As soon as Geet was out of washroom, Maan helped her in getting ready. She was blushing like a new bride while he got her ready.

Tum mile pyar se
Mujhe jina gavara hua
Tum huye jo mere, mera
Sab kuchh tumhara hua


He filled her partition lovingly pecking her forehead. Geet was just having shy smile on her adorable face making his heart filled with pride for being the reason of happiness in those hazel eyes.

Jindagi jod di
Maine teri jindagi se
Jindagi jod di
Maine teri jindagi se

Her melodious giggles filled in the silent room after he made her wore those favorite bangles of hers.


She chime it, playing with it making sweet sounds while giving him full teeth smile, making him chuckled.

Hum chhupate rahe
Tha pyar humko tujhi se

He grips her wrist making her stop and looked at him confused, next she shivered feeling his lips on her arms.

Maan shower her arms with soft kisses reaching upto her neck, he gives her moisten kiss there making her shudder in pleasure, Maan..

Let’s go.. saying so he kissed her lips again and walked her out.

Jivan savara tumne humara
O jivan savara
Duniya se pyara, tu hume

Geet was still lost in her husband and his pampering.

Maan had already informed Dadi about his plans and she was more than happy for Geet.


Geet was so excited like a small child as Maan pulled out the car out of Khurana Mansion Gates.

Maan could see her almost jumping on the seat with those shinning hazel. he couldn’t stop the smile that played on his lips just to see her happy.

Geet continue to ogle outside through the window, while asking Maan about each of the turns and places on the way. Maan was so glad on finding her back to her bubbly self. She was chirping like a bird and he was answering her each questions patiently.

Maan took her to one of the best boutique in the city, own by Dadima’s friend daughter.

She had came to know from Dadi about Maan’s sudden wedding and was pleasantly surprised.

As both walked inside, she welcome the couple warmly, Geet was little reluctant as it was all new for her but the lady made her feel at home with her own warmth and love like Maan’s Dadi.

Soon there was no stopping as both the ladies quickly gel up and started their own shopping with Geet’s cloths.

GHSP 464 HQ_8395

Maan watched on her, how she was quickly mingle with aunty. She was one sweet piece of God, he concluded just continue to staring at her each antics.

The way she makes faces for not liking something..some weird faces or her widening of eyes, then pouting lips seeing those revealing cloths which girls at this era claimed to be the dress of their standard.

But then he knew he sweetheart too well, for she is his soul now. Nothing was hidden between them.

He smirks, seeing pink shade adoring her chubby cheeks making her even look more beautiful, as she got his approval for the saris she choose for herself.

After a while, he saw aunty departing for her some urgent work leaving his sweetheart alone for him.

She slowly walked up to him, with little sadden face, which he hated the most to see.

He got up and takes step towards her knowing well , she got quickly attached to the aunty, maybe trying to find her own mother in the lady.

His heart felt her unsaid pain as he cups her face dearly. “What more do you want to shop?”

Geet kept mum trying to give him small smile but that seem difficult .

Tere sathi hai hum
Har baat me sath denge
Tere sathi hai hum
Har baat me sath denge

“You don’t need to pretend before me, ” He was little stern as he made her look at him, her eyes quickly shine with un shed tears.

Subpost 10 - _heart__heart_decoration__cupid_ @dhamidrashti @shaktiarora - SilsilaBadallteRishtonKa - Drashti

You are going to be mom soon, sweetheart, aren’t you happy with this new thing going to happen in our life??

He cleverly play with words and this really works as her face quickly broke into sweet smile, her palm reach on her baby bump, while she nodded cutely at him.

Then, don’t bring those tears in your eyes ever again, it will effect on our baby

And I don’t want my baby to became cry baby like his mom..

Maan whispered huskily, with the hidden smirk waiting for her reaction, but it was again a sweet surprise for Maan.

Hum bhi nahi chahahte, humara baby aise sad Rahe.. humne ro Liya , bas Wahi kafi hai…not my baby.. saying so she wiped the tears from corner of her eyes before they even fall on her cheeks.

Maan was bewilder, as he had thought she would be upset on him for calling her cry baby but here she again left him surprised.

He just peck her forehead lovingly, feeling proud of his sweetheart.


Maan plz.. yaha nahi, she tried to pushed him, for their were few sales girl who was adoring the couple silently and giggling.

Why not, I am holding my own wife not any other…

Maan… She fumed listening to him, as she gives him dreadful glare.

Maan smirk seeing her reaction, he loved to see her being possessive for him.

Chaddo.. she pushed him angrily, pouting her face but he was quick to hold her back

Geet, listen sweetheart..

He whispered huskily in her ear making her shiver, her cheeks redden hearing his endearment while she was melted at instant.


Let’s buy some dresses for you.

But Maan..I don’t wear it..

You have to,


For me..

He shut her and she had no option but has to agree with his demands.

But as he buy few dresses for her, she left a sigh of relief finding its all churidar with dupatta..

She had thought something else.

Don’t worry, sweetheart, I knew my wife little too well .

But if you want , we can buy those, he whispered seeing her reaction, eyeing those small modern dresses.

No.. I like those dresses chosen by you.. she blabbered out immediately making him smirk again.

You are just making fun of me, from the time we had come. She pouted her face, I am not going to talk to you, and she turned her face.


Achcha suno.. I am sorry.. he hold her palm , making her look at him.

pyar se pyara
Tu hume

Can’t I even tease my wife a little..

A little.. not more..

images (6)

she answer back frowning cutely at him.

Maan couldn’t help the smile that came on his face seeing her antics.

Achcha.. jaisa tum kaho.. he just agreed not wanted to make her grumpy.

Geet was tired now, feeling hungry as well as it was afternoon now.

Maan saw her face and thought to stop the shopping here itself.

He order something to eat for her from the sales girls as aunty had already asked her staff to look after the couple well in her absent.

After a while, she was eating that bland food making faces, and blabbering cutely with her baby.

Two girls were there to look after her, they found it all amused and was really adoring her.

Maan quickly bought some night dresses for his wifey without her notice, as some naughty ideas was playing in his mind. He did her lingerie shopping for he knew about his wife everything.๐Ÿ˜‰

Geet was clueless, she was lost in filling her tummy. While chatting with those girls there, they were touching her baby bump and asking her questions about pregnancy.


Geet was sweetly blushing and talking with them, while patting her baby bump alongside .

Maan sir really loves you a lot!!

The girl commented seeing her and then him who was making bill now.

Yes he do!!


Geet confessed slightly blushing while feeling proud hearing them praising her husband.

But he is lucky as well for getting the wife like you, you are so sweet mam. The girl chirp happily pinching her cheek

Geet was so red now, she just gap at the girl bewilder while both broke into laughter making her smile as well.

and that’s how, he found his sweetheart , he smiled and walked up to her, he had already listened to the girls and was proud of her.

Yes, my wife is the sweetest thing on the earth and I am lucky to have her in my life. He said with such a pride holding her from shoulders.

Geet was left awe hearing him, she continues to gap him while heart did a somersault.

Ye kinare hai kya
Toofan me sang sang chalenge
Ye jag sara tujhpe wara


Maan bend to her level and wiped off the last remnants from her lips leaving her shiver, she blushed furiously as girls continue to adore the couple .


Maan smirk seeing her reaction. He helped her to get up, and both walked out. Staff brought their shopping bags out.


Geet was hell tired still she was adamant on seeing some places with her hubby.

Maan sigh not knowing how to make his childish wife understand.

But as the drive start, she was drifted to sleep slowly being tired, he smiled affectionately seeing her, while he took their the car towards their home.

Maan took his sleeping wifey in his arms and makes his way inside followed by servants who brought the shopping bags inside.

Geet stir, and opened her eyes, till then dadi came out hearing the sound.She smiled seeing the sight.

Geet, her eyes open wide and she blushed seeing Dadi’s teasing gaze.

Maan, Hume neeche utariye.. she mutter softly, but his hold was tight, he gives her naughty looks.

Bete, sharmane ki koi baat nahi, dadi assured her.

Maan , AAP inhe apne kamre main le jaiye, she looks tired.

Ji Dadima!!

And both walked towards their room. Maan put her down on the bed but she became grumpy again reminding about their remaining trip.

What happened??

Aap humse puch rahe hai? You should know it!!


She pouted her lips .

Look Geet, you were tired that you sleep in the car itself. You should take care, you know? Maan cups her face making her look at him.

And we can go out anytime, some other day.

Geet seem to understand by now, she knew , she had to take rest as well and nodded at him.

You take rest, he got up but she hold his hand.

Where are you going??

I am going to office now!!

Her face fallen immediately, hold lose from his hand, he saw it.

If it’s not urgent , I haven’t gone, you know!??

She just hmm, and laid down on the bed, turning her back at him.

Sweetheart, he was astonished with her behavior.

Aap jaiye,hum aapse narraz nahi hai!!

She blurted so innocently that left Maan chuckled, he bend down kissed her cheek lovingly, her cheeks hit up instantly.

Sweetheart, he called her huskily making her turn to his side, she laid on her back with her closed eyes, breathing heavily.

The sight of her seduced him to no extent, he sat beside her in the bed, and bend down to take her quivering lips in his mouth.


The kiss was sensuous, it turned more passionate as it deepened, Geet hold him from his back, rubbing her palm there almost crushing his shirt while Maan’s hands started there own work of naughtiness on her soft body.
tum mile pyar se
Mujhe jina gavara hua

He touch her here and there making her moan in the kiss. Soon, their cloths were scattered around the room and he was again lost in making love to his wife.
Tum huye jo mere, mera
Sab kuchh tumhara hua.

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  1. Loved it….

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    She is the happiest soul now,and he too seeing his sweetheart’s happiness…

    They come along a long way from wt they r at the starting of this journey…

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  2. Awwwwwwwwwww so sweet dearie:):):) I loved it:):):) It was such a beautiful & happy outing:):):) Geet is so cute and innocent just like a baby…She is so adorable and sweet to everyone. God bless her always. And I love her antics with Maan:):):) This side of the great MSK is only for his sweetheart whom he loves to the deepest core of his heart and soul….Absolutely beautiful update dearie:):):)

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