Maan carried Geet to their room, all the while looking at her Beautiful face, she was sleeping, tired of their night adventure, he was at ease after confronting into her though not directly still she did get to know about his worry.she did sooth him indirectly,

He admired his sleeping beauty as he put her down on the bed, Geet opened her eyes making him surprised, as he was about to move, she held his neck, sweetheart...he mutters, not really know what was in her mind.


Aaj hum aapko kahi nahi Jane denge.. she whispered rather painfully with her pouting lips and drowsy eyes.

Maan, did not know what to do at that moment, he just turn his face not able to meet her painful eyes.

Na ho tu udaas, tere paas paas

Main rahoongi zindagi bhar

Do not be sad

I will stay my whole life, near you

Why are you looking so tense?? Hum aapko aise nahi dekh sakte.. she cupped his face stealing his heart yet again as he looked back at her giving her warm smile ,Let me change, he peck her forehead lovingly, caressing her hairs, sticking few tendrils of curls behind her ears.


She reluctantly let go and he went into washroom to change.

Geet was about to dozed off waiting for him when she realizes, he hadn’t eaten his dinner yet. Hey bababji..hum kaise bhul Gaye!! She quickly got up and went down to warm the food for him.

Maan came out and didn’t find her on the bed, where did she went now?? He searched for her everywhere , in the balcony and dash downstairs worried for his wifey.

Geet was placing his dinner on the table, Geett.. what are you doing here? She was startle as she turn back to him, she looked confused seeing his state, as he was just in his pants with towel hanging around his neck, while hairs dripping wet .

Maan yeh kya, you didn’t dry your hairs yet??

Maan looked at the table set for his dinner,


you don’t need to do this, Geet!


His words hurt her though it was out of concern.

Maan get to know it from her face, I mean I am not hungry , sweetheart!

He walked up to her, she made him seat on the chair and started to wiped his hairs with towel.

Maan was soon lost in her charisma, her sweet scent engulfs his whole, his senses, as he closed his eyes enjoying her feel closed to him, his hands on its own accord went on her waist holding her, he started to caressed her stomach which was was growing. He was one unfortunate person, couldn’t cherished the feeling of becoming father, he did not know be happy or sad, but he knew he was the soul reason of it, that he is getting back the same pain he had given her in the past.

He kissed her tummy feeling overwhelmed with pain and pleasure at a time.

Maann...she moan out feeling his touches, her whole shivers next, feeling his warm lips touching on her baby bump. She looked at him , he was caressing her tummy and loving the baby.

She smiled affectionately, as she cups his face , Maan looked at her , there was little pain, little fear in his eyes, which couldn’t escape from Geet’s eyes.


She placed soft kiss on his forehead, followed his eyes, his nose, then coming down on his lips, she stopped for a while thinking to move ahead or not,


Darling, every breath you take
Every move you make, I will be there with you
What would I do without you?
I want to love you forever and ever and ever


she was so shy, Maan felt bliss feeling her warm lips loving him, as she stopped on his lips, her warm breath fanned over his lips making his desires burn high, he jerk her closed, pressing her waist a little urging her to kiss him and she oblige placing her lips on his M shape lips.

He was turn on, feeling her soft and wet lips molding on to his, he let her took the lead, for he loved her showering the love on him today,

Maan pulled her down slowly with care, on his lap, still holding her tummy and waist with both hands from either side, his hands continued to caressed her baby bump, while he hold her face in one hand angling her, he kissed her passionately.

Geet was driven crazy in his effect, her hands roam all over his bare body making him groan in the kiss, he bite her lips harshly feeling her fingers roaming on his chest, he was in fire with her innocent touch.

Breaking the kiss, buried his face in the crook of her neck, nuzzling her, maann..she moan massaging his scalp, his hands went on her blouse inside her sari, he cups her breasts, her nipples erect from the cloth, Geet was breathing heavily, with his raw touches, his lips travelling down on her neck, biting the soft skin their, she hiss in pleasure, pulling him more closer, he unhook her blouse, making her blushed deeply, she slightly pushed him realizing he still needs to eat something.

Maan.. your dinner will turn cold.she whispered shyly, still clutching his nape in her soft fingers.

Um..I want to eat you!! He eyed her passionately pulling out, she blushed crimson red.

Dhatt.. she slap him playfully on his chest, getting up from his lap, she served him his plate.

Maan pulled her again on his lap, giving her naughty smile.

Jitni adaa, utni vafa

Ek nazar pyaar se dekh lo phir se zinda kar do

the more the beauty/grace, the more the love

look at me with love just once, bring life back into me

She fed him lovingly, while he being naughty, bite her fingers in between making her pout.

Ouch.. Maan..aap aise karenge toh, hum aapko nahi khilayenge.. she pouted cutely, making him more turn on and steal quick kiss from her pouting pink lips.

Nahi khilaogi..?? He makes serious face,

Nahi.. she turn her face, accha..??


And next moment Maan started to tickle her on her waist, Maan..nahi..she broke into sweet laughter, making his heart fill with happiness, he continued to admired her, while she laughed out whole heartily making him please as well.

His all stress and tension was gone already, seeing the pleasant view of his Sweetheart, he promised to treasure her forever , never to let go.

Saare sansaar ka pyaar maine tujhi mein paaya

I have found the love of the whole world in you

Tu mile, dil khile

Aur jeene ko kya chaahiye

since meeting you, my heart’s happy

what more do I need to survive

Next morning, Maneet went for Geet’s routine check up, Geet was taken inside to do some tests.


Maan’s heart was beating restlessly, he was anxious , doctor came out to have a talk with Maan while nurse help Geet. It take a little time to her.

Mr.khurana, she is recovering well, do take care of her the way you have been doing till now.

Maan, his whole filled with happiness, hearing it, He thanks the doctor, having his dazzling smile on the face, 

Still you needs to be little cautious, it needs yet few weeks to check her health.

Maan listen her carefully, as she instructed him few things, Geet came out and joined him, is my baby fine, doctor? Nothing to worry, hai na??

Geet’s this question make both startle, Maan looked at her , getting worried for her, did she listen their convo.

What do you think, Mrs.khurana?

I am not scare for me, doctor, just my baby. I don’t want anything to happen to it. Geet said lost in her baby, caressing her baby bump.

Maan looked on at her feeling chock with pain listening to her.

He held her hand on her lap and pressed it slightly , giving her assuring nod.

Everything is fine, mrs.khurana and your baby also, doctor gives her assuring smile as she never wanted to break a mother’s heart.

And as long as your husband is there for you nothing to worry.

Geet gives small smile to both doctor and Maan, making them smile back in relief, yes it is!!

Both exited the hospital taking needed instructions, diet chart , from doctor.


Precap :- will Geet get to know it??



13 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 91

  1. Only want their happiness,
    Loved the update…
    He is relieved little bit after knowing she is getting better…
    Yes he is there for his sweetheart and their baby,he will surely win in protecting them fingers crossed…
    Their little moments r ♥😍

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  2. Maan is taking care of her. Geet is recovering. Its good. Maan will definitely take care of her. If geet get to know about her health. She will feel hurt for maan. May be…
    Update soon dear.
    Take care.

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  3. Beautiful update n geet is getting better n maan is to know that his baby n wife recovery is good but still he need to be careful n take care of her n thnxx for pm me

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  4. Filled with happiness in this part the way maan took care of her the way geet made maan feel relax was lovely..maan wants to treasure this precious person through out the life.. thankgod geet is improving…do geet Know about her issues quite curious waiting to read more ❤️😘

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  5. Geet’s heart will break if she knows the truth…But then Maan can put it differently to her…Telling her that doctor has advised her to eat according to the diet and take medicines properly on time…And that they have to abstain from intimacy until she stabilises…she will understand I am sure…For the sake of their baby she will bear anything…Maan should tell Geet & Dadima the truth but in a positive way…then they can take the necessary measures & follow doctor’s advice.

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