It was midnight, still both of them was not able to sleep, first it was their closeness which was affecting both terribly today after their little make out in the shower, Geet blushed still not able to take those flashes from her mind.

She was so restless turning on the bed, his arms were caged around her, he was not able to sleep because of her as she again turned in his arms, this time he jerk her close, eyeing her with such a passion and frustration that’s left her melted as she pouted her lips seeing his angry gaze.

I am not feeling sleepy.let me get up.she mutters softly melting his heart but then he was not ready leave her yet.

Maan..chodo na.. she whispered feeling his hands going inside her bathrobe.he started to feel her softness, she was wearing nothing that gives him more access.


She moaned, feeling his hands cupping her b***** , he teased her errect n****** with his fingers, making her condition worsen by then as she started breath heavily with her eyelashes drooping close, he was just looking at her face intently, it gave him tremendous satisfaction to see her response to his touches.

He pinch her n***** getting her back to senses, Maan..she opened her eyes, still they looked intoxicated, I am hungry..

Hearing he left her knowing she must be really as she hadn’t take anything in the party as well apart from water.

Let’s go then, he got up along with her, Geet was so fluster, she put on the knot again of her bathrobe and tried to fetch her one of nighty but he grips her wrist pulling her in his arms.

Aankhen keh rahi

Joh na hum kahe

Usse sun le tu

Joh na lab kahe

The eyes are saying
What we aren’t saying
Listen to it
What the lips are not saying

You don’t need to… You look hot with this!! He eyed her passionately with that devilish smirk on his face, Geet blushed red with the small smile tug at the corner of her lips, she couldn’t meet his eyes but tried to struggle, plz , I want to wear something.. she whispered softly hoping in mind he agree and he did as next moment he left her.

Okay you got only half of a minute to wear it , if not then forget it.. because I am going to take you like the way you will be downstairs.

Geet, her eyes pop out hearing him as she gap at him with her wide open eyes mouth, you can’t..

I can darling, and you are wasting your time…he warned her giving her Devilish smirk.

Urgh.. I hate you!! She mutters furiously fetch out one of her mighty from the cupboard.

He was going to argue with her, I love you, his heart said, but words stop on his lips before they left his mouth, he stop for a while realizing what just happened with him.

Why can’t he able to accept it or why isn’t he denying even completely , he was really frustrated with this heart game, he ruthlessly ignore it and looked above to see her walking upto him wearing her nighty.

His eyes turned dark with wild desires, as his gaze passionately move on her curvaceous body, he could see her hard n****** poking through the thin material , realizing she hadn’t wore anything below.

Geet saw his gaze stick on her chest, and blushed furiously, and rushed from there before he could make a move.

Maan was pulled out of the spell and he dash after her downstairs.

Geet put some ready made cook packets to boil when she felt his hands snaking around her waist from behind as he caged her in his arms.

Maan… She moaned feeling his hungry kisses trailing down on her neck line, she turned her face sideways to give him access, his hands roam over her gorgeous body and reaching up he cupped her b***** on her dress.

She was enjoying his sweet torture moaning with his sensuous touches encouraging him to go further.

Maan was lost in her as well, her femininity makes him crazy, his hands went on her bare thighs as her nighty was small reaching in her half thighs.

Kabhi mere saath koi raat guzaar

Tujhe subah tak main karoon pyar

Sometimes spend a night with me
I’ll make love to you till morning

He felt her soft skin before going inside on her core, he started to stroke it making her condition worsen..oh Maan ..she turned around giving him one passionate hug, he reciprocate it with same passion burying his face in the crook of her neck, he lickthe skin there giving her goosebumps.

I would just tear your cloth off from your gorgeous body.

He whispered huskily , still giving her wet and wild kisses on her cleavage now.

His words brought Geet to senses, she blushed before pulling away forcefully as he was not ready to leave her..

Maan food is ready, she softly try to manofy him, cupping his one cheek , he sigh leaving her, he went to wash his hands.

Coming back he saw her making two dishes, and she sat on her chair seeing him taking the seat infront of her.

Next moment she had began to eat feeling damn hungry, Maan just continue to adore her , she was eating like a small kid unlike her usual self , the way she behave outside, or they it was in the restaurant..that was so different but here in her home with him, he could see different her, and he loved this more. He thought eating his own meal, enjoying her sight just before his eyes.

Both were again on the bed, Maan was hugging her closed while she lay in his arms, his hands were on her body, playing with her softness, her nighty was in a mess state almost hiding nothing but she let him do whatever he wants for she was also enjoying his closeness and touches.

He makes her feel special the way he every time adore her with his passionate gaze, telling her silently she is the only one beautiful woman on the planet , his touches gives her goosebumps, making her crazy, lost in his spell, telling her, there was someone not someone but him to love her. And you then his touches assured her his love for her, his silent feelings which he harbor in his heart , but not ready confessed yet, she smile feeling better with each thoughts as they pass through her foggy mind.

She turned around in his arms facing him, her hands started to roam on his chest, making him closed his eyes lost in her spell, she watched his face keenly adoring his each features, and started to kiss him, from his eyes then his nose, his both heard cheeks, his beard poking her , she giggled softly feeling happy in a moment with him, her lips stop at the corner of his lips, she felt his breath,mingling into her own, her senses turned dizzy, her hands stop on his chest rubbing him there.

Geett.. he groaned feeling it, his eyes open and next moment he took her lips in his mouth for a soul searing kiss.

Both kissed hungrily as if quenching their thirst. their hands roam on each other’s body feeling each other.

Breaking the kiss, Geet kept her head on his chest, hearing his loud heartbeats.

Maan, when are you going to start the photoshoot..

As words left from her mouth, he pulled her apart eyeing her angrily, his mood got spoil.

I am not going to waste my time on it..he said out roughly .

Geet was shock hearing his reply, she cup his cheek in a intention to make him agree this time, look, Maan you need to Jaan, it’s necessary for the movie . It is for to indrocue you as the lead of the movie.

Who need it, ?? I am already going to shoot for the movie, it’s not necessary? He argue, for the movie thing all is not his cup of tea, still in his own possessiveness for her he agreed to do that, just for her.

For me, can’t you do it??

Maan looked at her surprised , she spoke as if hearing his mind, please for me Maan, she tried to manofy him, with soft husky voice, as her hands rubbed on his bare torso , making him agreed eventually just for her as he got lost in her spell.

Geet felt bad for making him agree like this, her heart burn in pain, making him do the things against his wish. She turned so restless seeing him agreeing to her demands, that’s so unfaithful, she thought, but her thought process halted,  feeling his hands cupping her breast and he started to massage it hungrily , he made her lay down back on the bed asking her permission through eyes as he pulled out her nighty making her nude,  he eyed her whole bare body passionately making her blushed furiously.

Tu na soye aaj
Main na sowoon aaj

Tujhedekhoon aaj

Tujh mein khowoon aaj

You won’t sleep today

I won’t sleep today

Today I’ll simply look at you
Today I’ll get lost in you

Geet couldn’t have heart to denied him after her blackmailing him.

She pulled him on her  as he started to latch on her breast like a baby enjoying her , his hands played with her body while she moaned continuously, enjoying his naughty play.

Kabhi mere saath koi raat guzaar

Tujhe subah tak main karoon pyar

Sometimes spend a night with me
I’ll make love to you till morning

Precap :- Photoshoot..

Shooting begins..

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    And their passion…
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