Tere bina zindagi se koyi, shikwa, toh nahi

Tere bina zindagi bhi lekin, zindagi, toh nahi

I have no complaints against a life without you

But a life without you is hardly a life

He bend down while Geet flinch back thinking that he is going to kiss her again but she left awe with his next action as he gives soft kiss on her forehead lovingly,Thank you for this!!

GHSP 171(1)_8812

She closed her eyes to treasure a moment, but those words rang from the past, she let go those thoughts ignoring it all together, just enjoying the moment.

Maan watched her, she was still siting with her close eyes, he smiled softly knowing his innocent mishty.


He called her to gain her attention and she opened her eyes slowly. What will you like to eat? I will order food for you!!

You don’t take trouble.. I will manage, he replied flat keeping her emotions in control.

Ignoring her, he made a call ordering her favorite eatables and keep the receiver down.

he turned to look at her , only to see her fuming , her red eyes glaring him .

I told you, you don’t need to, I still needs to break my fast!! She twisted her lips and turned her face from him.

Waise bhi…I am not bhukkad.. she mutters but he heard it and next her stomach grumbles so loudly making her hell embarrassed.

Maan broke into laughter and Geet pouted her lips, there was cute frown on her face as if ready to cry, she gives him accusing looks.

Maan stopped his laugh and just continue to watched her as she was looking same small Geet , his mishty who loved her food like anything..such foodie she was and still…


As soon as both broke each other’s fast, Geet straightway dash towards the dinning table where Nakul was placing her every favourite dishes , as if adorning the dinning table with different food.

Geet, her face was worth watching as she continues to gap at every dishes, her mouth watered, Maan chalo na..jaldi..bahot bhook lagi hai.. she mutter hurriedly dragging him along with her.

You are such a bhukkad, mishty..

And that’s it, Geet was going to take the bite but she stops and turned to look at him, he had started to laugh now hearing her stomach sound.

You are dusht danav.. she gives him accusing looks, frowning cutely at him.


Just then Dadi came and joined them.nakul narrated all happening to her and she couldn’t help but adore the couple .

Dekhiye na Dadima, I kept fast for him whole day, being do small and he is teasing me now..calling bhukkad..

She was on the verge of crying now not able to take his teasing,

Awee..mera bacha.. Dadima took her in a bear hug. Maan, this is not fair, ask sorry from her now..she gives him one glare but Maan’s attention was on her, she really took his teasing to her heart.

Mishty.. sorry..I won’t tease you henceforth.. it was my fault.. I am accepting.

He held his both ears as she turned to looked at him, she melted at instant giving him big smile.

Let’s have your dinner now , I am also hungry.

He said to change the topic but next she gives him taunt, bhukkad.. and stuck her tounge out teasing him.

Maan couldn’t help but smile seeing her like that.



I know you!! He whispered huskily , as he reach near her, he opened her hairs as her bun was loose, Jasmine flowers from her hairs falls down, few on her bare arms, few entangled in her hairs making her look seductive.

Maan was lost in her, so was she, as he started to close the distant between both their lips.

Just then there was a knock on the door, he groan in frustration getting up.

It was waiter who entered inside with the trolley of food. He went out and Maan closed the door again.

Geet came out and gasp seeing the items on food as Maan open the lids one by one.

Her stomach again grumbles and she rushed towards the table where the food was place.

But soon her step stops realizing she still needs to break her fast.

GHSP 180 HD_7179

Maan who was watching her every move saw her stopping suddenly, what happened..come, food will turn cold. He waited but she didn’t move, I need to break my fast, if you want you can have it. She told stubbornly crossing her hands on her chest not looking at him.

This makes him so furious but kept his anger in control, all right, I won’t either have it, saying so he rushed towards the door to go.

Geet looked startle hearing him, she looked up to see him ready to open the door , just then she remembers about him keeping fast for her.


Rukiye, Maan!!

His heartbeat raises hearing her sweet voice stopping him. He turned to looked at her, she was fidgeting with her sari pallu not meeting his eyes.

She don’t know how to stop him, he didn’t either breaks his fast Geet, but it was his fault, why did he kept fast for her. She won’t break it.

He waited and waited for few minutes for her to speak something but she didn’t, he was really hurt now, he just opened the door angrily.

Maan..plz stop.. she again call him, this time his patience broke and he just closed the door shut , walking back towards her angrily.


Woh…I just… Words stuck in her thrath seeing him so angry, she gulp hard seeing his red furious eyes.

You are scaring me.. she mumbled and he was melted that instant as he realizes his fault.

What!?? He asked again this time softly reaching up to her, he jerk her in his arms holding her waist.

Geet gasp, turning pink feeling his arms touching her bare waist, you need to break your fast na!!? She asked softly not meeting his gaze , Maan was surprised hearing her, yes I need!! But who will break it!?? He asked her back cupping her chin.

You shouldn’t have kept it, Maan.

Kyun?? Won’t you break it!! He teased her further , when she looked up and meet his chocolate eyes, soon both was drown in the eye lock.

I.. she stammers, not knowing how to refused, her heart and mind both completely denied, on that his eyes those play their magic on her, he was so demanding, she couldn’t refused, why..why babaji!?

She mumbled audibly..looking deep into his passionate eyes trying to find the solution of her problem.

Because you love me, Geet!!

He whispered huskily blowing his breath on her face that left her mesmerized, she was lost in his charms, his unconditional love that was pouring out through his gesture, his eyes.

I can’t Maan..I can’t..


Jee mein aata hai, tere daaman mein,

Sar chupake ham rote rahe, rote rahe

All I wish to do is seek refuge in your arms

And keep crying; keep crying

she broke down in his arms hugging him tight.

You have to mishty.. you have to .he pulled her apart , really furious now.


Or else I am not breaking it myself..nor anyone only you!! He looked so determine that left her shiver in fear for the consequences.

Precap :- Same…

Will she break his fast..??


16 thoughts on “MSK’S LOST BRIDE PART 16

  1. Their past is love only,they r the cutest,their teasing to each other saying about food,geet is such a sweet heart…

    Their present,she is only his,his love for her,and she is too,her heart can feel that he is special to her,some connections btwn them,a sacred feeling,that belonging,since she lost her memory only she can’t identify him…

    Will she break his fast, waiting…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice update n maan remember about their first kc n geet is foodie n he teasing her n now maan kept fast for geet an asking her to break his fast or else he will not break his fast n thnxx for pm me

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow loved both past and present moments maaneet cute moments he calling geet bhukkad…the way her cute expressions loved it in present she can’t control her hunger seeing the food..she is not ready to break her fast…but maan is frustrated and was about to leave that’s when she realized that even he is fasting for her… waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Loved it very much. Maan taking care of her.
    Past is very cute. Maan was troubleing her. Poor geet.
    In present he ordered food for her. But geet refused to eat. Maan. He was angry. Geet knew that maan kept fast for her. She refused to break his fast. Maan was before going out of the room geet called him and stopped him. He got angery again. He knew that geet loves him. But her reaction…
    I just love their bonding. Their love. Maans passion for her. He madly loves her. And somewhere geet too.
    Update soon dear.
    Take care.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Its so adorable:):):) The way they cutely tease and crib & make up with their love….So adorable and beautiful:):):) I super loved it dearie:):):) Maan knows that Geet cannot remember her past…their love, their marriage…everything…he has to be more patient with her…most importantly he has to make her feel his love…talk to her about their past…make her realise that its has always been him that she loved and lives for…Same with him…I do not want a situation where she fears him so much that she would rather stay away from him…

    Liked by 1 person

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