer came in her mind, making her froze, what will she answer him now? How will she manage!? Lots of thoughts cross her mind making her head bust in pain again. She thought to first take a shower and freshen up.

As the warm water flow down on her body, stinging her skin in some places on his love bites , she couldn’t help but blushed furiously thinking about him. Why there is no regret but she is feeling most happiest woman now, after he claimed her. The thought of Sameer seems to disappearing somewhere as the air around her turn misty making her lost in the love of Maan. He was there somewhere in her heart which was still beating for him, only him.

Only he did touched her everywhere, her forbidden places, he claimed her as his , now how is going to marry someone else apart from him.

How it will be to marry MSK, the person who owned her now by her body and soul. Even he loves her. It is saying that, “marry the person who loves you not the one whom you loved”

And then she wasn’t denying the fact as well that she is falling for MSK. She blushed only wanted to think about him though the thoughts about her complicated life tried to poke in between.

How wished, her life was that simple to marry the person she wished to but then her life became so complicated.

She thought for a while, with closed eyes standing below the shower, shall she just break this engagement and things will be solved in the matter of fact.


But then how will she work on it … Sameer will be broken.. she pouted sadly ,coming out of the shower, she wiped off herself , babaji…help me.. I am really stuck.. she cried out looking upward.


Geet took the day off, as her mind was all lost in his thoughts, she wasn’t able to think anything else but him.

maan was restless in his office not able to concentrate on anything but lost in the thoughts of his mishty, how must be she feeling, has she thinking that he forced her or took advantages of her condition. he wanted to clarify but what to.. and then he wasn’t ready to face her yet. he thought to give her time to think about them now, their love.. what if she had forgotten their past, but his present and future is only her, his mishty.

he took the the phone to call her but couldn’t just dial her number, frustrated he just threw his cell away.

Sasha was surprised on finding her at hotel room, once she came back, as she asked about her day and get to know that she had taken off, which she usually dont do unless it is so necessary.

then why today? after so instant geet blurted the truth about maan’s confession.

what? he was here? and you are telling me now, babe? sasha gasp with open mouth.

Geet was not able to tell her further, she just disclosed about his confession, hiding about their love making thing, well, she wasn’t going to share that with anyone, it was their little secret.

you know what, that was the best thing happened! sasha chirp up making geet to wide her eyes in disbelief.

what? what are you looking at ? don’t tell me you are still thinking about your fiance.

geet have no words to utter now as her friend knew her well,she gulp her saliva, really tense with the situation , she was stuck into.

look geet, MK really loves you.. i mean.. i can see it in his eyes as how much he loves you!


geet looked up at her astonished thinking, really?? how does she knew it from his eyes. and why hadn’t i seen it before in his eyes?? she pouted lost in her thoughts when sasha again spoke, and that sameer, he didn’t even came to break your fast yesterday and MK was there.. even he kept fast for you, hain na?? geet nodded still confused.

then what are you thinking about, Just say yes to MSK! your life will be brighter.. she said excitedly with her wide eyes, and you know, how Richie rich is khurana! she added,

Geet just gives her a look, like what the hell.

i mean.. you yourself see… rich guy.. irresistible..girls die for his one look and he just confessed to love you. not only confessed but he really loves you, Geet. sasha put the facts before her.

Sasha, it’s all not about his looks or status.. the matter is here about me and my life, she pointed at herself. to whom i like..or does love..

Sasha sighed knowing her well.

Sasha, I don’t want to talk anything on this matter right now.. i just want to rest.. just give me time..Geet huff in frustration still not able to come to the conclusion.

sasha agreed since she knew it’s the matter of the heart… she left from there giving her space and geet was lost in her thoughts about maan again.


on the other hand, maan was not getting any peace as well. he was desperate to get her one glimpse. at night, he wasn’t able to sleep, previous night flashes came to his mind making him restless as well as satisfied to owned her. now no one will able to separate his mishty from him.

Phir wahi raat hain
Phir wahi raat hain
Khwaabo ki
Raat bhar khwaab mein dekha karenge tumhe
Phir wahi raat hain

she is his now , forever, he thought taking out her pic from his packet and watched at her innocent face smiling in the pic. she was looking so pure and divine filling his heart with much needed peace.

he kissed her pic and put to his heart, lost in their beautiful memories.. then last night. it was pure bliss, lost in her thoughts , he didn’t get when he fell into sleep.

Masoom si neend mein jb koi sapna chale
Humko bula lena tum palko ke parde tale
Yeh raat hain khwaab ki khwaab ki raat hain


Tera mujhse Hai Pehle Ka Naata Koi
Yoonhi Nahin Dil Lubhaata Koi
Mera Tujhse Hai Pehle Ka Naata Koi
Yoonhi Nahin Dil Lubhaata Koi

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
Maane Tu Ya Maane Na

22 thoughts on “MSK’S LOST BRIDE PART 18

  1. Awww what a night..loved it maan is hesitating face geet and fearing about her rejection so she gets some time to recognize their love… Happy the geet too never regretted their night… Sasha finally knocked some sense into geet hope she realizes his love waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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  2. maan why u left geet………sunna toh chahiye tha ki geet kya sochti………..aur geet kyun itna confusion?………wohi karo jisko dil maanta hai……………

    lovely update…………….

    loved it………….

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  3. Nice update.
    Maan gave some time and space to understand what she wants exactly.
    She need to choose one between maan and sameer.
    The way he care for her, the way he conface his love for her. The way he loved her. She feel connected with him. With her maan.
    She was not regretting.
    But she was thinking about sameer. How will he feel when he knew everything about their love.
    Geet loves maan because she has feeling for him.. She feel it.
    I totally agree with sasha, sameer didn’t come to break her fast. Only at that time Maan was with her.
    I wish she will choose Maan.
    Both r restless.
    In office maan too wanted to see her once.
    He was happy. That he feel his geet. She is only his. At night he remember their lovemaking.
    And slept peacefully.

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  4. Beautiful update n maan left geet bcoz is scared of her rejected n though maybe geet regret about last night n geet never regret about last night n she sad that maan left her n sasha make her understand that maan really love her n care for her n thnxx for pm me

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  5. Superb update….

    He left since he wants to give her time and space….

    She is confused to take a decision,her heart knows he is the one,but as she said her life is complicated,she doesn’t know her past and their relation….
    He is restless
    Now wt will she decides….
    Waiting for further…..

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  6. Lovely update
    Loved it
    Maaneet become one and maan s so happy that he claimed her as his .. maan left geet alone … geet s also s thinking about and blushing …. geet s frustrated with her life and thinking about sameer and breaking the engagement. ..
    Geet s sharing her problem with sasha ..
    Maan confessed his love to geet
    Continue soon

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  7. Its an awesome update dearie:):):) I am so so so happy….But am sad that Maan left in the morning…He should have stayed with her as he knows his Mishty so well…She will be confused, hurt and so many doubts, insecurities hitting her hard…Geet has fallen in love with Maan and she knows it…But in hr current state of mind and heart, she very much needs an affirmation of his love for her…He should not be staying away from her but with her…Thank god Geet did not share with Sasha all that happened between her & Maan…Some things are not for anyone else to know…Maan pls call her…talk to her…come over & be with her….pls pls pls…

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    1. is PWD – MG@QWEgh
      Do like and comment on every post.. as I don’t give PWD with likes and comments on previous chapter..
      Do plz like and comment.
      Happy reading😊


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