Part 13

He enter inside her room to see her standing at a window watching outside.only her back was visible to him not her face which was having longing expression on it .

As he step closer only to see her back injuries was still there though in healing way. He silently open a one of drawer diverting her attention towards him.she saw him taking out the tube of cream to apply on her injuries.

She sigh .she had forgot about it but now remembering it the pain seems to have come back as she realized the itching sensation.

He came closer and slowly unpin her sari pallu to get the clear view of her injuries.

Geet sigh knowing him so well now.she just clutch the window pane tightly .

He then opened her each dori to see if there are also wounds .but on there side he wanted to see her as well.

Maan..geet gasp feeling his gesture.

Let me..he demanded like always and she can’t stop him , just down caste her head in shyness.

He slide down the blouse strips off both shoulders.and as he had assume before there were also the wounds on her shoulders as well as below.he saw the strap of bra sticking glueing to skin on the he touch it to little bit lift but she hissed in pain silently making him aware of her condition.

Why are you wearing this ? He rasp out frustratingly sliding the strip as well below on her arms making her shock .

Maan..she turn around suddenly feeling conscious. He get to know that what was he doing.he saw her flush face with her arms hiding herself from him .it make him frustrated more as he thought of The king.who might be getting the chance to see her even n***. He don’t want to think more .he close his eyes on frustration as he pulled her to him throwing her blouse aside that landed on the bed.

Maan..geet gasp .it’s happened all in few seconds left her bewilder.

Don’t you dare to hide your from me .he waned literally seeing her flush face .

Geet was more shock with his statement but she didn’t get angry or like that. .don’t know why but she loved his authority on her.

He turn her slowly and she oblige silently not wanting to made him more angry when he was caring for her.the only person in her little world.

Don’t wear this ..he demanded in his authoritative voice sending chills down her spine as her cheeks burn red feeling his fingers removing her bra from shoulders but soon he come forward and close the window which he had forgot  .

There is no one to see’s restricted by the king .she answer sensing his worry and anger.

But the remind of the king make him fume more as he unclasp her bra and in swift moment remove that as well making her hug him at once turning towards him as the cold wind touch her body.

Geet ..he groan feeling her hard nipples poking through his thin material of shirt.

Ummm. .she moan coming under his hot persona.

He clasp his hands on her bare back feeling utmost pleasure rushing through his veins.

But hearing her another moan he come back to his senses.her wounds need first aiding .

He take her in his arms slowly making her to hide herself into him as she stick her bare chest on him.

He wrap her back with the blanket with one hand while she snatch that hiding herself completely in it.

He smile adoring her innocence.

He let her lay down on the bed and made her turn on her back.she willingly lay down on her stomach as he unwrap her back completely to see that fill up with wounds ..little bit still fresh because of her tight clothing.

He slowly touch it and she hissed in pain and pleasure.he then bend down and kiss her every wounds slowly with utmost love and care oozing out with his each kiss making her eyes tear up with the care he is showering on her.

He lift her both hands kiss on her side breast as well where there was little marks making her gulp her was first time of she was feeling this .her core became wet feeling his touch on her forbidden parts.

Maan groan in desires feeling her softness under his lips.he rubs there more than necessary with his beard .making her arch it to him.

Maan..she moan making him move back to his destined work.

He slowly started to applied the ointment on her each injuries making her wounds itch the more.

Ummm. .pls rub there na.she request lost in his touch making him groan with her seducing voice and demand.

He rub on her side bulge more to get pleasure as well. It’s so soft under his fingers .he wanted to take it in his mouth as well but he have other things on his mind right now.

He lastly felt her side breast and get up to wash his hands.

Get ready fast and yes don’t ever wear that stupid thing or else. .he left the words warning her dangerously making her shiver with his tone .she nodded silently turning her head.

Geet however she tries but she can’t able to stop herself from wearing her bra. It’s felt so empty and nude to her to not wear that .she thought that maan would not be knowing.

Here maan was trying to calm his nerves after what transmit between them.he can  still feel her softness on his fingers , he kiss them ever so sensuously as if kissing her.

Very soon that will also happen , he thought with mischievous smirk playing on his lips that wanted to touch her forbidden parts.his thoughts broke hearing her cham cham sound.

He turn to met with her gorgeous sight.his eyes linger on her one body part more than necessary. She follow it and her breath stuck seeing his hot gaze on her chest.she try to hide more herself with sari which fuel more to his anger as he take each step dangerously towards her , Geet shiver taking steps back along with his.and she hit her back behind the bed resulting in her fall on the bed while maan hurried towards her worried for her.

Geet..are you alright sweetheart ? He asked concern lifting her up and as her saree pallu fall down revealing her blouse to him , his gaze caught the sight of her beauty but soon it’s became furious to see the strip of bra that was peeping from her blouse.

You didn’t listen to me  , ha geet ? His voice was huskily dangerous sending currents to her spine.she try take her pallu back on herself but his angry grip on her soft wrist stop her moments.

Aahh. .maan..chodiye Hume.  She whisper softly in pain.

He swiftly left her but grab her from her waist pulling her closer almost touching her shivering lips.his hot breath fall on her lips making her know how much angry he was right now. maan was hell angry on her not listening to’s something didn’t get unwell with Maan Singh Khurana. That too for her own well being. Why she can’t listen to him .

Next moment geet’s eyes widen in shock as he tore away her blouse and throw that piece of clothe in one corner  , all the while there lips brushing with each contact. Then he angrily unclasp her bra leaving her shatter as few tears rolled down finally on her beautiful cheeks feeling his harshness. He was always so soft with her then why today.and this..she can’t take anymore.feeling vulnerable getting bare like this she hide herself in his arms as her hot tears touch his neck.

As soon as his hands touch her soft breast he forgot every other things in this world feeling heavenly. But soon enough her hot tears did that magic on him to part away suddenly from her.

She clutch her br* trying to hide her modesty,  as he pulled himself away from’s take a toll on her that she fall on the bed with her back towards him breaking in hard sobs.

Maan looked at her bare back and the way her body shook it’s sent tremendous pain to him.

Sweetheart. He called out with his voice coated with hidden pain but she continued to cry her heart out making him more mad .he quickly wrap her with a blanket and rushed outside of her room locking the door behind.he don’t want anyone would barge inside her room and see her in that state.

Geet heard the voice and it’s make her more sad to see him leaving.

Precap : touch me touch me touch me

Oh zara zara kiss me kiss me kiss me..Wink

8 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 13

  1. maan dont b so harsh on her na……she had seen only harshness in her life…..b little soft to her na……..

    romantic n lovely update…

    loved it very much…

    thank u very much fr d lovely update…

    eagerly waiting fr d nxt prt…

    continue soon plz…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Maan cares so so much yet he is harsh with Geet…Why? He is frustrated yes…Seeing her like this enduring such things its even boils me in anger…But he should talk to her…understand what happened with her and all that she is facing…understand her feelings, that emptiness….Not be harsh on her…See how badly she is crying…How will she know that he is doing all this in his frustration…She is so lost and in so much of pain…its unbearable…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Poor maan is so rough but geet cannot take his harshness maan is worried for geet’s wounds it makes him more angry when she did not listen to him that too for her well being..more on that he left the room all the way angry on her waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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