Nandini stood before the mirror, watching her own reflection in it. As memories of incidents flash before her eyes making her wince in horror.

Those follows the past memories which couldn’t leave her in peace however she tried, it was always haunting.

She dressed up her wounds while having his image in her mind, soft smile adores her tired face.

Sochoge jab mere baare mein tanhaiyon me
Gheer jaaoge aur bhi meri parachaiyon me
O dil machal Jayega, pyar ho jayega

She wince softly , reminding about him and his care.


Next day, he was again at her house, but this time with much more surprise.

As the door bell rang and she went to open the door,

only to gasp in surprise on finding him on her door with those red roses in his hands, and cheeky smile on his face that any girl would fall for.

Good morning, Sunshine!!


He offered her the bunch of roses he carried for his only sunshine.

Nandini inhaled the sharp breath before answering him, what are you doing here and I can’t take it.

Saying so , and not giving him any time to answer back her questions she just slam the door shut on his face taking him by shock.

Kunal was dumbstruck with her behavior for he hadn’t thought of it, after what transpired between both last night. He thought she had melted but no, it’s like there is long way to go for him.

Dilbar mere kab tak mujhe
AIse hi tadapaoge
Main aag dil mein laga doonga woh
Ke pal mein pighal jaoge

(- song :- Dilbar Mere)

He sigh, frustrated to the core with the insult he again faced like everyday but then this love is so cruel thing to bear.

His love for her overpowered his ego even that he gulp it all as he went down and stood below her balcony yet again to take her glimpse before going.

As soon as she shut the door, she slams her back on it, breathing heavily for she herself was facing so much conflict , fighting with own emotions that not ready to face him just now.


In her own lost state of mind , she did the thing which she should have not done, at least not after his kind behavior yesterday.

But it’s happened now, she turned to go when a loud gasp escape her mouth , coming face to face with those red roses.


As those flowers were struck in the door, she sweetly gawk at the beautiful flowers, her fingers trail down on it feeling softness of petals, sweet smile adore her cheeks as she blushed.


Pulling off the flowers she rushed to her balcony knowing he must be waiting for her one glimpse, standing below her balcony.

As expected Kunal was there only, his fallen shoulders and his body language shows her how upset he was with her rudeness.

As looking down, he had turned to go not finding her there but soon he gasp in surprise.

As Nandini threw those bunch of flowers on his head, he jerk his head up making her laugh out sweetly.

He continued to gawk her way with slightly open mouth , her sweet laughter filled his ears making his heart skip a beat.


He smile back at her and turned to go, this time satisfied to get some nice response from her.

Few days passed, the routine was same going with Kunal visiting her place with those fav. red roses of hers.

It was yet another new morning, Nandini peek through her window first but there was no sign of Kunal. She pouted rushing out in her balcony she watched below but there was again no one.

Tujhe na dekhoon to
Chain mujhe aata nahin hai
Ek tere siva koi aur
Mujhe bhaata nahin hai
Kahin mujhe pyaar
Hua to nahin hai
Kahin mujhe pyaar
Hua to nahin hai

[I’m not at peace if I don’t get to see you
don’t like anyone else other than you
Have I fallen in love]

Her heart became restless suddenly not finding him today. As she became habitual of his presence below her balcony. His smile, his naughty gestures.. his gorgeous face.all came to her mind rushing like a sudden flow, she pouted and turned to go inside making her heart understand that what she wanted had finally happened.

Dil hoke judaa tujhse
Reh paata nahin hai
Koi bhi mere dil ko
Samjhaata nahin hai
Kahin mujhe pyaar
Hua to nahin hai

[My heart isn’t able to live being separated from you
No one is able to make my heart understand
Have I fallen in love]

She still hoped to to find him next day, but next day also same thing happened as he was nowhere to be seen.


Did something happen to him!? The thought passed through her mind making her restless. She tried to ignore the Feeling and got ready for the school all the while thinking about him.

Yaadein teri..

tera Hi khayaal rahe
Dard sataaye
Bura haal rahe
Aisa pehle to
Kabhi bhi na hua
Kaise tune meri
Dhadkan ko chhua

[I remember you all the time
I’m in pain and my condition is bad
This never happened with me earlier
How did you touch my heartbeats]

The whole day passed just thinking about him, then at evening , it was time for her dance classes.

Pal pal dil beqaraar rahe
Mujhe bas tera intezaar
Rahe intezaar rahe

[My heart is restless all the time
I just keep waiting for you]

- DrashtiDhami - nandini _dancer__cloud_rain_️_sweat_drops_ - silsilabadallterishtonka - silsila

As she took steps to dance on a beat, her eyes tried to search him in the garden.

Her hazel eyes turned disappointed on not finding him anywhere.

Uljhan yeh meri koi
Suljhaata nahin hai
Uljhan yeh meri
Koi suljhaata nahin hai

[No one is able to solve my problem
I don’t like anyone else other than you
Have I fallen in love]

She ignore the sadden feeling which consuming her heart and concentrate on her dance steps as her students follow her.

few more days passed, but there was no sign of Kunal, she was turning mad now, without her own will her heart has started to fall for him.

Where did he vanish like never existed, she thought pacing in her balcony waiting for him.

Jaagi jaagi soun
Soye soye jaagoon
Milne ki tujhse
Duaayein maangoon
Tanha guzarte nahin
Yeh mere din
Achhi na lage yeh
Duniya tere bin

[I’m asleep while I’m awake and I’m awake while I’m asleep
I pray to meet you
My days are hard to pass in loneliness
I don’t like this world without you]

Has he forgotten me and move on..or his love and that all drama was all fake, just a time pass for him.

mqdefault (1)

Her heart burned with those thoughts, so was her eyes filled with un-shed tears. She is again facing the same thing.. she was fool to fall in the trap again instead facing one trauma before, she thought angrily wiping off her cheeks.

She remembers his words back that day..

Nandini I will ask for your hand from your baba..

It was all for him.. ??

Meethi meethi thandi thandi aahein bharun

Baithe baithe tera intezar karun, intezar karun

[My sighs are sweet and cold

I sit around waiting for you]


She got ready for her next dance show. Still lost in his thoughts. God knows where did he vanish after inflicting those feelings in her otherwise barren heart. She thought yet again painfully wearing her earrings and looked herself in the mirror, only to find his reflection in the mirror.

For a while she thought she is hallucinating, but his voice confirm her of his presence there in her room.


She turned around shock with his sudden presence. He was really there giving her his one of charming smiles.

She smiled back for a moment lost in him, taking his view to her heart content.

Oh..I missed you so much Nandini..

Dil hoke judaa tujhse
Reh paata nahin hai
Koi bhi mere dil ko
Samjhaata nahin hai

[My heart isn’t able to live being separated from you
No one is able to make my heart understand]

( song :- tuze na dekhu to chain)

He crushed her in his arms furiously , hugging her so tight as if melting her all bones.


She was going to reciprocate his hug but then all those days of waiting for him, his sudden absence from her life make her furious and she pushed him hard away from him.

Why are you here now, after torturing me enough, aapka jee nahi bhara??

First you came behind me stalking with your own wish..

Then those flowers and all that drama of manofy me.. she pointed her forefinger towards herself saying so..

With your own wish..

You saved me that night..


Then demanded to ask my hand from my baba.. with your own wish .

Your own heart wish.. she pointed her finger on his chest furiously walking towards him as Kunal took steps back , really shock with her outburst he kept on gaping her with his eyes and mouth both wide open.

maxresdefault (3)

Where am I there in your any wishes..

It’s only you..Mr.Kunal Malhotra!!she stated at the end poking on his chest as he bang behind on the wall.

It’s only you.. your wishes..

Aur humara kya.. humare zazbato ka kya.. ( and what about me, what about my emotions) you don’t care..

and you claimed to love me??

You just played with my emotions..

And that’s it, Kunal couldn’t take it anymore, how could she blame him without even listening to him,  she was accusing his love for her.

He just slam his lips on her shutting her thereby with both shock and with his lips.

to be continued..

Precap :-

Nandini still angry..

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  1. hi thanks for the pm!
    awesome update! well written!
    why is Nandini is so much pain?
    Kunal comes everyday with roses and she ignores him.
    but the days when he does not come she misses him.
    of cos she feels he was not serious about her. She is sad and hurt.
    as expected when she does see him, she bursts on him.
    omg he kisses her.

    nice precap. update soon

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    1. Why is she in so much pain,who hurt her in the past….
      He comes every day with roses for her…but she ignored him,but in real she is looking forward to him each day…and then he vanished like he never existed,she is longing to see him,but each day she gets disappointed not seeing him..
      And finally he comes and she poured all her frustrations and worry to him without giving a chance to explain and he replies her by sealing a kiss with her…
      Good going, interesting…❤😍❤
      Waiting for further….

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      1. Thank you😊
        Her past will reveal later on in the story.. not soon but not too it’s short story only..will end soon in next few updates..😊

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  2. Nice update n kunal trying to understand nandini n comes every day with roses for geet but geet ignore him n when he didn’t came she was missing him n though he is not serious about her n when he kissed her she gets angry n thnxx for pm me

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  3. kunal bringing red roses for nandini was sweet.but sad that she didn’t accept it thought she knew that she was rude to him despite of him helping her.but later nandini taking the flowers was nice.why did she throw it on his head?but nandini laughing n kunal smiling was so sweet.nandini feeling sad not seeing kunal for some days n suspecting whether his love was fake was sad.happy that finally kunal returned to her.but sad that nandini blasted at him accusing his love..omg kunal kisses nandini to stop her from blaming him within knowing the truth..but romantic.perfect mindblowing pics

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  4. Fabulous Chapter

    Nandini is so angry and in pain it almost
    seems like she has some fear
    as she always ignores Kunal and he brigs flowers everyday
    but yes the day he does not come she obviously misses him
    that is actually great and I like how she reacted on seeing him
    and wow he kisses her

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