Maan took in her gorgeous view, taking each steps slowly towards her making her heartbeat raise with insanity as she looked at him walking towards her with his bare chest. He had just wore his shirt not buttoning it giving marvelous view to the girls who were drooling on him.

Geet saw it and her heart burned in jealousy, she give one accusing look to him before walking out.

Maan stopped for a while seeing her walking out like that, it hit his male ego again, thinking she is making him dance on her tune.

Buttoning his shirt, he walked towards where Dhanraaj and Geet were present, having some discussion.


Geet gives him one look and again concentrate on what DJ was saying. Maan was becoming angry again seeing her ignorance from the time she had step here.

On the other hand, Geet was trying to control her own feelings in front of the people, as she knew, she had totally lost her heart to MSK and she couldn’t control herself with his proximity. Just his one burning gaze left her melting then it was impossible for her to stood before his eyes.

And today, her heart was more vulnerable, turning restless, getting those negative vibes as if something gonna happen.

Once Maan came on the spot, DJ explain him about his one final photo shoot with Geet this time.

Maan was so frustrated, he was going to denied when he heard next her name.


He once look at DJ then his eyes went on her, he gives her winning smirk as if saying with his eyes now how are you going to ignore me?


It was time for a photo shoot, Geet was getting some final touch ups.

She wanted to have a peaceful talk with him, asked him about the day, how did he managed although knowing he must have done his best.

But time flew like a wind not giving her the needed chance and now she was here ready for it, ready to face him again.

Her stomach churned just seeing his passionate eyes only at her. He watched on as how gracefully she walked ahead to reach him.

Both took their places, as DJ explained him about the positions and takes.

Geet mentally prepared herself like any other tasks, but as soon as his hands wrapped around her waist, her stomach arched inside, her heart thudded badly feeling his fingers pressing on her tummy from back, as he engulf her soft body in his arms from behind.

camera was on and snaps were taken.. her hairs flow magnificently teasing his senses with there soft touches on his face.


Maan engulf her sweet fragrance hiding his neck in a crook of neck for next snap, his lips touches her soft skin making her whole burn, she had already began to breath heavily.


her condition was worse as he kissed her there without anyone notice while he enjoyed this whole play , seeing her condition, it gives soothing sensation to his own burning heart.

he smirk for a next pic, holding her in his arms, with devilish look on his face while she was caged in his arms


her floral dress flew on the air of fan while she gives next sexy pose with his arms caged around her not letting her go.

perfect!! DJ exclaimed as soon as the shoot was wrapped. Geet excused herself and walked out as soon as she was free from his evil clutches, Maan looked on at the way she has gone leaving him to burn in his won anger again as he just stared at her way, only to see Rohit walking to her and next his fist tighten seeing them hugging each other, the way his hands touching her on her bare shoulders, his whole burned, he was distracted with DJ’s voice again, it was just fantastic, MK!

Maan just hmm in response to him and went behind Geetakshi to confront. DJ was astonished, the way he had just walked out on him, he smirked seeing him going behind Geetakshi.

@guruchoudhary @dhamidrashti - gurmeetchoudhary - drashtidhami - geethuisabseparayi (2)

what was that? he literately blasted on her as soon as they were in her room, she turned around seeing his blazing eyes ready to burn her.

what are you talking about, Maan? and why are you so angry? Geet asked really clueless about the reason behind his anger.

as she walked further reaching up to him, she cupped his face, trying to calm him a bit and that really worked for while but before she utter those next words,


first tell me, how did it go!! your photoshoot. i didn’t even get the time to see it.. sorry i am really held up and then i am so feeling sorry for making you agree that way..

she went on thinking he must have missed her like she did, but making him remind about the whole thing again for what he was angry on her.

he jerk her close, holding her waist, while his other hand reach to her hairs, he jerk her head backwards giving her pain.

Maan.. her words died in her mouth as he slam his lips on her, kissing her furiously.

Geet was in much agony , feeling just anger and hatred flowing from his rough kiss. She tried to Wriggle out but his grip was much tight, and as a reflex of her struggles he bites her lips hard making them bleed.

After a few attempts, she managed to pushed him away with her all might that he stumbled back few steps..kya Ho Gaya hai aapko?? Why are you doing this?? She refers to his behavior at the time of photo shoot as well.

Are you playing with me? he directly asked her grasping her closed, holding her both arms, she wince in pain as his hold was really tight.


you are hurting me! she hissed, giving him accusing looks,

and you are always hurting me, Geet!


he whispered back with pain and anger visible in his red eyes as he licked those swollen lips of hers, along with her blood.

when did i do that, maan? tell me clearly what are you talking about, she tried to wriggle out really wanted to know the matter. he left her with a jerk, leaving her startle as she waited for his next words with thudding heart.

don’t play innocent, Geet.. oops… my mistake.. Miss Geetakshi!!  his red eyes blaming her while his words sting her straight in her heart.



leave it.. just tell me how many nights you have spent and with how many people for your so call career”


he spitted so furiously, he was not in his right state of mind for the anger and jealousy overpower his all senses, blurred his mind and heart, his bottle up frustration finally came out in the form of those venomous words, while seeing her with Rohit, it was last stroke.

Geet just gaped at him with horror stuck on her face listening him. she couldn’t believed what she just heard, and from whom.. what .. what did you said..??


she quiver, tears ready to spill out.. still her heart denied her about what she just listened.. maybe she did heard something wrong.. she thought but then her all confusions got clear with his next set of words which were same as before, silting her heart.

I asked you that how many people’s beds you have warmed.. and next he felt a stinging sensation on his cheek, his eyes shoot up red in fury realizing she had dare to slap him.


Geet couldn’t bear more that she gives him tight slap across his face leaving him first baffle but as the realization Dawn upon him, he was left fuming again like a burning volcano.

to be continued..

Precap :-

1. I am no more working in this movie.. ??


2. Woh Haseena woh Neelam pari..🎵🎶smiley27

12 thoughts on “AASHIQ PART 36

  1. Superb update
    Maan misunderstood geet.
    She is madly fall for him.
    If she saw him, she couldn’t control herself.
    Photoshoot was awesome.
    But why he was he there?
    Maan said so low word?
    No woman can tolerate such language.
    She slap him.
    He left that place.
    Update soon dear.

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  2. How can he say something like that to her,he has to control his anger,he deserves the slap and more,she is hurt,now where this will leads to…
    Waiting for the further updates..

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  3. with passing time everything is becoming complicate for both for holding back their feels n emotions for each other n expecting to understand by either side

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  4. I hate Maan!!!! He is so heartless and beyond redemption!!!! Seriously…

    Geet, quit this movie & doing movies altogether…Move to some other part of the world where nobody knows you…Live out your life with your self respect and dignity intact…There is no need for such an evil man in your life…They only make your life hell & break you beyond recognition. Quit the movie, quit the movie industry & just move…Disappear from their lives…

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