Geet sat huff on the bed, really angry on her hubby today as it’s been week from last they had visited out and she was again sulking.

‘Cause I just want you here tonight
Holding on to me so tight
What more can I do
Oh, Baby all I want for Christmas is you

He had forgotten his promise, she pouted when she heard Dadi calling out to her , she stood up to go just on finding one maid there rushing to help her to walk her out.

She mutter few curses for her over protective hubby who thought her as some glass doll.

Reaching the living room, she saw dadi was watching TV relaxing on the sofa.

Come, have a seat Geet!!

Dadi gesture her patting the place beside her.

Geet gives her warm smile and makes herself comfortable beside her.

She called the servant for the juice glass for Geet who like always make faces, 17917683_1371638439545776_397258242658225777_o

Dadima, just few minutes ago I have a lunch..

No excuses,darling.. for you have to take it.. she handed her the glass. ‘And it’s not for you but our little angel,’

GHSP 222_4531

said Dadima cheekily patting her bump.

Geet pouted her lips making Dadi to wink at her, so baby’s mamma is jealous..??!!

Yeh kaisi baten Kare rahe hai aap Dadima!?? Why would I be from my own baby!??

I am just so happy to have it in my womb!! Geet affectionately caressed her little bump.

I don’t want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don’t care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true oh
All I want for Christmas is you

Dadi was left awe with her unconditional love for her unborn. She just pray in her heart for her wish to come true for having her little angel in her arms soon. As she knew Geet was waiting for it from so long and still there is more wait ahead.

Santa won’t you bring me
The one I really need
Won’t you please bring my baby to me quickly

Geet’s attention went on TV listening the song as if describing her own wish. The song was playing on it on a Christmas vacation.

Her eyes shine seeing the lights and gorgeous decoration of Christmas. She wished to just go there.

Dadima didn’t miss the spark in her eyes and as she followed her gaze, she get to know her hidden desire. She quickly make a call to her grandson.

As Maan was busy in line up meetings , his phone was on silent. She call adi then, asking him about Maan.

After hectic schedule of meetings, Maan has just taken seat, resting his head on the head rest when Adi barge in after giving a knock.

Sir, Dadima had called you to home as soon as possible.

Listening him Maan jerk up as only one thought come to his mind “Geet” ??

He quickly check his cell to see so few miss calls of Dadi, he call her back and was summoned from her at home soon.

But dadi ..

Par war kuch nahi Maan, you are always busy son, look after your wife for a while. Uska bhi man hota hai…

And she went on and on leaving him frustrated not knowing the state of mind of her grandson right at that moment.

GHSP 61_5523

He just hmm and threw his cell on the table angrily.

To add more fuel to his anger, his staff was doing silky mistakes and he lost it completely.


When after waiting for an hour still there was no sign of Maan, dadi ask Geet to make him one call.maybe he would just listen to her.

The ring went on but call wasn’t received , she again dialled on Dadi insist though feeling not good to disturb him in work.


And the call was received but before she could initiate the convo it was broken rudely by his angry voice.

GHSP 61_6849

What the hell Dadima, why are you disturbing me. I told you I can’t manage today. Why can’t she just have rest at home..I can’t be there all the time behind her, I have other works to do , Dadima I have had enough. I am stuck in the work here..


Geet stood still, not hearing his next words as she slowly slip down the phone slamming it down. Her throat ached controlling the cries in her mouth.

What happened?? Kya kaha Maan me?

Geet wasn’t able to speak any work, her brain blocked, she glanced at her for a while and get to her senses when dadi called her again little loudly.

What happened dear??

He just told that he will be late today.

Geet somehow managed gulping the knot in her throat.

How could he do this?? I had asked him to come early today.

Geet just listen to her quietly. trying to control her own emotions as she really doesn’t want to make the old lady more upset on her grandson because of her.

Let me just talk to him..

Dadi got up to summon her son herself, she was really upset with him today.

No.. Dadima..plz don’t..

Geet was quick to stop her , as she rushed forward to hold the lady.

Please Dadima, he must be really busy and stuck up or else he wouldn’t have said that. Geet was lost in his words then.

All right, Dear. Dadima agreed reluctantly going back to her room, thereby leaving Geet alone.

The tears which she was holding with great difficulty flow down furiously on her chubby cheeks. She sniffed like a small child , peeking around if anyone was there, and then cried out furiously holding her mouth. Loud sobs escape her lips as she rushed back to her room.

Unknown to her Nakul who in the kitchen watched her going hurried towards her room while she was trying to stop her cries but he did notice it.

Dining was silent affair as it was only two of them, With Geet was sulking badly, she couldn’t take out his rude words from her mind,  she couldn’t believes it. She couldn’t come to a conclusion on how this all happened..and why??

Was those few days and months were just a dream??

What’s the matter, Geet? Dadi asked directly keeping her hand on her free hand which was on the table.

Geet was startle pulled out of her lost state, she just looked at her blank, then as the words dawn on her, she just shook her head in no, nothing dadi..just feeling restless today..


She gives her a small reason knowing she won’t convince otherwise.

Kya hua?? She check her forehead, it was little warm making her worried.

Are you really fine, Geet? She pressed her hand .

Ji Dadima, nothing to worry.. I am perfectly fine. You plz don’t worry.. Geet blabber out..

Aur Aisa toh hota hi rahta hai, hai this days..?? She tried to give her smile, but fail miserably.

Dadi just sigh, little convince, little worried for her, then finish this off.. she commands making Geet pout her lips..plz dadi , i can’t eat more.. I am full..


As I said earlier no excuses, Geet.. dadi was much more serious this time as she was already upset with Maan..and it all come out on Geet.

Geet though completed her dinner but Dadi’s sudden sternness make wrong impression on her already fragile heart. She though dadi was only worried about baby not that she mind it but her already bruise heart couldn’t took that..

She took whole thing to her heart , her mind couldn’t work in that time..insecurities increased in her mind like never before, as his words play back in the back of her mind as she closed the door of her room.

Nakul narrated to dadi what he had seen and Dadi became worried as she makes her way towards her room.

The door was closed unlike other days, she knock few times calling her name, but getting no response she slowly opened it and found her sleeping.

She walked near the bed and could really see those dried tear marks on her cheeks, she softly caressed her head lovingly, her warm hands makes Geet restless as she pretend to sleep.

Once she heard the door getting shut, tears flew down from her close eyes and she broke into another round of heart wrenching cries.

As soon as , he was inside the Mansion, he felt the loss. It look haunting, as if the soul of it lost somewhere. “Geet” only one name came to his mind.

Though few times he came late but not faced the same aloofness which he is facing now.

His heart felt that restlessness, as he took steps towards their room.

He slowly opened the door, surprised with the thought that she had done something like this which she had never did before.

He reached near the bed seating beside her sleeping form, he peek to see her sleeping soundly. His heart flinched seeing those tear marks on her face.

Did she cried? Why?? He thought for a while , then about Dadi’s calls, but not able to find the reason behind her tears.


His fingers tracesfuel on her cheeks softly making her stir, she opened her eyes slowly and he came into view.

Geet smile finding him there but next moment that smile was vanish reminding about his words. Her heart torn apart again as his words buzz in to her head making her face sadden.

Maan watched astonished seeing her changing of emotions on her face.

The smile that welcome him was vanished at instant leaving him confused. Her sad face makes his heart heavy.

She got up at once and turn her face away indicating him about her being angry on him.

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What happened, sweetheart?

8 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 95

  1. Poor girl was completely broken with his rude words..maan should have known whose in the other hand speaking I don’t want his hardwork of making her strong and healthy go in vain because of his silly reason…I wish it Should not affect baby health waiting to read more ❤️ 😘


  2. Feeling so bad for Geet…I can understand that Maan is busy with work and is frustrated with his staff’s mistakes. But its really bad to take your anger out on someone else like that…He could have explained nicely..Without knowing that it was Geet he just burst out so badly that it broke Geet’s heart…Good! Now manofy her…I hope Geet & Dadima gives him a hard time.

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