Sanam Mere Humraaz pt.2


Kunal was just watching her intently, he was gaping her wet beauty without a blink.

Nandini turned restless now with his gawking gaze, she became uncomfortable now standing still before his intent gaze.


“Excuse me..?? ”


He looked at her moving lips which were shivering with cold, while her sweet melodious voice buzz into his ears.

Getting no response from him , Nandini thought to now go , as he was scaring her now.


she turned to go inside, his voice stop her, Nandini..

Her eyes widen in horror thinking, how does he know her name, she stood still for a while.

Kunal was brought back to his senses, seeing her going away, he quickly stop her, seeing her standing still, he decided to make a move.

He reached upto her from behind, Nandini, you dance so beautifully..he murmured closed to her.

Nandini shivered feeling him behind her, before she could make a move, the wind was so wild that it blew off her sari from front with a such force that even Nandini couldn’t hold it.

Dhak dhak mora jiya kare
Tan se chunar jab udh jaye

Both were so startle with the sudden events, Kunal just kept gaping her as how she was trying to hold her sari pallu closed to her chest , but it was giving her hard time.

Finally he decided to help her, she was continuously shivering in cold, when she felt his arms coming on her body, his hot breath teased her , his cheeks graze on her soft one making her condition worsen as she stopped her attempts.

Kunal fail to see his effect on her as he was really trying to help her with her sari pallu. He got hold of it, when she suddenly turned in his arms and hide herself by burying her face in his chest, feeling embarrassed.


Kunal was sweetly shock, he smiled softly while wrapping her sari pallu around her body, there by covering her.

Yaad piya ki aane lagi
Haye bheegi bheegi raaton mein
Yaad piya ki aane lagi
Haye bheegi bheegi raaton mein

Good Morning Günaydın Hayırlı sabahlar Herkese.._heart_eyes_ . Mutlu Hafta Sonları Herkese

Nandini came back to her senses and just jerk out of his arms realizing what she did, her eyes became wet with anger and those unsaid emotions which he fail to realize.


Before he could utter any word, she ran away from there.

Kunal stood still not knowing what to do, he didn’t even confessed to her, shit..!! He raked his hand furiously through his wet hairs.

Giving one look to her house, he decided to take a leave for today.

Ya_mur'u hisset_sweat_drops_ @dhamidrashti @shaktiarora - silsilabadalterishtonka- hintdizil


Few days passed, kunal was waiting for the right moment to tell her his feelings, he get to know from there first meeting that he really scared her. She must be thinking wrong about him and then those Beautiful Hazels of hers fill with undefined emotions,he don’t know, those red fuming eyes, she was so furious ,.. well that should have happened, how would any girl react with his advances but he was just trying to help her, his mind argue while heart scream back , help her or something else??

Oh shut up!!

Kunal said out loudly only to making his employees looked up astonished seeing their boss behavior recently.

He just excused himself from the meeting and went to his cabin.

He was really frustrated with line up meetings , those were the another reason that he was not able to meet her again after that day.

He thought for a while , when his secretary again buzz him to inform about another schedule meeting, those are so important to decline.he sigh gearing up himself to attend it.

Kunal was in the lift waiting for it to reach the floor , as he had just came back finishing his meeting held in the hotel, it was on the top most floor.

When lift stop on the one of floor , the lift door opened and she entered like a fresh breeze.

He was looking into his phone, and just then feeling that soft wind blowing passed him, he senses her, her sweet feminine scent engulf his senses as he looked up to see her there before his eyes.


Nandini was shock on finding the same stranger , she was definitely frustrated , she clutches her purse and turned another side facing her back to him.

Kunal'_n bak__lar__sparkling_heart_ . - drashtidhami - drashti - dd - geethuisubseparayi - meiej - ma

Kunal was more than happy to see his lady love there beside him. He started to gaze her,she was wearing yellow sari just like that day enhancing her beauty, her silky hairs fallen on her back hiding her everything from him, as they teased her soft cheeks, she tucked them behind her ears, her fingertips teased her dangling earrings in ears, making her look even more beautiful.

There was small smile on his face , just watching her continuously, when he realized he had to confessed her about his feelings , and this is the right moment for him, he will just proposed her for marriage.


He again called her from behind just like that day, she was definitely curious to know now that how does he knew her name and who the hell he is??

Thinking so she turned around furiously, her angry Hazels left him startle , he stutter for a while seeing her giving him angry looks.


How do you know my name and who are you??

Kunal composed himself knowing this is now or never situation for him. He forwarded his hand for handshake, hi, I am Kunal Malhotra, MD of Malhotra Industries.


Nandini clearly ignored his forwarded hand making him offended though he didn’t mind but continued his taking much to her irritation.

While watching your dance that day, the children *** program, I fell in love with you .

Now this came as a shock for her, she watched him with her eyes and mouth open which actually left Kunal chuckle on her expressions.

DlWktIZX0AAGeye (1)

Excuse me, I thought you are a decent person, but looked like my assumption were wrong, finally she spoke mistaking his intentions.

Ignoring her taunts he continued, my parents are behind me for marriage,

Breaking him in middle she again gives a taunt, so you are behind me now!??

They wanted me to settled down and finally I found you,


“Don’t you have manners, Mr. Proposing the alone girl like this in the lift.” she crossed her hands on her chest, giving him a look.

“If you can tell me your favorite place, we can go there for our first date.”

Nandini was irritated now with his constant nagging, his irritating talks.

Kunal could see her getting irritated by her talks, but he wouldn’t give up, “I really started to love you, Nandini and I wanted to marry you!!”

Before she could answer him back, the lift got stuck and lights went off scaring the hell out of her.

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8 thoughts on “Sanam Mere Humraaz pt.2

  1. thanks for the pm!
    Part 2
    excellent update! well written!
    eager to know more about Nandini! she seemed scared!
    Kunal upset as he was unable to confess and then meet her!
    destiny had other plans! so he meets her again!
    omg he proposes! she is shocked!
    update soon!
    interesting precap

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  2. Nice update n kunal is upset as he not confessed his feeling for her n again they meet and he confessed that he love her n they were talking n then lift stop n nandini got scared n thnxx for pm me

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  3. Parts 2& 3
    Wonderful updates!
    Such vivid scenes, so well written that you can visualize them. Sari pallu scene was romantic. Poor Kunal is head over heels but was unable to confess. 2nd mtg in lift was initially very funny, his confession, his proposal. Imagine a total stranger meeting you in a elevator saying that he loved you & wanted to marry you. Poor geet must be spooked. However geet being so frightened when the elevator stalled foreshadows that there is something dark in geet’s past. Curious regarding next part.

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