The whole hall was waiting for the dance diva Nandini to bless it with her marvelous performance.

Kunal Malhotra was one of the people present in the crowd of audience , awaiting for the program to finished soon, so that he can go off from the place.

He was here for the charity program organised by the well known collage of the city. He was against coming here on the first place but he was drag forcefully by his Parents for his present was necessary there being one of the trustees of the collage.

Kunal Malhotra was well known business Man, the one wealthy person with charming looks that any girl could die for just his one glimpse, but he gives a damn.

Suddenly whole hall became silent, with the announcement for the next performance of the night, much awaiting one.

And it started with the group of co-dancers , which were girls dancing on the thumkas of song.

Khan Khan khanke hath me

Khan Khan hath me

And there she came taking each steps with thumkas on her waist , her anklets made a sound in silent hall as everyone hold their breaths waiting for her to come into light.

Choodi jo khanki, haathon mein

Haay choodi jo khanki, haathon mein


She makes an bangles sound , making its move, her bangles were only thing which was showing, shining on her milky hands.

Choodi jo khanki, haathon mein

And next, the whole stage was lighten as if with angels present on the earth.

Yaad piya ki aane lagi

Haye bheegi bheegi raaton mein

Yaad piya ki aane lagi

Haye bheegi bheegi raaton mein

Choodi jo khanki, haathon mein


The hall buzz with loud applaud , as she started to dance in her own glory , lost in the rhythm, forgetting the world around her.its only her and her friends accompanying her.

R u all set for 24 th of June !!!! Gold awards !!!! Can’t wait !!!_dancer_type_3__dancer_type_3__dancer_type_3__dancer_

Kunal Malhotra was dumbfounded seeing such a beauty, there was grace in her each dance moves, those sweet antics, nakhras, her each thumkas, those glistening charming hazel eyes filled with naughtiness as she make some whispering moments with her co dancers, hitting her lips, sticking her finger in her mouth playfully. The dance was filled with grace and playfulness of hers which took his heart away.

Yaad piya ki aane lagi

Haye bheegi bheegi raaton mein

Yaad piya ki aane lagi

Haye bheegi bheegi raaton mein


He was completely lost in her,as her performance ended with again huge round of applause. He was pulled out of the spell caster by her and look above only on the stage again only to see her disappearing behind .

Kunal'_n bak__lar__sparkling_heart_ . - drashtidhami - drashti - dd - geethuisubseparayi - meiej - ma

He suddenly turned restless, seeing her going away from him, he was not ready to lose her sight. He was bless to see her marvelous dance.

He wanted to rushed behind her to seek her, but it could have been look rude , that he have to stick to his seat, after that few performance happened but he was not there anymore , his mind was completely occupied by her.


That what people call her, the host had taken her name, telling about her and her dance, he could clearly see the respect they carried for the beautiful young lady.

He smile , his eyes shine knowing he had fallen in love first time at first sight.


It’s been few days from that dance performance, he was only lost in her thoughts , not able to concentrate on anything. His parents looked worried for him, they tried to ask , what is the problem with him.his answer was, ‘ mom dad, I had finally found my would be, your bahu, I am ready to marriage.

His words left both sweetly surprised as they were behind him from long time now for his marriage but he was not interested.

Today they were really happy to hear him, ‘who is the girl, Naam kya hai, and so on and on, questions were bomber on him by his mother.

Mon, just relax, I don’t know anything apart from her name, he don’t want to tell anything more to them before he knew himself.

Just then he realized he had really not tried to search about her , only lost in her thoughts.

He makes  a quick dash out , leaving his parents confused .

He made a call and get much needed info about her in few minutes.

He know about her now, she lived with her father alone,who is the teacher in the well reputed college, the one , where he had first saw her. 

He smile remembering about that day. Her all nakhras , killing antics.he sigh yet again just reminding about it.

She herself was teacher in the same school. The building have both school and college. And at evening she took dance classes of children and youngsters Dance was her Passion.

He smirk happily now having all info about his lady love.


Next Day, after office hours , Kunal directly wet to her address to seek her one lovely glimpse of which he was so desperate to have.


Thandi thandi pawan chali
Tan man mein haye aag lage
Thandi thandi pawan chali
Tan man mein haye aag lage

Kunal stopped in his track and just stood rooted on the place to see the beauty dancing in the heavy rain like a peacock.

Tere pyar ke chingari

Ang ang mein haye mere jale

Rhim jhim si barsaaton mein
Haye, rhim jhim si barsaaton mein
Rhim jhim si barsaaton mein


Nandini was dancing in the rain with her students just watching her, and few joined her later with dance moves.

Yaad piya ki aane lagi
Haye bheegi bheegi raaton mein
Yaad piya ki aane lagi
Haye bheegi bheegi raaton mein
Choodi jo khanki, haathon mein

Kunal was left mesmerized again , it was only her in his sight. He got drench in the rain but his gaze not once move away from her Beautiful sight.

Once dance got over, girls giggled along with Nandini, while boys applaud again seeing her marvelous dance, children jump in joy along with her, cherishing the moment.

Didi Hume bhi sikhao na?? They started to pulled her from either side, her bangles makes sound filling his ears with that Beautiful voice.

Suddenly students saw him there and told Nandini.

Rain had stop now, it was only drizzling was there with the wild wind started to blew crazily.

Nandini looked above , at the person, and their eyes met, for a small eye lock, before she broke it feeling uneasy with strangers presence there.

All left from there leaving both alone.


Precap :-

What would Kunal tell ??😉

Arey ab ke baras haye yeh saawan
Jaan na meri le jaye

Dhak dhak mora jiya kare
Tan se chunar jab udh jaye

16 thoughts on “SANAM MERE HUMRAAZ PT.1

  1. A Beautiful Start

    Nandini a teacher and a dance instructor she performs
    for a college function and Kunal sees her
    he instantly falls in love with her
    and now when he realizes he has no details on his lady love
    he attains it and gets to see her once again dancing beautifully
    in the rain

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  2. Awesome update!
    Kunal falls in love with Nandini at first sight!
    great that he realises he needs to get her details and now has it!
    finally he sees her again!!
    he just admires her!
    of Nandini is uneasy seeing him….
    update soon

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  3. Congratulations dear for new story n nice update n kunal see nandini n fall in love with her n want to know full detail about her n thnxx for pm me

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