Geet woke up from her Beautiful sleep, yawning, her whole body ached while her injured hand was paining like hell as her wounds got opened again with their last night passion.

She wince in pain, getting up from the bed lazily, she realized that Maan was not there, she wrap the bed sheet around her body blushing like hell to see the blood stains on the bed, she tried to walked holding the wall, as her whole body felt as if on the fire.

The first thing she did as per her routine to glance in the mirror and her eyes widen in horror, seeing her bruise swollen lips, whole face was red , she couldn’t recognize herself .

She hides her face in her palms and that’s how he found his baby doll.

All shy even hiding her face from own self. He couldn’t help the smile that linger on his lips watching her adoring self.

He walked upto her, he was ready with his jeans and shirt on.

Geet pulled off her hands from her face , feeling his presence, she looked up in the mirror seeing him just standing behind her.


Next moment , she turned briskly in his arms , hugging him tight, maann…

Hmm…baby… He whispered back hugging her back, almost he raised her holding her waist, he placed soft kisses on her neck line, before pulling apart. Her body felt warm that makes him worried for her.

Are you okay??

He asked concern cupping her face, she looked into his worried eyes and said yes  , I am fine, just my body aching badly.. she confessed pouting her lips.

He stolen a quick kiss from her lips and took her in his arms, Geet hold him from his neck, resting her head on his shoulder.

He made her stand in the well arrange bathroom for his lady love.

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Geet, her eyes shine in excitement seeing the arrangements, she squeal in happiness, making him satisfied with her reaction.

He put her down on her feet and pulled out the sheet from her body making her so shy, she couldn’t move , closing her eyes, he took her in his arms like a baby and put her inside the Jacuzzi.


Geet squeal in happiness again while he sat on his knees beside her to watch her childlike excitement , his heart filled up undefined happiness seeing her so happy.


He was pulled out of her spell as she started to splash bubble water on him.

Geett… He was startled with her move as he had already taken bath, was all ready but now she made a mess with her childish acts.

Chillate Kyun hi??! Here take it..your punishment..saying so she again splash more water on him.

He was definitely frustrated now, now don’t blame me, for the consequences ,!??

His dangerously warned her making her suddenly shut, her face was worth watching, as she saw him taking out his cloths, he was just in his underwear now when she closed her eyes feeling extremely shy.


Maan smirks playfully, stepping inside the bathtub, Geet gasp suddenly finding him behind her, Maan…get out.. get out.. she started splash water in him crazily.

Maan have no option but to grasp her tightly, what happened now..!?? He husk so dangerously looking into her hazel eyes passionately.


She was at loss of words, just continue to gap at his wet look, he pinch her belly button, bringing her back, and she screams furiously , maann..you are gone now… Saying so she started to bang on his chest furiously turning mad with his teasing.

He suddenly saw her bandage getting sock with blood, Geet stop..baby… He quickly got out and getting the first aid kit, he bandaged her hand. She wince in pain while his face was hard showing nothing but hidden anger and pain which she knew he definitely would be for he can’t see her in pain.

Maan.. I am fine..

He gives her a glare , seeing her henna filled hands , that too with that dreadful cut on it, it was not a good sight for him.

Geet realized it and pulled him again in the bathtub.

Geet, what the hell…your bandaged will be soak again.!! He glared at her furiously to which she pouted her lips, you will do it again, won’t you!?? She manofy him hanging on his neck, her bare body rubs onto his making him burn in desire.

You aren’t doing it right!! He warned her with his husky baritone , grasping her closer, his hands went on her b***** cupping it sexily, he gives soft massages to it.

I know..she moaned burying her face in the crook of his neck, she bite him hard there, he pressed her hips as a reflex.

I want to show you something.. she whispered huskily, rubbing her hands on his torso making him wild , he pulled her apart grasping her wet curls from behind and next moment he smack his lips on her for a passionate kiss.

He kissed her so wildly and deeply leaving her breathless. She was whole red, hearing him next her face became like cherry.

What else you want to show..I have seen everything.. he whispered near her ears, kissing sensuously on her cheek.

Maan… She pushed him slightly and then shows him her henna filled hands.

Maan was furious reminding about the happenings , he was angry to think that she had adorn her hands with henna for someone else not him.

Maan, dekho na.. how beautiful it looks!! She teased him knowing well about the thoughts going inside his mind.


He grasp her closed again, almost touching their lips, you know baby.. you are mine now..and  won’t tolerate it.. he warned her so dangerously, almost taking her breath away.

Maan.. she pushed him angrily away, you are such a hippo, he was still furious that gives her one dreadful glare, but she was not the one take his wrath without her fault,

You have no trust on me!! You hippo!! How can you even think , I would apply it for someone else, didn’t it prove you enough of my love by cutting my wrist.

She screams out furiously really mad at him, few tears drop down on her wet cheeks.

Maan realized what blunder he did, he looked at her to see her ready to get out of the tub, grasp her quickly, Geet, pulling her down again in his arms, she tried to wriggled but he hold her tight.

I am sorry.. I am sorry…baby..really sorry..

I know you only loved me, Geet, and you don’t need to do those stunts again to proved your love to me , I know and I have belief on your love.

I love you baby..

Geet was now calm, she stops her struggle but lay still in his arms, what you wanted to show me?? He again asked this time rubbing his hands on her soft body making her lose in him.

She turned back and show him her hands, find your name ,

Maan looked confused, then surprised, as he watched her face, hmm..find your name Maan, it’s ritual, isn’t it !?

Seeing his surprise expression, she continues,  how can I write someone else name, it’s always you Maan..my hubby dear, she kissed his beard cheek lovingly making him chock with emotions.

I am sorry.. he peck her forehead lovingly , he was really guilty to even mistrust her for a small thing even.

It’s okay..I know, Geet pouted, making faces, when he grabs her hands, to have a look , he find the four letters of his name in her hands and shows her but the wound on her wrist in between her henna slit his heart in pain , he softly kissed there.

He showered soft kisses on  her both arms going up  from her wrists,till her shoulders, whispering only I love you with every kiss.

Geet, her anger melt down in blink with his loving gesture.

I love you, I just can’t help my possessiveness overpowering sometimes..


Geet raise her one brow looking at him, you are such a possessive my hippo..!!

She pinch his cheeks, pulling it making him irritated, Geet don’t call me that!!

Why!?? You are my hippo..



Geet shut up..or else..

Or else..what..what would you do..

What I can do!? I will show you..

And next moment, he started to tickle her , his fingers playing on her soft tummy and waist, making her roll down in the fits of laughter..




PRECAP :- MAYAsmiley15



  1. Hyeee it’s all about a new morning of a newly wedded couple… how cute were their nokjoks…maan was hell worried for her wounds…maaneet and there ending romance loved the part of henna waiting to read more now what is Maya upto curious to know

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome it is…
    Them r ♥❤
    Their new beginning…
    Their teases,moments and togetherness is full in this update…
    Their love for each other😘
    Enjoying their new start without anyone’s intrusion…
    Precap 👌, waiting for Maya,wt will she do now…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. happy to see geet soooooooooooooo much happy………….dear wanna know mystery behind maan………..

    lovely update………….

    loved it very much………….

    Liked by 1 person

  4. So sweet the 2 of them lost in their world of love & togetherness. LOLOLOL:):):) Yes he is such a hippo! How can he even think that she would do it for anyone else? Hippo MSK! But both of them are so adorable in their love antics:):):)

    Liked by 1 person

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