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Few weeks passed, Geet was in her 3rd month of pregnancy, definitely doing better with Maan and Dadi’s care and love. She had started to gain little weight looking gorgeous with new glow on her.

Maan was on the cloud nine seeing those changes in her for it was his hard work which paid off finally in better way. Doctor assured him this time with Geet’s health and pregnancy if he promise to look after her just they he was doing.

It was one morning, when he came out of washroom taking bath and saw his adorable wifey stood infront of the mirror again doing her favorite thing to check her little baby bump, it has started to show now a little not much.



But the sight was to behold, as she was blabbering something with their unborn baby, putting her palm on her bump, and trying to measure it with her hands.


He couldn’t help but left a soft chuckle taking steps towards her.

Geet was busy in her own world with baby, when he snake his hands on her baby bump from behind , making her startle as she put her hands on his, looking through mirror at him.


She blushed feeling his bare chest, and the way he was hugging her, his after bath smell filled her nostrils, making her closed her eyes as she lean on his chest behind.

Maan..when will baby come??

She asked desperate to hold her little soul in her hands, her eyes moisten without her own notice.

Maan smiled affectionately, seeing her eagerness, it was true ,she was waiting for their baby even more than him.

I can’t wait more.. she blabbered pouting her lips, he kissed her cheeks one by one from behind,ย either I.. sweetheart.. his hands rubbed on to her stomach then going up he cupped her bosom making her moan out.


His moisten lips trails down the path from her cheek to her jaw line, going below he buried his face in the crook of her neck, showering wet kisses there.

Maan… She turned in his arms hugging him tight. He lifts her delicate self in his arms, making his way to the bed to do morning romance with his lovely wife. As doctor has finally granted permission.

Geet was so shy yet after spending few months of romance with her hubby dear. She still turned crimson red with his mere advances with his bare chest.

She couldn’t meet his burning passionate gaze which left her always breathless yet craving for more.

He smirked playfully hovering on her from one side, keeping in mind about her condition, his hands started their own play of removing her cloths one by one.

Removing her sari completely,he placed soft yet demanding kisses on her each part of bare body with his hands roaming everywhere feeling her soft and warmness.

Geet was as if in different world now, with just her hubby dear who loved to make love with his shy and sweet wifey.

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Her eyes closed, lips parted in anticipation, enjoying his every touch, the way he was showering his love on her.

Reaching on her face, he pecks her forehead with all the love and respect he carried in his heart for her.

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Geet opened her hazel eyes feeling it through his kiss, she glanced into his chocolate eyes which shows how much he loves her, she knew he adored her so much.


Her fingertips trail down on his beard cheeks, she played with his lips with her thumb, her breath turned heavy just with the thought of his lips playing with her own.

As if reading her each thoughts and actions, he hold her hand in his with one hand and placed his lips on her soft one, stealing her heart just with his one move.

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He licks her lips sensuously making the outline of it, looking into her drowsy eyes. She closed her eyes and let him to take the lead, he kissed her passionately, pouring out his all love from the one kiss knowing, how much she loved it.

Her hands massaged his scalp , giving him pleasure to loved her more carnally, after a while she started to respond enjoying the kiss.

Both broke apart feeling breathless. He then remove her blouse from her body, giving her few kisses on her shoulder and bite her soft flesh making her moaned.

His lips lingered on her b** straps before he slide it down from her shoulders, he kissed and bite the soft flesh there and next moment remove the barrier , Geet at instant hugs him feeling conscious.

He took the blanket on making her relax a bite and started his favorite play to love her bosom.

His fingers played with one n***** while he took another in his mouth to cherished it. It had became so sensitive because of her pregnancy.

Geet was moaning continuously in his love, encouraging him further to cherish and love her.

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After there love making, she was sleeping again while he got ready in his casuals since he was having different plans today for his sweet wifey.

Geet got up after an hour and blushed furiously realizing what had happened. Her hubby dear had not left a chance to loved her recently.

She don’t know yet what was the thing which was bothering him not she knew the reason behind his sudden happiness or loving her so much this days but she was happy for him, she was happy getting her love back to life again, seeing him happy she was relieved, that never found the need to ask him again knowing it will hurt him or again make him remind of the pain which she doesn’t want.

Geet was pulled out of her thoughts feeling his lips on her forehead.

Maan walked into room and saw his beautiful wifey was awake but lost in some thoughts, he walked up to her and kissed her forehead lovingly making her startle.

Maan.. she looked up at him and turned confused seeing him still at home with his casuals on.

Aap office nahi Gaye?

Why? Don’t you like me staying with you!!?? You want to send me to office?? He teased her , his hands went on her bare shoulder, his fingers plays on her soft skin making her red.

Aisa nahi hai..

she whispered trying to be in her senses , since his naughty touches left her senseless.

You are the one, always busy in office, you don’t like to spend time with us..she pouted turning her face away,


Maan just adores his cute wifey seating on the bed with blanket wrap around while her cute little baby bump added more spice.

If Mrs.Khurana wants , she can come with Mr.khurana today, as he is taking his wifey out.

Geet, her eyes widen hearing him, her heart flutter in happiness hearing him calling her as Mrs. Khurana, she turned briskly towards him in excitement as it’s been few months she had not went out, and from the time they had landed to delhi, she was only at home, so much wanted to explore the city, and go out with her hubby. But knowing his busy schedule with office and then with her, she didn’t take a word out of her mouth. Dadi always tried but she would denied her for her own health and her desire to go out with her hubby first.

Today listening to him, she couldn’t believe, her eyes shine in happiness which make him happy.

Just yesterday he glanced to her wardrobe and realized his folly.

He didn’t had taken her out since her health was most important for him but now when she is being fine, he must, it was his duty. So he decided to first take her to the shopping to buy her new cloths and let her enjoy the day like other women.

Today seeing her so happy just with those words made him more guilty, he had promised himself to always keep her Happy and cherished her but he forgot about her small needs and happiness in his own tensions for her.

Sachi… She beamed like small child..

hmm.. he just hmm seeing her happiness.. next moment she crushed onto his chest blabbering out..


aapko Bata hai hum kitna bore ho rahe the ..though Dadima was there but I want to go out. Kitne din ho gaye..although she insisted on taking me out but I denied, hum bas aapke Sath jana chahata the.. Hume aapke Sath ghumna hai.. par aap toh Hume ghar main chodke office jate hai..kitna der lagadi aapne..

Maan was just left shock and awe listening her blabbering , he get to know many things, sometimes without words thoughts couldn’t be read.

He left a deep sigh holding her closer feeling so fool not realizing this small thing , how much she was happy.

Enough!! He shut her, don’t you want to come now? He whispered huskily blowing in her ears, hmm…she shivered then realized her condition but before she pulled out he removed the blanket from her body..


Maan.. her eyes widen,

first let me love my Beautiful wifey..he gives her passionate gazes .

she blushed seeing him removing his cloths and he joined her pulling the blanket on them, losing himself n the softness and warmth of his wifey.


Precap :- Shopping .. day out..

Maybe twist or not..??

But surely it gonna come in next few updates..

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11 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 92

  1. Her health improved,happy to see that…
    Then their moments r always
    He is taking her outside for shopping and all,she is the happiest to hear that as she always wished to go with him and see around all the place…
    Waiting for further….

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  2. Wow
    After long time…
    Loved it. Geet is recovering.
    I like maaneet moments always.
    Loved it. How much she was feeling alone when maan was away from her.
    Maan is planning to go out.
    Superb. Precap is sounding full of twist and turn.
    May be….
    Update soon dear.
    Take care

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  3. Superb chapter n geet health is improving n as maan taking good care of her n fulfilling her all wish n maan n geet both are spending time together n maan take her for shopping n geet is happy as she is going to out with him n thnxx for pm me

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  4. Yippppeeeeeeeeee:):):) I am so happy that Geet & baby are safe:):):) Maan must continue to take such care of her so that all will go well. Super super happy dearie:):):) Wowwwwwww:):):) Maan is bringing her shopping:):):) She is such an innocent kid…see the happiness in her face…She just wants to be with him…nothing else….Such pure divine love:):):)

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