Maan was becoming more restless seeing her so silent.



He cups her chin making her look at him but her hazel eyes which used to fill with love and warmth otherwise, today those were blank making him skip a beat.


She want want to utter a word, controlling her own emotions she pushed his hand away and again lay down on the bed . Maan put cushions on her sides giving her comfort and got up to have a talk with Dadi as only she could help him now.

Thinking so rushed out only to find Nakul wrapping up the work and ready to go.

Nakul on finding him there started to think, should he tell him or not !?

The look on his face told everything to Maan, do you want to tell anything?

Nakul was still not sure.

You can tell me, Nakul. Go ahead..

GHSP 364 HD(0)_4323

Getting push from Maan Nakul blurted out about Geet. The way she had rushed to her room crying her eye out, just after his phone call.

As Nakul went off leaving Maan to think about what he just heard.

And the realization dawn upon him, reminding about the same call on which he had shouted , thinking it’s Dadima and then phone was dead.

He was too busy to even call her back or even recognized soft breath of his dear wife.

He ran his hand through his thick hairs cursing himself for losing his temper yet again and hurting her in the process.

His heart twitch in pain just getting flashes of her blank face.

He rushed to Dadima’s room, she was making her bed, ready to sleep when Maan knock on the door.

Sorry to disturb you, dadima.

Come inside, Maan. Now you find the time to come home.

Just held up, Dadima with meetings.

When your Pregnant wife is at home.

Dadima, I am sorry.. I know I shouldn’t have talk like that.

What are you speaking about??

At evening when you called, I mean it was Geet.. Maan found it difficult to form the words when he knew he did a grave mistake.

On the other hand dadi get to know his unsaid words, wait a minute , it was because of you, Geet was crying!?

Maan , his heart skip a beat listening to her, she was crying because of him, yes he was the reason of her tears.

Um.. Dadima..woh I was busy, surrounded with work and was bite frustrated…

And you lost your temper again ..

And on whom..!?? That poor soul..


What Maan!??

You can’t give excuses to the mistake you had done. The girl had come here to live with us, she only has us as her family.

Dadima, why are you talking like that? She is my wife.

Yes son, that is what I want you to understand, she is your wife , not only any responsibility to fulfill.

GHSP 85 HD_3964

And now in this condition, she craves for you!! And you should keep control on your temper.

Maan has nothing to say now, as he realizes what his dadi told him was everything true.

I am sorry, Dadima!!

You should asked forgiveness from Geet!!

That I will Dadima, but she didn’t speak a word to me,

That you deserve son, dadi mocked making Maan upset.

Don’t worry, maan! Just her mood swings, take care of her, she must be upset now but I know my grandson ones one to manage things !? She wink patting his cheek.

Maan gives her warm smile, her words fill him up with much-needed encouragement.

How is your health doing!? He asked after a while holding her hand.

Now you remember me.. after your wife!??

Dadi ma it’s not like that, you know??

You are the first woman I loved on this earth!!

Dadi smiled affectionately hearing him.

After a while she told him about the Christmas carnival where he should take Geet, her mood will be also change.she will be happy.

Maan agreed and took her leave biding her goodnight.

Getting changed into his cloths, he waited for her to get ready but she was still starting in the same position.

Maan knew, he had cross the boundaries today, and she wouldn’t forgive him easily this time, he have to try hard.

But her blank face, and that solemn look gives him immense pain.28279938_1636384943120564_7840480361457242543_n

He kneel before her, taking her cold hand in his, I am sorry, sweetheart. He asked forgiveness again like few times he did before but she wasn’t ready to budge.

Speak something, sweetheart.. atleast a word or scold me.

He was very eager to hear something from her mouth but she was not ready to speak to him as if giving him punishment.

He sigh yet again failing to manofy her and got up.

Fine, if you don’t want to come, all right.. but I want to go out with my baby!! Is that clear??

He played his last card and got its effect at instant as he saw her giving him one painful look and got up, taking the dress given by him in her hands , she silently move towards washroom.

But he stop her holding her wrist. He knew his words must have again hurt her but he wasn’t having any option. He was just dying to hear a word from her mouth.

Geet was again hurt listening to him as he had thought, again her insecurity raised, he just thought her as some responsibility. Her hands went on her bump , atleast her baby is getting much needed love and care, she is happy for baby, and just for her she agreed to get ready.

Change here only, no need to go inside. He was really worried for her, already she was at lost mind, and in this condition if she hurt herself.. he couldn’t take risk, so he stop her.

Geet was though reluctant, agree to him having no option, she turned her back to him pushing down her sari pallu, then removing her sari completely.

Image result for MSK maan gif

His heart beat raise , he forgot to take breath, seeing her next removing her blouse slowly,

Switching off the lights he just left side lamp on in the room.

He help her to open her knots, then pushing down the material, his fingers played with her soft skin making her shudder, still she muffles her moans.

Maan tilted to have a look at her face, she was breathing heavily , with clients eyes. Maan smile affectionately knowing she can’t resist him.

His hands went on her skirt, while his lips shower wet and demanding kisses on her bare skin of back, neck, his hot mouth went on her open chest.

He pushed down her skirt, leaving her only in her inner. Geet shiver with cold and his raw touches as is hands started to caressed her baby bump, going up he cup her bosoms.

Geet tried very hard to muffles her moans as she was not ready to speak to him or even utter his name, for she was damn upset.

Maan had buried his face in the crook of her neck. He then made her turn around in his arms , Geet just hugs him feeling shy, her whole turned red making him satisfied as finally she was reacting but he was still eager to hear her sweet voice.

His finger opened the hooks of her b** , he took her in his arms and sat on the bed taking her on his lap like a baby, Geet blushed furiously with the contact of their bodies.

She tried to hide herself more into him making him groan in pleasure. He parted her a little and feeling the sudden urge to took those mounts in his mouth, he slam his mouth on one while his other hand hold her securely in his arms.

Geet threw back her enjoying his sweet assault.

Maan was just watching her side by side driving the car but she wasn’t giving him any look. After their hot love making even he couldn’t successes in manofy his sweetheart, he was going tense now.

She needs to talk to him, it was not good keeping the things in mind specially when condition was fragile, you had to thought of this before, Maan !! He cursed himself again.

He stopped the car, after reaching to their destination.

He got out and help her as well to get down, she was looking so pretty in that new dress that he couldn’t take off his eyes from her.

As it’s been first time she was wearing the dress apart from her sarees. he was wearing red shirt as well matching with her cloths.  He gives her one admiring gaze, she didn’t react at all, just giving him one look turned to walk ahead though scared herself from inside but then she was still deeply hurt couldn’t bring herself to forgive him again however she tried though heart always need her Maan.

Maan watched her taking slow steps , he followed her immediately,after a while.

Her eyes which were devoid of any emotions before brighten up seeing insides of the carnival as they started to walk hand in hand. He engulf her protectively in his arms giving her much needed warmth and comfort to walk ahead.

Cause I just want you here tonight
Holding on to me so tight
What more can I do
Oh, Baby all I want for Christmas is you

The carnival was set in the Garden, Garden, which showcases a perfect mixture of culture, heritage, food, music and much more, making it a complete entertainment package. Dressed in glittery fairy lights and stars, the stalls at the carnival stood enhancing the children’s,  selling everything from designer jackets, leather boots, to candles, Christmas stockings jewelry and bird cages. 

There was X mas songs playing around making place more alive.

Geet couldn’t held the smile back that spread across her face seeing small children playing around, with Santa , X mas tree.. with Santa cloths on..they were looking so Adorable.. there was overwhelming crowd around the place to celebrate the Christmas.

Image result for christmas carnivalImage result for christmas carnival in the garden

All the lights are shining
So brightly everywhere
And the sound of children’s
Laughter fills the air

She almost let out a giggle seeing adorable sight of small children with Santa.

Maan looked at her smiling face, then breaking into soft melodious giggle, that what he wanted to hear from long time.

He continued to admired her and that’s how she find him, blush was going to spread across her face but she stopped it and turned her face again ready to walk alone seeing him stop.

Maan came out of his lost state and hold her tight in his arms, don’t go alone, just stay with me..

he commanded with stern voice.

She just twisted her lips being angry on him now as they started to walked ahead. She rushed everywhere to see and touch everything there with Maan holding on to her hand tightly like a father do with small girl.

He caution her sometime about walking slow as in her excitement she always forgot about her condition.

Geet was obliged of him with this thing as she was really scare for her baby.

she buy two x mas hats  and wore one herself,

GHSP 195 HD_0627

still upset with him, didn’t gave him his hat. maan just adore her antics and took that hat from her hands slowly while she let it go, stealing few glances at him as he wore it.  she gives him one cheeky smile seeing him wearing that hat making him smile as well and both walked ahead.


They reach near the huge x mas tree stood in the middle of garden decorated well with lights and X mas stuff..

I don’t want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need, and I
Don’t care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I don’t need to hang my stocking
There upon the fireplace
Santa Claus won’t make me happy
With a toy on Christmas day

Geet looked up admiring it for a while with those shinning hazels of hers, with her hand entangled with Maan.

GHSP 195 HD_0473CCEA03

Both stood below the xmas bells when Maan smirk and whispered into her ear, you know sweetheart, it is saying that the couple stood below xmas bells have to share a kiss.

Her cheeks instantly heat up, and she couldn’t stop the smile that play on her lips with that amazing surrounding.

She pushed on to his chest, but he jerk her close slamming his lips on her, he kissed her quick and stop making her gasp.

Few people around there hooted , some gasp seeing the scene.

Geet was so red and angry on him, she gives him dreadful glare turning walk ahead, he quickly followed behind not ready to lose her in the crowd.

to be continued..

hope it had come out well.. just wanted to give xmas update in this ff.. finally fulfill my wish.. 

Twist is ahead in few chapters..



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  1. Wow maan has to work hard to manofy his sweetheart ❤️😘 I so loved the pics and that’s was indeed x-max treat dear geet cannot resist his passion but she never spoke a word well maan deserves every bit of it ❤️😘 waiting to read more

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  2. His sweetheart is angry on him,he should control his anger…she is so sensitive,he should take care of her..
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  3. Finally Maan knows what he did!!! And how he tries to manofy her…But then he is dealing with his sweetheart in her Geet Maan Singh Khurana mode…So he better beware… And she is not going to give in easily…But there are insecurities in her heart due to her past…which Maan has to erase with his love & attention…

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