He stood before the dressing table, getting ready for his office, completing his work there he was going to attend his photo shoot.

He sigh, thinking about her, it’s because of her, he is in this situation now.

He still was clueless about, why couldn’t he just denied her. Just one night and he agreed to her demands, that shouldn’t have happened but it happens always.

He thought furiously banging his both palms on the dressing table ahead while he looks into the mirror. though they didn’t yet crossed that line, but the warmth and scent of her body makes him crazy to lose himself into her.

Main Hoon Tere Armaanon Mein
I am there/present in Your desires
Main Hoon Tere Afsaanon Mein
I am there in Your stories
Main Hoon Tere Khayalon Mein
I am there in Your thoughts
Main Hi Hoon
It’s just me

He felt tremors of pleasure running down his spine just with the thought of their previous night,it was totally bliss, the way she submitted herself to him..

He smirked looking back into the mirror and now she suddenly appear in front of him, her image in the mirror gives him seductive yet naughty looks.


Instagram media - BqR3EWPjsXs

Dil Ki Chaar Deewaron Pe
On the four walls of the heart
Aashiq Doobe Kinaaron Pe
The lovers are drowning near the shore
Phir Bhi Labon Pe
Still on their lips

Naam Hai Mera Mera… Naam Hai Mera Mera… (x4)
My name is there/present, my name is there
(Despite all this, guys are crazy about me)

The power she holds on everyone, he realized it today. He smirks playfully placing his both hands on the either side of the mirror, he caged her image, was going to put his lips on to her but she disappeared and before he realizes it he heard her seductive voice coming from behind,

Tere Jigar Ki Khwahish Mein
In the desires of Your heart
Teri Wafaa Ki Bandish Mein
In the bonds of Your fidelity
Mohabbaton Ki Ranjish Mein
In the anguish of this love
Main Hi Hoon
It’s just me

He watched on amazed, as her appearance walked out from the one of her huge posters, she walked near him seductively, reaching upto him, her fingers trail down on his face making him lost in her soft touches,


he was just gaping at her while, she smirk yet again naughtily as her hands went on his chest, touching him ever so sensuously making him go hard.

Mit Gaye Kitne Ishaaron Pe
So many have gotten eradicated on just a glimpse(of me)
Phir Bhi Labon Pe
Still on their lips

Naam Hai Mera Mera… Naam Hai Mera Mera… (x4)
My name is there, my name is there

He was going to grasp her but her appearance vanished in thin air, making him frustrated, he walked angrily towards her each photographs which was hanging on the wall..


I am not going to fall in your any bewitching trap.. I am not like other fools.. get that miss Geetakshi .

I am Man Singh Khurana…

Saying so he walked back to the dressing table and taking the scent bottle bang it hard on her one of the huge portrait shattering it’s glass pieces.


Naam Hai Mera Mera… Naam Hai Mera Mera… (x4)
My name is there, my name is there

Geet was relaxing on the rest chair while beauticians were working on her.  She was going to just relax today, the day only for herself.

But the restlessness in her heart was making her confused, She wanted to make a call to him but stops herself knowing she shouldn’t disturb him.

Her thoughts took a sudden break feeling sudden hit of pain. She looked at the source and saw her finger had a slight cut as small amount of blood drip out of the wound , the girl had mistakenly cut her finger.

I am sorry mam..so sorry..  it happens by mistake.

It’s all right! As it was unintentional, so leave it , it happens.

Geet assured the girl with a small smile while the girl just shook her head blown by the modesty of Geet.

Maan walked out of the office attending his imp work, his assistant Adi following him as always.

As he closed his eyes to just relax himself but the flashes of their previous night together couldn’t be erased from his mind, his heart thudded loudly , he gulp hard the emotions those flashes were bringing along.

tu hi mere armaanon mein
tu hi mere afasanon mein
khayaalon ke paimaanon mein, tu hi tu

you are there in my desires,
you are there in my stories,
you alone are there in the drinks of my dreams.

He couldn’t let her thoughts even to overpowered him making him lost in her to think anything other.

But the day without her is impossible, his heart argued, Now also he was missing her terribly, but she hadn’t even make one call to him. She even denied to come with him.

Why should he bother if she doesn’t. She only knows to play with him, the way she had managed to make him agree still was there in his mind, hurting his who badly, he was drown in her like that, couldn’t refused.

His thoughts comes to halt with a break to the car.

Sir, we reach!! Adi called him and both got down to walked inside the studio.

It’s been an hour now, and Maan Singh Khurana was turning frustrated by each passing seconds. Adi was always there to make his boss cool down though it was not easy to please MSK. 

Maan was getting irritated with those make up stuff, then changing of cloths, trying each thing differently. It was surely not his cup of tea, he groans angrily like a injured lion , cursing Geetakshi every minute for making him stuck in this situation.

As the photoshoot began, every person on the set make sure to keep everything on the place, not to make him more angry.

Once he started to gives poses, the people on the set kept gaping him, his aura.. they couldn’t break the spell the man caste on them. Girls started to drool on him.

But Maan was lost somewhere, he looked around with his each poses, each snaps taken, there was She, everywhere he took a turn.

mere jigar ki khwaahish mein
meri wafaa ki bandish mein
mohabbaton ki ranjish mein, tu hi tu
tera tasavvur chaaron taraf hai, O…

in the desire of my heart,
in the song of my love,
in the attitude of my love, there is just you.
your images are all around me…

He was spellbound by the beauty which has surrounded him again. There were big screens on the walls of the room where his photo shoot was going on.

It was there for a feel and effect. The room was designed like that only leaving background for the photo shoot and Geetakshi’s pictures were rolling by on every huge screen like a slideshow with soft music on, followed by her live photo shoot.

Sometimes slideshow and video was disappearing coming back the normal screens for the photoshoot.

Maan was just spell bounded by his lady love, he felt she is here in reality giving different poses along with him.

Lost in her, he started giving different poses, feeling as if she was really there with him.

This video doesn’t exist

dil ki surkh deewaron pe
deewaron pe
naam hai tera tera

on the red walls of the heart,
there is just your name there.

He took a break to for the next last session, it was going to be shirtless with Geet’s name written on his chest with red color as if showing it has written with blood.

As Dhanraaj explained him , he gives him one tough look.

Look, MK, it is much needed, as Geetakshi’s name in the movie is Geet, so as per the concept , the lead actor has her name written on his chest with the blood.

He said, fearing from his anger as he had seen him being frustrated with this photoshoot thing.

All right!! Maan replied coldly giving them approval while all started to work on him.

dil ki surkh deewaron pe
deewaron pe
naam hai tera tera

on the red walls of the heart,
there is just your name there.

He looked at his chest, sliding his shirt from there where he had written her name that night with the knife, blood has has ooze out giving him tremendous pain, but the real pain was that seeing her in pain.

It was his real blood that flows out from him for his Aashiqui Geetakshi but here MSK was writing her name just with fake blood.

He mocks , touching her letters on his chest as if feeling her.

Geet snap opened her eyes, feeling scared, her whole was shivering as she looked around, if anyone was there.

What happened?? Pinky asked worried seeing her condition.

Don’t know pinky, but I thought like someone was touching me.

Pinky gives her looks, she was so confused.

It was so scaring, pinky. I wasn’t even sleeping then why did I felt like that.

Now pinky was really concern for her, Geet , you take rest for a while, you will feel better.

But Geet denied, she was still feeling uneasy, finally she decided to visit him. Just have a one glance of him, she will be fine then surely.



Maan was giving his last photoshoot with her name on his chest and that’s how she found him.

She was tongue tied with the view, her whole shiver getting flashes of there last night make out seeing him bare like that. but soon her whole burnt with jealousy seeing girls drooling on him.

She just wanted him to walk out of the place or she will drag him out for sure.

Maan wear his shirt and as he took a turn, he was sweetly surprised on finding her there. For a while he thought it’s another of his illusions.

So beautiful_kissing_heart__heart_ - drashtidhami @dhamidrashti

But she was really there, with that one shoulder floral dress on looking beautiful as ever, he thought taking steps towards her.

Precap :-

“So tell me , how many nights you have spent and with how many people for your so call career”

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  1. Woowww MSK and photoshoot was simply fab he was feeling geet with him all the while posing for pics…and he was damn frustrated thinking that she is not missing him…their previous night made them feel more for each other…the final pose of the photoshoot was amazing now this aashiq also have her name imprint in his chest…when geet saw maan like that she blushed and was feeling quite jealous as there were many girls drooling on him well now she is in maan shoes… This how even he feels when someone romancing with her for films waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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    1. 😂😂😁😁 oh..yeah he too not like her romancing with other. ..well this is just the beginning..wait and see next.. as the fire has ignited now from both sides..😉😉


  2. Superb it is…
    Both r lost in their moments they shared previously…
    He is disturbed that all he is seeing and thinking is about her and their moments….
    All r drooling on him during the photoshoot and he only seeing her all around him…
    Her aashiq is always a step ahead,he also imprint her name with his own blood,
    She is feeling his touch,he only touch the letters but she sensed that,it’s become more scary and intrigued,how can she feel that…
    She is there to see him,to feel relaxed…


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  3. Nice update n maan n geet both are thinking about their previous night n maan photos shoot was good n he is looking awesome n all girls were drooling him during photoshoot n thnxx for pm me

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  4. Superb update dear.
    He was searching her. Everywhere he saw her. He got frustrated. He was angry on himself. That geet was controlling his heart and mind.
    Because of that he agreed for photoshoot.
    He write geet’s name on his heart!
    Geet came there to meet maan.
    But precap is terrible.
    Why he said those words to her?
    Update soon dear.
    Take care.

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  5. I really don’t understand Maan…He thinks that Geet is bewitching him? Why? Does she gain anything from him so far? She loves him from the bottom of her heart but Maan is so blinded by his name, image, ego & status that he can’t see the truth…If the precap are his words to Geet…then he is a lost cause! Geet should cut off all ties and move away to some other part of the world and lead her life in peace alone.

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