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Maan takes control and kissed her carnally leaving her breathless, his hands reached on her dress’s chain and he pushed it down making her gasp, his tongue entered inside her mouth fetching her sweetness.

He ran his hand inside her dress, feeling her softness, Geet moaned feeling his cold hands on her warm skin.

Soon Maan pushed her dress down leaving her only in her inner wears, he left her lips , Geet was trying get her normal breaths back, when he suddenly lifts her in his arms . She held him from his nape looking at him shock , his face has became dark with such a passion and possessiveness for her.

He took her inside washroom, making her stand below the shower,he strip off his shirt baring his upper.

Geet was lost in him, that she didn’t realize when he approached her again, and he turn on the tap of warm shower,making Geet gasp with the sudden contact of water, she blink her lashes, and next moment, he jerks her in his arms, his fingers ran over her neck line, wiping off those red marks from her body, through the running water.

Geet wince slightly with his aggressiveness, he took her lips again for a soul searing kiss.

Bheegey Hont Tere, Pyaasa Dil Mera

Lage Abrah Sa, Ha Mujhe Tan Tera

Chamke Barsa De, Mujh Par Ghataye

Tu Hi Meri Pyaas, Tu Hi Mera Jaam

Your lips are moist, My heart is thirsty
This body of yours, seems irresistible to me
Pour them with a bang, in These clouds on me
You’re my thirst, You’re my wine

His body stick her like a second skin, water running down on them making it more sensuous.

Kabhi Mere Saath, Koi Raat Guzaar

Sometimes spend a night with me

His hands started it’s own play on her wet body, he teased her to no extent roaming his hands all over her bare body.

Next moment, he opened her b** hooks ,and pushed it down from her wet body.  Geet tried to pushed him away, he left her lips all swollen and bruise and came down on her neck, giving her loud kisses there as if removing those marks from her body.


She moaned, feeling his hands on her b***** , he played with her hard n****** , soon his mouth follow the path below, and he started to loved her mounts.

Tujhe Subah Tak Mein Karoon Pyaar

Wo… O.O.Oh… Ho…

I’ll make love to you till morning

“Oh maann…”

She clutches his hairs , pressing him on her, once done with her chest, he cradle down the path on her sexy tummy, he sat on his one knee, kissing her flat tummy, his tounge roll inside her belly button leaving her breathless, she was just moaning continuously giving him much needed response to go ahead in his passionate moves.

He stood up still hungry to love her more, he looked at her beautiful face drench in cascading water, eyes droopy , trying to blink her lashes to looked at him.

He couldn’t control the urge to kiss her again, Geet was hypnotic as if in his speel, her hands roam on his body, giving him pleasure in return. Both were making out for a while loving each other.

Saanse Aanch Teri,

Tan Aag Tera Cheene Neendh Meri,

Hey, Loote Chaina Mera

Your breath is like a flame
Your body is like fire
It snatches my sleep
It steals my peace

After a while he put her in the bath tub and left out giving her privacy, Geet just kept looking at the way he was gone.

She couldn’t stop the shy smile on her lips, she blushed furiously thinking about the moment they spend here.

And she couldn’t stop admiring him the way, he just left giving her much needed privacy, she wasn’t ready yet..she shy with the thought.


Maan came back having shower in one of the guest room, he was just in his pants drying himself, when he caught her sight,coming out of washroom with her bathrobe on.

Geet couldn’t meet his hungry gaze, she kept her gaze down, when he approached her like a predator and next moment jerk her in his arms.

Geet looked at him , her whole burning with desires and shyness in his hot gaze.

He just lifts her in his arms taking her towards the bed, taking towel from her hands he started to wiped her long wet curls all the while keeping his gaze on her Beautiful face, she was just looking at him , changing shades of her beloved, sometimes so POSSESSIVE, sometimes caring..all shades only showing his love for her.

Kaala Jaadu Kare, Lambe Baal Tere

Aankhen Jheel Teri, Dore Laal Tere

Kabhi Mere Saath, Koi Raat Guzaar

Tujhe Subah Tak Mein Karoon Pyaar

It does some black magic

This long hair of yours
Your eyes are like a stream
Your cheeks are red

Sometimes spend a night with me
I’ll make love to you till morning

His passionate gaze lock her into its spell as he continues to do his work,

Geet couldn’t hold his gaze more that she downcast her eyes.

Kabhi Mere Saath, Koi Raat Guzaar

Tujhe Subah Tak Mein Karoon Pyaar

Maan jerk her closed making her look at him, Geet lost in him pushed herself back on the bed-rest behind, taking him on her.

She cupped his face softly feeling him, as her fingers trail down on his beard cheeks , her hazel eyes lock on his face.

Maan was turn on with her soft touches, his eyes closed, he felt her soft fingers playing on his lips.



He opened his eyes hearing her calling to him while she continues..

‘Why it’s seem to me always you, when it was him..!??’

Maan turned confused with her talks, ‘who!??’

“Him!! The same person, Maan.”  “I don’t know how does he looks, but I don’t know either what happens to me..”  “sometimes I thought it’s just my illusion but then pinky did saw him as well today, hai na!??”


She kept on blabbering taking out her frustration holding his face, while his hokd on her waist tighten with each second hearing her.

‘Do I turning mad or something..’

“Don’t..!!” He put his forefinger on her lips shutting her, his eyes were furious daring her to speak a word more about it.

“You are perfectly fine!! Do you get me??” He holds her wet hairs pulling her face closed to his glaring her down.

‘Then who is he Maan?? I started to get scare now, anytime he would come again and..’

Maan, his lips grazes on her jaw line, feeling her shivering , she hold him closed by his shoulders.

‘And what..darling..’ he whispered, ‘I scared more for myself,’  ‘..fear to lost in him again..’

And he bites her harshly on her throat , making her wince in pain, ‘Why!??’ He asked with dangerously low voice sending shivers down her spine.

‘I don’t know !! I really don’t know,’ she cried out hugging him tight, breaking into his arms, he snuggle her closer feeling her pain and silent sufferings.

‘I don’t know Maan, why do I do so…’ ‘but previous few times I thought he was just an my nightmare or illusion but today , it is confirmed he was real and when he was near me , Maan..’ he pressed her tight hearing her, his anger was bursting but Geet continue for she knew it’s now or never, she needed to tell him everything  because she would surely die now if she couldn’t let it out, she has no one to share this misery of hers.

‘I mistaken him as you, Maan, always..’

Her last words make him startle, he pulled out slowly looking at her red face, ‘hasn’t seen his face yet I always felt him as you.’

Maan was just silent trying to absorb her each words, he kept looking at her with his stern face, and angry red eyes.

‘Maan..’ she cupped his jaw, holding his nape, he looked at her crying face and took her in a home crushing hug, ‘shh.. everything will be fine, you don’t worry about anything.’ He tried to sooth her, patting her head.


Precap :- making him agree 😉

Tu Na Soye Aaj, Mein Na Sowoon Aaj

Tujhe Dekhoon Aaj, Tujh Mein Khowoon Aaj

Kabhi Mere Saath, Koi Raat Guzaar

Tujhe Subah Tak Mein Karoon Pyaar

Wo… O.O.Oh… Ho…

17 thoughts on “AASHIQ PART 33

  1. Superb update dear.
    Maaneet were busy in their romance.
    But is that person really exist?
    Why she feels the same way for that person?
    Precap is sounding nice.
    Update soon dear.
    Take care.

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  2. Awesome it is…
    Why she feels like that,is there any connection between these two,
    U r good in keeping mystery and suspense….
    Their moments r lovely…
    She tells him wt she feels and about aashiq too…
    Waiting for further 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice update n geet is scared of that mystery person n she told maan how she thought that person is him n maan try to understand her words n he know that she is scared of that person n thnxx for pm me

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Awesome update dearie… Yes Geet needs to talk & bare her heart out to Maan…And Maan seriously needs to listen to her…Everything that she says…because she is in danger and he needs to protect & save her from that villain…and he needs to nab that moron who is bent on scaring the hell out of Geet…so much so that she is doubting her own sanity…No way…its all that moron’s tricks…But in order to catch that evil monster…Maan & Khan need to hear everything from Geet and plan with her…Do not let anyone in on their plans even Pinky…So that they can catch that evil villain once & for all.

    Liked by 1 person

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