Sanam Mere Humraaz pt.5


He turned thinking it must be Nandini but there was no one, his eyes wander around in suspicious as he again heard that bangles sound.

He followed the voice silently with steady steps , the voice was getting much aloud , now he could really hear someone struggling, the thought crosses his mind, that should be Nandini..

As he passed few cars, reaching behind the wall he saw few goons holding her right in their clutches while she was trying hard to get out of their hard grips. He recognized it’s only Nandini with her red sari.

His fist tighten in fury, anger rushed through his veins , seeing his Jaan struggling like that but they were so ruthless.

One goon turned around hearing his foot steps, that follows others. They all briskly turned around holding her, her mouth was shut as one goon has press his palm on her, her hazel eyes which were filled with terror suddenly shine in happiness finding him there.

She pleads him through her eyes silently to saved her.

Stay back, if you want your life??

One goon warned him showing him the knife he was holding . While other one poke the sharp edge of it into her neck making her cried out, her mouth was hold tight that she couldn’t even shout, she muffles her cries and that’s it, it broke his patience.

Kunal marched towards them without listen their warnings and attacked on others two furiously almost leaving them lifeless.

The one who was holding Nandini tried to warned him as well, he drags Nandini along with him trying to run away from there.

She struggled trying to get kunal’s attention , after few attempts , she bites his palm seeing him getting distracted, Kunaaall.. she screams with a remaining strength in her.

The goon turned so furious he was jerk her around and was going to raise his hand on her when Kunal comes running to her rescue.

He hold the goons wrist, and twisted it angrily till the goon screams his lungs out to leave him.

Nandini was damn scared seeing the sight, he was so furious, his eyes blazed red in anger while the cruelty was shown in his each move.

Her shivering hands hold his arm trying to stop him,Kunal…hearing her meek voice he looked at her..plz..she pleaded him silently, shaking her head in no, while her eyes welling up , though unwillingly he left the goon pushing him back on the floor hardly making him scream.

Nandini left a sigh of relief and thank him silently through her eyes.

He looked at her messed up state and felt really concerned for her. She was trying to wrap her sari pallu on her shoulder, but it was falling down again and again.

He quickly removed his coat and wrap around her securely without looking at her.

Nandini was in no state to realize what was happening, but her heart scream out thousand of thanks to her savior.

She just muffles her cries and turned to go.


Where are you going?? His stern voice stops her, she shivered hearing his rough tone.

Come with me, I will drop you home!! He said in no nonsense tone.

فخمين _fire__hearts_️، ، ، ، - - silsilabadalterishtonka - shaktiarora - drashtidhami - silsila

I will manage.. she whispered, still with her back towards him.


Didn’t you listen, what I said, let’s go.. saying so he started to walk towards his car but she didn’t move, he stopped for a while realizing she hadn’t yet come, he looked back seeing her standing still on the same place, he furiously walked back towards her, let’s go, he commanded again holding her wrist , No.. she didn’t move, at last having no option he lifts her in his arms, Nandini gasp tried to struggle but his grip was tight, he gives her one dreadful glare that she had to mellow down like a small kitten.

His anger was melted at instant seeing her small face, then having her in his arms was no less than a pleasant thing, he was again lost in her but keeping in his mind about her safety he walked back towards his car and placed her inside securely.

She quickly pulled away her hands from his neck, sticking behind on the seat.

Nandini, relax.. I won’t going to eat you!! He told with a small smirk going back towards his seat.

Nandini was astonished seeing his different shades, while she had first time seen him so angry, furious , the way he was beating the goons, it makes her so scared and now teasing her , just the next moment.

She was pulled out of her thoughts, feeling soft patting on her shoulder.

She looked at her side to see him patting her shoulder, Nandini..

Hmm.. she looked lost and saw him opening the cap of water bottle. He offered her, here take some, you will feel better.

I don’t need, thanks..I am fine..


she whispered with her hoarse voice since the wound on her neck was really troubling her.

I said take it..just few sips won’t do ant farm to you..

Why are you so demanding.. I told you I don’t want.. she makes faces, cribbing to him.

Kunal can’t help but smiled at her affectionately, I am demanding only for your own good.

Nandini have no words now, she silently takes the bottle and tried drink few sips , it was little painful that she wince in pain..ahh..

What happened!?? He asked concerned, taking the bottle from her hands, he closed the cap and put in aside looking at her.

Nothing..I am fine.. she mutters stealing glances from him.

Kunal looked at her for a while, then realized about the wound on her neck.

Let me see.. where are you hurt??


No.. I am all right, she almost raised her voice making him astonished, he was going to insists again but stop hearing her next, plz , pahle yahase chaliye.. Hume yaha thik nahi lag raha.

He nodded his head, knowing she is saying right, he make one call to his guards to handle the goons, for he wasn’t the one to let go those who dare to mess with his life.


Kunal stopped the car before her house, he looked at her struggling to get out while she removed his coat.

Kunal stops her attempts , don’t remove it Nandini, how will you go inside, keep it.

I will manage,

I know you can manage, as you are the superwoman, he taunted .

Nandini glared at him, muttering few cursed she got down from the car.

Nandini wait.. won’t you call me inside, Kunal stopped her .

No.. she replied straight taking one step ahead when he again stopped her, “this is the way to thank your savior??”

Nandini suddenly realized hearing him, she was being really rude to him but today she really can’t take him inside.

I am sorry.. she turned slowly looking at him with guilt written all over her face before Kunal could object her, she continues..

but I can’t invite you inside today as baba( father) is there. He will get unnecessarily worried..plz try to understand. She continues to blabbered till Kunal stops her, relax Nandini, why are you going so tense.. I will come later.. maybe to asked your hand from your baba.

Listening him, Nandini was back her self again, just see a dream.. she spitted turning briskly to go back inside.


I have always seen dream, Nandini which includes you and now will turn it into the reality soon,

He shouted from behind while she ran inside her house shutting the door on her back, she stood there itself hearing him, and couldn’t help the small smile that adores her Beautiful face.

Today, it was only because of Kunal she is back at home safe and sound, what would have happened, if he wasn’t there on the time, she couldn’t even think on the line, as she trembles badly just with getting those flashes.


She managed herself to reach upstairs to her room and shut the door, unknown to her , her father was watching her every move. He was there in the balcony even, though he couldn’t hear them but had saw everything, even hear the boys shouting voice.

He never asked anything to Nandini for he believes his daughter more than anything and today also he knew, if there will be anything serious, he is the first one to whom his daughter come to share with.

Thinking to ask about her well beings next morning, he went inside his own room giving his daughter much needed privacy.



6 thoughts on “Sanam Mere Humraaz pt.5

  1. thanks for the pm!
    intense update! Thank god Kunal saved her!
    she can be stubborn! nice that he dropped her home! liked his care for her!
    what is she hiding?
    well he seems determined to make her his!
    wow she smiled!
    glad that her dad trusts her!

    wonderful precap! update soon

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