Part 10


He marched towards their room furious to the core hearing what his servants inform him..

GEETANJALI. .his voice buzz in the whole Palace making her snap opened her hazels..

Maan looked furious as he saw she had started to tremble in fear now.and the king March inside her room making all atmosphere silent.

Before maan could react he jerk her from the bed towards himself harshly. 

How many times I have to said that. Why can’t you understand me once GEETANJALI. 


Aah..geet wince in great pain as he pressed onto her wound. 

GHSP 152(1)_3401

And you are not understanding that she is in pain ! king stop suddenly hearing his voice , he turned to look at maan who was seething in anger to see his behavior .

How could he implicit this much pain on his women!  His fist tighten with gritting teeth. .he glared at Samrat. 

As instant Samrat leave her not wanting to show anything in front of stranger. 

Mr.Khurana You can leave now..I am here !.Samrat stood in front of him.his looks could burn him alive but maan was not the one who would back off.

She needs quick aid..look at her how she is squirming in pain. maan said out as calm as possible but his insides was all on fire. 

Samrat made a call quick calling the doctor at his Palace making maan sigh in relief. 

But he was hell confused and furious on his behavior though.if he quickly call the doctor now then why maid was saying like that.

Mr.Khurana. .please. he show him the door with utmost manner but that too hit MSK’s ego hard..that he show him the door. 


It was again new night but too much restless for both souls. Geet don’t know what she should feel happy or sad.happy that finally he is here , with her , at night, her husband !but that was so unbelievable. How did he stop today but Off course for her but there was no happiness inside her , when her long lost desire got fulfill today.but there was sadness that she will not able to meet her Mr.Khurana. Her ? Her mind question back but there was no answer to this question. She just let it go as her body was aching badly still from the morning.

She sigh staring at him who was working on something so engross in his work.


She so wanted to have him beside her just like this , be let him lost in his own world..but beside her in one room at the scary much she missed it.her eyes became wet and she cry out silently on her wired destiny. She didn’t feeling that happiness now..there is still that longing to meet him now instead.

She stared at the black clouds. Seems it’s again going to Rain today.and she remember there yesterday’s moments beside the pool. Her whole started to burn  suddenly in unknown desires. Soon that sweet smell of mud filled up her nostrils. She closed her eyes and inhale sharply and when sleep engulf her , she didn’t get .

He tore his shirt furiously and started his furious moves in a rage for The brutal King .


his eyes burn red to remember her painful face.

Aarghhh. .he scream furiously banging his hand hard on the wall that turn bluish instantly.

Geet woke up instantly feeling so miserable today.her heart beat raise to new level feeling something snatching her breath away and she knows the reason somewhere. She started to stand suddenly feeling suffocated in this caged.

As she stumble on her steps feeling great pain rushing through her whole body.and in few seconds she found herself on him while he was glaring at her back.

Samrat looked shock then turn angry soon his eyes turn dark which she fail to notice in her own miseries.

His hands become tighten on her bare waist making her startle.her eyes widen in shock before she wince in pain slightly that brought him back.

What happened?  Are you feeling pain ? 


Comes his soft voice making her shock.

Ji.? Haa.. Hume pani chahiye. .she somehow murmur bewitch with the look of her husband. It was first time that she is able to stare at his face so closely.


He was doubt in that.but that magnificent look she is missing,  where do she have saw it..oh..Mr.Khurana  ! She broke into smile remembering his gorgeous face.

Are you going to lay on me whole night?  Samrat mock coming to his real self.

Ji..nahi..hum bas uth hi rahe the..she startle try to woke up from him but her vulnerable body didn’t let her.

Ouch..she wince again while as reflex his face turn worried .

Let me Rani .he slowly very carefully made her lay down on his bed and she sigh in great pain.her injuries are still fresh .he saw the water jug was empty .

What the hell servants do all the day ? As she heard his shouting suddenly,  she turn startle.her hazels widen fear to see his anger.

As he began to shout for one of the maid she stop him for doing so.

They must be sleeping. Aap pls gussa mat hoeye. 

toh hum kya kare.cant they do they there work properly. He said out frustratingly.

Ji . rahne dijiye. .hum so jate hai .she began to get up but at instant he stop her .


Nahi lay down here only.i will bring water for you myself.

But you..

Aapne suna nahi humne aapse kya kaha ? She heard his hard voice and gulp hard nodding her head silently. She was so shock and worried with his this caring side.


He storm out suddenly not able stop himself more he began to walk furiously towards her.THERE ROOM.

He entered inside the dark room just one lamp was lighted beside ANGEL.

She was sleeping peacefully on the bed with keeping her one hand on her forehead seems in great pain .

He come closed to her and sat beside her on the bed.she startle woke up and her eyes widen in shock on finding Him there beside her.

Aap.? She began when found herself in his arms suddenly crushing down.

Mr.Khurana. she gasp wrapping her arms on his bare body.

Tum thik ho ? Come his first question as he sniff her scent giving goosebumps in her whole body.

Ji.she moan out as her desires grew up finding him bare in her arms.he take out his face from her neck and looked at her serene beautiful face.

She stared back at his handsome face and got lost in him.her gaze travel down on his bow shape lips and her lips quiver to be caged in that.

He smirk catching her gaze and smack his lips hard on her own shocking her.soon both got lost in the passionate kiss.he continue to kissed her furiously burning in desires that her foggy mind remember that her husband will be here soon anytime.

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She tried to push him suddenly making him furious.

Ummm. .she pulled out her swollen lips from his own making him angry.

Aap please jaeye yaha se..Samrat will be coming anytime. 


She cautions him .her hazels were fill with worry for Mr.Khurana.

Why are you worrying this much Rani.


he cupped her one cheek softly that’s when both heard his footsteps. .Geet her eyes widen in fear as she turn towards the sound.

To be continue..

6 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 10

  1. Maan still in the Geet’s bedroom when Samrat enters
    and he was furious and this fact surprised Maan as to how can Samrat hurt his
    beautiful wife
    Maan is slowly getting to know everything about Geet
    Geet on the hand is really surprised that her husband is in the bedroom for the very first time
    yet she is not happy by this fact instead she is in thoughts of Maan

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