Oh Zara zara touch me touch me touch me

Oh zara zara kiss me kiss me kiss me

Oh zara zara hold me hold me hold me

Oh zara zara, oo ooo.

Geet got lost in his sinful lips forgetting about alcoholic smell she got drown in his passionate kiss as he nibble and chew her lips sucking her supple lips hungrily .he did missed her like hell , crave for her closeness .

He kissed her to his heart content literally laying her down on the bed as he hover on her kissing her madly while she just enjoy his sweet assault as his rough hands roam all over her body feeling her .

I love the way you touchin’ me, feeling me Boy

I’m gonna be rebelling Boy

my little secrets gonna let you know
That when you put your arms around me

Her sari pallu fall down revealing her half cleavage to him and that look more pretty than ever. He broke the kiss and continue to looked at it making her blush red as her breaths were high with there passionate kiss .his eyes turn dark as he looked at her heaving breasts hiding behind that fabric.

I love the way just you surround me
Oh boy I’m gonna loose control

He get to know that she didn’t wore her inner cloth as her nipples were seen to his hungry eyes clearly through that thin material of her blouse. His desires grow to new level of insanity that he just wanted to devour her right there.

I love the way you touchin’ me, feeling me Boy I’m gonna be rebelling
Boy my little secrets gonna let you know That when you put your arms around me I love the way just you surround me
Oh boy I’m gonna loose control

She felt warm under his hot gaze that her body started to touch by him. As his hands touch over her half cleavage she shiver with unknown desires growing inside her.his all burn with that small touch on her soft beauty. He cupped her both br**** in his palms on her blouse making her moan out loudly.
He smash his hungry mouth on her bulge and started to kissed hungrily there biting her there..

Tera hi tera hi intezaar hai
Mujhe to bas tujhse pyaar hai
Tera hi tera abb khumaar hai
Khud pe na mere ikhtiyaar hai

Maann..she scream out in pure ecstasy grabbing his nape as she pushed his face more into her.

He bite on her nipples hard on her blouse itself but that was so soft and easily come into his mouth only with her blouse material. He suck both of her br**** making her blouse wet and her cleavage looks more prominent leaving nothing to hide ..

Once time touch me like this
I like what you want
What you give it’s a risk
Two time touch me like this
Together wanna fasa the style the way that a lover

He remove his shirt suddenly getting up a little and she gasp with his gorgeous was on the pull side she had watch his bare sight and now watching it by so close something stir inside her making her all wet. Her hands touch his torso making him groan in pleasure .. no girl had that magic on him which his women is having ..he thought with her soft touch with her hazel eyes shining in bright night. He kiss it lovingly showing his happiness for having her close to him. She pulled him closer in a tight hug as she buried her face in a crook of his neck sniffing his masculine scent.
He groan with her actions as his gangs massage her on her body freely roaming everywhere and he pulled out her blouse slowly so that she can’t be scare..

I know what you want, what you can, what you say. My lover

She sigh in pleasure with her eyes close lost in his passion as she felt his hands touching slowly and softly her most forbidden parts. .

He buried his face inside her neck kissing there softly while his palms started to feel her both assets. .he massage it both giving her desirable pleasure as her nipples poke on his fingers asking him to take it in his mouth.

Yeh dard-e-dil to ho na kam
Sataye abb dooriyon ka ghum
Behek jaye na yeh kadam
Hai tujhe meri jaan ki qasam

She arched her back feeling his lips roaming on her taught nipples but he didn’t take them in his mouth ..he kiss both of it lovingly leaving it wet..he was about to take them in his mouth but soon he catch the sight of her bruises ..

How could he forget about her injuries and bad health.she was just burning yesterday with her torso fill with bruises..

8 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 15

  1. Omg such a passionate moment between maaneet though he is not in sense still he cared for her bruises and stopped himself love the way he care for his geet waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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  2. Awesome chapter n maan n geet both have feelings for each other n maan thought to make geet his n take her away from king n maan n geet both drown in their passion but still maan care for her bruiese n thnxx for pm me

    Liked by 1 person

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