Part 18
The view was so pleasant outside. It was first time ever she was outside after so many months. She can’t believe herself on the fact that how did she just stay there caged in four walls.but she knows the reason as well , it’s her blind love or whatever that feeling for her husband. Or her respect for him being her husband. She admired him being the King.her thoughts were broken with the sudden break to the vehicle.
She glance at him while he comes out of the car making her confused.
I didn’t brought you to be lost in your thoughts. He utter in slight frustration seeing her lost expressions, and rushed from there leaving her dazzle for some time.
She looked at him going away from her which she didn’t like at all.she glanced her surrounding and loud gasp left her mouth seeing the carpet of nature all around her.its like she is in some fairy tale.
She swiftly got down from the car shutting the door she swirl around taking the clear view of her dear nature .she felt bless just in standing there under the open sky with all greenery surrounding her.
Geet come back to senses hearing small whispers from her surrounding. She turn to see its secluded area but with few couple here and there busy in there own world and she remember about the most precious person of her life who had actually brought her here .
Maan..she smile a painful smile thinking that she made him upset while he had given this happiness this freedom .
She ran towards his direction spotting there on the edge of hill.
Maann. .he heard her shouting behind but choose to ignore sins he was mad at her now.he brought here for himself, for both of them to spend some time alone.then how dared she think about that damn man.who not worth it. His blood boiled at the thought itself.he can very well understand her , her each emotions.
Maan..he heard her again and turn furiously towards her but to his horror she was running down towards him with great speed ready fall down any moment.
GEEETTT. .he shouted back wanted her to stop but just then her feet slip and she cradle down on the hill..
Geet .. he gasp feeling horrified and ran towards her to hold her.
Geet landed on the muddy floor and got hurt herself on her elbows. She sat on the floor crying out silently feeling pain..

Oh sweetheart…
he cocooned her shaking body in his arms and she cried out more furiously seeing his care for her. He makes her so vulnerable and addicted to his care.she thought feeling safe in hus arms as she hug him back.
Are you fine ? Kahi lagi toh nahi ? He asked concern checking out her body to see if she is hurt anywhere and he caught her elbow on which she yelp in pain.
Oh sorry..he whisper blowing softly on her small wounds.
Thank you! Geet exclaim eyeing his worried face only for her.
For what? He asked her wrapping her wound with his handkerchief.
For taking me out of the palace ! She reply silently becoming gloomy yet again.
Why ? You can anyways come outside whenever you wished to , can’t you Rani ? He asked taunting her in the middle as his anger come back reminding her lost state.
No.i can’t. That small wish is also forbidden for me.
she blurted out in her lost state but soon got to know what she had said on her flow of emotions.he don’t need to get more worried or angry for her. Why would she shared with him her miserable life giving him trouble when he had shower only his love and care on her.

Maan caught her words and looked shock hearing the that’s why she was so much happy, even she used to just stay inside her part of palace. He can remember now. His heart fill with great pain sensing her condition and what she had to go through all this days or months maybe. And that is why The Queen is not seen by anyone.
His eyes burn red on anger on the King And Rajmata. How could they just prison her.a innocent Girl.
He wanted to know her all life till he entered in it , he felt that he should be knowing that now , he felt it is his right to know.
Geet ..he called her only to saw her few feet away standing on the top hill staring at the horizon.
He take steps towards her and engulf her in his arms from behind.

Geet rest her back on him relaxing in his warmth while both of them continue to watch the sunset.enjoying the moment having each other close in a silent atmosphere.

Geet felt his hands moving inside her duppatta that was on her stomach wrapping it. He press her tummy sensuously while started to trail down the wet kisses on her bare neck.
Maann..she moan out feeling him cupping her breasts on her choli. She turn her face sideways giving him more access to kiss her which she enjoyed the most as her hands hold onto his nape tightly .His hot mouth rolled more down on her upper bulge . And he bite hard on time earning a loud moan from her lips.
He turn her furiously pulling out her duppatta he throw that on side while his hot mouth continue to devour her all bare skin.
He suddenly takes her shivering lips in his mouth kissing her hard. He chew her both lips in his mouth suck them hard trying to quench his thirst .he hands went on his hairs pulling him close while his hands roam all over her waist feeling her soft skin under his palms.
Both of them landed on the grass and he take the charged again hovering on her he entered his tongue inside her mouth making her dizzy .she try to match his passion buy it was impossible to do so.he was do high with his untamed desires that kissed her full on mouth almost French kiss.
When he broke the kiss , she was left all breathless gasping for air. He lay down on his back feeling cold air touching his face while she lay beside him , gasping for air.
As she become stable she saw him laying beside her with closed eyes and she come on top him resting on his chest in the cold atmosphere. It’s nothing but heavenly feeling, Geet thought sniffing his masculine scent as she buried her face in the crook of his neck.
Maan groan engulfing her in his arms .

9 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 18

  1. Lovely update their first outing was the best geet was lost in her past maan was angry on her for thinking about raja later when he came to know about her reality he was feeling sad for her and was curious to know about her past their passionate moments was hot waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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  2. Awesome chapter n their outing was best moments for geet n maan n geet lost in her past n maan thought she is thinking about king n gets angry n later he knows about her reality n he feeling sad for her n thnxx for pm me

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