His heart started to beat rapidly..

I hope that my love doesn’t stay thirsty

Bring my beloved in my arms
Please do this favor for me
Hey night, please pass slowly

He approached the red material and his heart skip beat, he felt chock with emotions, as he pick up that red chunari in his hands, oh mishty.. he moan in pain burying his face in the dupatta feeling her scent in that.



Geet drags him on the terrace, where all ladies were performing the KC with their respective husbands.

Dadima Hume bhi sikhaiye, how to do the puja, Geet’s chirpy voice get everyone attention.


All laugh and giggled on her teasing her, while some taunted playfully, saying she was not married, Geet at once turned sad, pouted her lips ready to cry, giving them all accusing looks as they tried to make her understand in their own way.

But Geet was not ready to listen, next she break in tears, crying hilariously, just listening them that she couldn’t do KC for her Maan being unmarried.

Dadi and Maan turned worried for her, before they could reach her to make her calm she rushed downstairs still crying out loudly.

Maan couldn’t take it, he was so furious on everyone present there for making his mishty cry, he just started one angry glare to everyone and rushed away from there behind his mishty.

Mishty .mishty… Listen..mishty..

Geet reached downstairs rubbing her wet eyes, her whole face had become red, eyes puffy.

His heart pained seeing her state, he curse the people upstairs in his mind and took hold of her hand.

Come with me..

And he drags her towards the small temple in their mansion.

Geet was so sad that she just follow him silently, Maan took a pinch of Sindoor which was placed before the idol of Durga Ma and filled her maang, making Geet startle.


She was shock, her little brain was confused, after a while she realizes what he did actually.

And next moment Maan found her jumping on him, thank you,..thank you..Maan.. yippee…Maan..we got married.. you fill my maang.. babaji..dekho.. she shows him, touching her forehead then fingertips on which kumkum was there.

Maan looked on at her astonished, she really didn’t realized the depth of it, she is just so happy for getting him for her, forever.

He couldn’t help but chuckled seeing her happiness, her jumping in joy.

He jerk her closed in his arms, she was still wriggling in great joy. That what he wanted to see, only her happy smile on her beautiful face, he thought cupping her smiling face, he peck her forehead lovingly, you are mine now, forever.

Forever Maan ..??

His heart filled up with her innocence, forever mishty!!

Dadi gasp to see the scene as she had just came down to console Geet. She just stop there not wanted to make her presence visible to them for she knew her Grandson too well, he won’t like it if someone interfere in this matter. She knew how possessive he was for Geet. She just rushed upstairs leaving both alone knowing, her grandson will surely managed his mishty alone now.

Maan took her near the idol of God, his eyes went on the chunari which was there with other stuff of God.


He took it and adorn Geet with it, placing it on her head like a bride.

Geet’s face was lighten with never ending smile, she was awe with this gesture of Maan, her hazel eyes turned big in excitement while her smile only widen.

This is your first karvachauth gift from your Maan, you will keep the it safe, won’t you, mishty!?

I will, Maan!! Geet couldn’t speak more in happiness, she just tiptoe and peck his cheek blushing slightly.

Maan couldn’t stop smiling seeing her do happy and her every loving gesture.

You like it!? He jerk her closer holding her petite waist.

Na…na .. she make faces , giving him serious look, Maan turned serious, his smile vanished , next moment he heard her, I loved it!! Saying so she broke into soft giggles making him smile as well.

Achcha.. my mishty loves to tease me.ha..?? He whispered huskily pulling her more closer if that was possible, Geet clutches his shoulder, his scent diving her crazy, but she was unaware of the effect she was having on Maan.

I want return gift, mishty, he whispered huskily, blowing on her soft plump lips.

He was so eager to taste them, Geet had her eyes half closed with the effect of their closeness.

(Abhi labon ko labon ne chhuwa nahi Armaan koyi pura huwanahi) – (2)

Maan looked at her, he was also losing it, will you not you give me mishty, he whispered again, sending shivers down on her spine, his lips were just lingering on her now, giving her goosebumps, her throat turned dried, she gulp hard before answering him back with same whisper.

My lips haven’t touched your lips yet
My desires haven’t been fulfilled yet

I will , what do you want??


Your lips..Maan told lost in a moment, as his hands pressed on her soft waist, feeling her, making her condition more worse.


Maan came back from his past, feeling some moment at his foot, he saw downwards , only to see her Shona wagging his tail as if asking him to wake up Geet. He smiled affectionately at the small creature, who was so worried for his mishty as well.

He looked at her side to see her still laying in same position, he took the glass of water, and sprinkle some on her face, Geet slowly opened her dizzy eyes, she was damn thirsty , her pink lips had turned dried, she asked for water slowly.

Abhi aas ka gulshan khilana hai

Abhi do jismon ko milana hai

Dekhunga abhi main woh manjar – (2)

The garden of hope is yet to bloom
Two bodies are yet to unite
Now I want to see that scenery

And next moment without both of their notice, Maan made her drink few sips, holding her head with one hand.

He put the glass back and looked at her, she was began to get full conscious now. Geet looked at him for a while then realized what had happened before she lost her consciousness.

my engagement had happened, Mr.Khurana! she finally let it come out not meeting his eyes.

I know, mishty! he gives her painful smile, Geet looked at him shock, he knew..?? how? and after knowing it also, he did what he did?

I am bound to know everything about my Love! he said with such possessive tone which left her shivers, she looked at him for a while, his passionate gaze lock her into… she was bewitched by his insane love, both were small eye lock, before Geet broke it not able to take it anymore.

Geet tried to got down having nothing to said him at that moment, or she did not want to say him anything, which will hurt him.

Having no strength in her emotionally as well physically, she stumble on her steps only to be hold by his secure arms, both share a quick eye lock.


Maan help her to seat down again, you need to have something, you are weak, mishty, his worried voice reached deep in her soul, she tried to control her emotions.

I can’t break my fast. she mutter trying to steal her gaze from him, he smirk knowing her emotional turmoil well and how she is trying to hide from him.

You can’t hide anything from me, mishty.

Don’t call me that.. she said out frustrated now as those blurry memories began to hunt her again leaving her breathless.

Why..??!! He jerk her closer almost touching their lips together, it’s my wish and my right.. Geet gasp trying to pull apart but he never let her go instead licks her red dry lips memories of their first kiss came back..


Your lips!

Geet looked confused , and before she knew it , he press his lips on her soft one, making her gasp, Maan lost it, feeling her soft petals, he became hungry and started to kiss her softly, very slowly don’t wanted to make her scare.

Geet tried to response back , she hold his waist trying to match his steps, Maan broke the kiss after finding her breathless.

Geet was still lost in the magic of their first kiss, she was having her eyes close.

Geet.. he called her having soft smile of satisfaction seeing her reaction.

Geet slowly opened her eyes and looked at him lost,hmm..???

Thank you for this!! He peck her forehead holding her head from back, Geet blushed realizing what just happened, they did their first kiss!!


Maan was pulled out of his thoughts feeling her pushing him away,

Geet was shocked with his furious kiss, she was almost going breathless as she tried to pushed him away, but he seems lost in the kiss with his eyes closed.

Finally she hangs on his chest then pushed him hard, Maan came back to senses, feeling her trying to push him away.

He snap opened his eyes and left her, Geet falls back, taking high breaths.

Maan looked at her condition, she was out of breath, her lips swollen had bite marks, turned red with dried blood.

He felt guilty, thinking, that he is being selfish for his get her back.

He needs to keep patience, can’t just torture her with his inhuman act.

Thinking so he walked up to her, Geet looked at him scared a bit with his advances. Though he had kissed her before as well but that she had let him.

Today, he almost force himself on her, thinking so her eyes filled up as she looked at her arms which was having his fingerprints.

His heart twitch in pain seeing her reaction, he asked for first aid kit but she was silent lost in the pain.

Where is first aid box,? He asked again this time little loudly, bringing her back to senses, in washroom..she mutters softly not meeting his gaze.

Maan came back taking it, he sat near her, and holds her arms in his hands, she flinch a little with his touch.

Ai raat jara tham tham ke gujar – (2)

Mera chaand mujhe aaya hai najar


Maan control his emotions and applied ointment on her marks. Geet continued to admired him silently with the hidden smile on her face.

Once done, he washed his hands and came back only to see her siting still in the same position as he left her.

He walked up to her, Geet looked up waiting for his next move, he bend down , Geet flinch back thinking he is again gonna kiss her on her lips but his next action left her awe.

Hey night, please pass slowly

I can now see my moon
I can now see, i can now see

to be continued..


Phir Wahi raat hai..🎵

Phir Wahi raat hai..khwab ki..🎶

Khwab main raat bhar dekha karenge tuze...🎶🎵🎻

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  1. Superb update dear
    I like maaneet past. So romantic.
    Yar ye geet ki memoty wapas kb aayegi?!
    Both had so beautiful past.
    Finally maan come out from his past.
    Maan kissed her passionately.
    Update soon dear.
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  2. Nice chapter 👌 in past I loved how their cute teenage and love confession and dadi witnessed how they got even married hope I present too they will together always happy

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  3. Wonderful update so in fb maan filled geet’s maang it was so cute their first kiss was cute…poor maan is suffering being away from his present maan’s force approach making geet nervous her expressions killing maan waiting to read more ❤️😘

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    Mishty’s Shona is so adorable….Just like her:):):) Whoa so its true that Maan has confessed…and claims her as his bride…for a moment I got confused between the past and the present:):):) I am now super curious…

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