Maya was burning like a volcano, first not finding her daughter in the hospital, then as she get to know the whole thing, she had almost fired all the security in a fit of rage.

her eyes were furiously red, ready to burn Maan Singh Khurana with it. As it’s been whole 24 hours, there was no sing of her whereabouts. her heart was injured to think that her own daughter betrayed her. where did she lacked.. her mother heart scream out, it was only love, her daughter wanted. but then she ruthlessly ignore it, for now it was only her avenge matters to her from Maan Singh Khurana, who had dare to touch her precious possession.


it all not just ended there, what came to her as a big shock was the revelation behind his true identity and that was no less than a salt on her injured heart. as memories of past haunt her terribly bringing back those harsh realities of her life which makes her weak on her knees and she slam down on the bed in her room , having no strength remained in her.


Geet walked out of washroom, wrap in his towel which has his essence in it engulfing her in a sweet warmth. Just then she realized, she didn’t have any cloths to wear.

Her eyes shine as they caught the sight of his shirt laying at the feet of bed. She rushed up to it and wore it happily smelling his fragrance from it.


She went down humming her own tune, looking for him everywhere side-by-side checking the house.

The smell of the food attracted her towards the kitchen and she went in to see him there lost in cooking.

Wow!! My Bodyguard knows to cook!?? She chirp behind him throwing herself on his back, crushing her softness into him.

Maan groaned with a contact as he could feel her every inch of body. He wondered, has she wear anything at all or not, thinking so he turned around placing his hands around her small waist, only to get sweet shock seeing her in his shirt.


He smirked playfully seeing her sexy look, her henna filled hands were adding more hotness to her looks.


she gave him back the same naughty smile ,as her hands went on his neck, she cupped his jaw with her both palms, rubbing her thumb there turning him on.

He closed his eyes, feeling her soft breath fanning on his lips, next moment he jerk open it, as she naughtily bits him on his lips.

Geet laughed out seeing the look of his face. Awe .. my cutest baby..


she pinch his cheeks making him more mad and before he could gives her back she was running away from him.

Geett…babbyy…wait..I am not gonna leave you..now..

He shouted from the kitchen running behind her, as she strode out in living room.

First catch me…honey… She said between her sweet giggles, running ahead.


Both runs around in the whole house like a tom & Jerry almost making whole house messy, with things scatter around.

Reaching up in the bedroom again, she threw one cushion on his way, then follow by second, he dodge it cleverly.

She was jumping on the bed, while Maan for while just stared at her seeing that short material of shirt hiding nothing but, showing her every inch of body clearly to him. He gulp hard lost in her, Geet caught his gaze and blushed hard before throwing another cushion toward him, Maan jerk out of his lost state with sudden hit on his head.

He was furious next hearing her loud laughter, in one swift strode , he was on the bed standing before her making her gasp in shock her eyes widen in horror as he slowly approach her with his evil smirk seeing the look on her face.


You are gone, baby.. he mutters trying to grab her but she jerk back with horror, no..Maan.. she shriek losing her balance but Maan rushed forwards and caught her hand pulling her in his arms.

Both were breathing heavily with a sudden incident, Maan was cocooning her dearly in his arms, baby..I am fine… She whispered after a while in his ears getting to know his state of mind.

Don’t do those stunts again.. he warned her pulling out and cupping her face, with his stern voice.


Geet looked into his eyes, rubbing her nose with his , giving him her sexy smile. His heart skip a beat.. when my Bodyguard is here, I am not scare of anything.. she whispered sensuously, rubbing her palms on his chest , his eyes locked with her , he was lost in her.


She cupped his jaw, holding his nape as his lips brushed on to her igniting the fire between duo. She gasp, taking into the much needed air while waiting for his move. He softly licks her lips first before grabbing them in a sensuous kiss.

GHSP 345 HD_2531

He kissed her lovingly and slowly just adoring his baby doll throughout while she wink at him naughtily biting on his lips , he couldn’t held the smile that play on his lips in the kiss.

Geet was not ready to leave him, nor his lips as she continues to smooch his M shape lips , but Maan with great difficulty pulled her apart and in a swift move lifts her up, taking her downstairs to have a brunch.

GHSP 118 HD(3)_1291.jpg

You don’t love me anymore, after taking from me what you wanted.. her words were just a random blabbering of hers like always, but it hits him hard like sharp sword slitting his heart.

Geet.. !??

His eyes turned red in anguish and fury which left her startled, Maan..I

Never ever say like that.. he hissed angrily, clutching her tight as his fingers pressed hard on her bare thighs.

She wince silently knowing she had hurt him already, Maan..I wasn’t serious .. I didn’t mean it. She cupped his face, her face became sad showing his pain.

But you uttered those words Geet.. he was much more furious as he almost threw her down, of it was not sofa placed there she would have landed on the hard floor.

Geet gasp shock seeing his new avtaar today. He was much more angry, she hadn’t seen him this much angry before, she continues to gap him when he just kick hard on the feet of sofa set on which she was seating , almost pushing it back with her weight on.

Stop it!! It’s enough!!

She screams loudly jumping off the sofa and marching towards him.

Maan looked at her with his furious eyes when she holds his best straps pulling him to face her, you don’t have any right to be angry here, I am the one who has that right, you understand that hippo!! She blasted , he was burning like a lava now..

Geet gulp hard seeing his face which was no less than a raging bull right now. Her hold loosen on his cloths, when he grips her falling hands in his tight clutch.

What did you said..!??

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He hissed

You don’t have any right to be angry.. I have that one.. she mumbled lost in his angry looks..

And you look so hot.. right now..with your anger.. she added lost in him.

Maan was like what the hell.. his anger was vanished in thin air as if it never existed before while small smile replace his gorgeous face.

Geet saw his chuckle and she gives him cheesy smile melting his whole.

Seeing her smile Maan was again reminded about her words, his heart pained as those words still sting in his ears making his heart bleed.

He was about to go when she caught him by his waist stopping him.

Leave me.. he was stern with his words but she was also stubborn, I am hungry.. she spitted angrily on his face, for it was not into her to manofy someone, it was always other way around, as she was the princess of Handa.

She pouted doing the things which was not in her nature but then it not matters right now , the thing matters now to her was Maan.

Go and eat, yourself,.food is already cooked.

He spitted trying to piled off her hands from his body but she wouldn’t, she furiously has her hands clutch on his waist and next moment snuggle closed in his arms like a baby, I am not going to eat alone.

Your wish.. you eat alone or stay hungry.. I don’t care.. I am not gonna accompany you.. as you said my task has been accomplished already.

His words sting her heart badly making her realized the depth of her mistake.

He was again struggling with her as her soft body rubbed on his hard one making it impossible for him to pilled off.

Geet…he hissed seeing her stubbornness, she was holding on to him innocently not knowing about his condition.

Finally he pushed her off his body in a attempt to make her apart but she landed on the floor hard with his harsh push and cried out.

to be continued…

Precap :-

Jaanam I love you ❤️

You love me..🎵🎶


  1. Maya deserves it for treating Geet this way…Now she feels the loss of her daughter…When Geet was always there she was never around…So why miss her now? Why worry? And now her past has caught up with her taking Geet along…What can she do now? I really want the past to be revealed…What was Maya’s past with Maan’s family?

    OMG! Geet in her folly has hurt Maan…But Maan needs to cool down first…In his anger his words can be so harsh that it can break her…I hope Maan does not say anything that he will regret as it will break his Geet…

    Liked by 1 person

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