It was midnight when he saw small shadow of hers coming in his view.


He was stroking rapidly in the pool in his area of Mahal to get ride of her every little thoughts.its as if he was getting drown in her every little things.he don’t wanted this..he had concluded after his evening phone call with his dadima. never the less this women is affecting him big time.he was somewhat relax that saw her coming in his view snatching his peace away from him .he sigh frustratingly making his moves fast again.

Geet on the other hand was going restless in her non  stop thoughts of Mr.Khurana. she wanted to asked him that why did he bring that food for her being her guest he not had to..what is his real motive..but it makes any senses to asked him like this..shouldn’t it may insulted for there guest ? She pouted..

Hum kya kare ? Not able to sleep more on her bed which making her just lazy not giving her that peaceful sleep which wanted.she stand up on her feet to at least stride a bite outside.

Her legs as if on there own accord take her towards his side and she heard him stroking fastly..

That was sound of water , wasn’t it ? She question herself still unknown of that area residing in Mahal only.

As she take steps towards it her anklets make a sound indicating her arrival to maan. He can recognized that well now.

Geet her heartbeats stop before they started to beat rapidly seeing the Greek God infront of her.

She stop to take a breath to see him swimming so marvelously in the pool.he seems so furious but why ?


Soon enough she saw him swimming at her way..she suddenly turn nervous started to wriggle her fingers in her pallu and when her foot slip ,she didn’t get but found herself falling in the water harshly..

Maan saw her turning nervous and he smirk liking that but his eyes widen to see her falling down in the pool as she was standing on the edge which was slippery.

Geet don’t know what happened to her she found herself drawing down and down in the water..she gasp for air..she fear..turn hyper that didn’t get the voice inside all dark scary water but soon enough she felt herself floating on the water inside some strong arms.

He looked at her wet form..she was looking timid like a baby inside his strong arms clutching onto his neck tightly like child fearing for her dear life. He chuckle softly..this crazy women.she herself don’t know what she is doing..

Geet shivers in the cold weather..her teeth chatter against his broad bare chest as she stick her face on his body .

Are you alright ? He asked really concern now seeing her coughing..

She didn’t speak busy in her coughing that his hands reach her back caressing it.

Geet felt her body burning in his hot palm.she looked at him ..her gaze turn dark with hidden desires as it travel on his bare body.his persona bewitch her.

Maan caught her gaze on his chisel body..he smirk feeling proud on himself for getting her attention.

He grasp her suddenly in his arms feeling her relax a bite in his arms.his palm roam on her bare wet waist sending currents down her spine.


Geet who was startle at the first feeling his move come under his black magic as her hands hold onto his shoulder burning him with desires.

Both stared into each other passionate eyes as there face come closer and lips touch onto each other .fire started to built inside them.

And he just slam his lips on her shivering petals getting her out of her reverie. Geet turn shock at the turn of events .she started to struggle inside his strong hold but trying to kissed him back the way he was kissing her furiously. .her hands did the futile attempts of getting out of clutch trying to tell her mind that she was doing nothing wrong..

images (1)

His hands continue to feel her cold skin burning her with his passion.

Soon enough he leaved her finding her going breathless. He smirk widely seeing her going pink which she try to hide from him as she turn to go from there.

Maan saw her trying to walk with her wet saree sticking to her body like second skin .his gaze roam all over her taking in the view of her gorgeous sight.he saw her unable to move with her sari sticking to her and she stumbles a little only to be held by him.

Let me help you Queen..he spoke as her poking nipples touch onto his broad torso and he just pushed her to himself more and more grinding her body onto his giving her pleasurable feelings. Her eyes turn droopy as her hands went on to his neck .he take her in his arms slowly and started for her room.

All the while his gaze was fixed on her beautiful face .geet was burning red in his piercing gaze kept her eyelids down making him more crazy for her.

Ji..Shukriya  (thank you )..he heard her soft voice ringing in his ears.

You are welcome Rani..he said holding on to her flat tummy which seems become his interest. He smirk hearing her gasp.soon he felt her hands on his own pressing onto her stomach.


His hands rubbed on to her tummy sensuously while he kissed on her chubby cheeks loudly making her snap opened her eyes.

She came out of her reverie hearing the door shut.

Mr.Khurana. .she called out but found herself all alone in her room.her eyes turn sad..she is hating this aloofness now.. she is tired of this feelings now..that feeling of being Alone..


Geetanjali for once do as I said ..she heard him barking yet again on her making her grumpy.


That  what I had been doing from long time..she said out as if lost in her miserable life.

First thing you have to do is concentrate on what you are doing ? Are you getting me ..GEETANJALI?


The King shouted making her stumble on her feet but soon enough he hold her.

He was taking her lesson of sword fighting which he was trying to teach her from long time now but she seems not interested in this but she have to she must..being The Queen of Jodhpur.

His nails pierce through her soft waist giving her pain as her eyes well up feeling his harshness.

He left her suddenly seeing the tears in her eyes.

Rani..aap..but before he could complete she turn to go angrily and that made him furious.he March towards her grasping her towards himself.

Don’t do this..I Am the King here.

So that means you can give pain to me ..??


he heard her painful voice.

He never intended to but she herself pushed him to take this steps..he concluded staring at her hazels which seems tired now..

But she is the Queen. She had to make that stick into her brain.

He left her frustratingly and storm from there leaving her shattered behind.


She kneel down on the ground sobbing hardly .


Maan heard the sound and he turn curious to know about it more.he can recognized that well.he thought it to be the King but the sight in front him made him shock and horrified. .

Geet don’t know how to prove him .she saw the sword lying down on the mud.

She marched towards it ..her brain stop working. .she just wanted to get ride of this pain now..she will prove to him today.

Aahhh..she scream out as she got that first cut on her arm cutting her kurti  ( shirt ) but she didn’t stop ..she continue to make her moves fast venting out all her pain and anger.

In an hour she turn all injure with blood oozing out of her body parts.

As he reach there he found her all alone fighting with herself as if.

Geettt. .he shouted marching towards her and her worn out self falls in his arms.

Geet saw his concern eyes flaring at her.peace ran through her seeing that look in his eyes for her.her expressions turn more painful before she goes into unconsciousness.

Geet…he take her in his arms and hurried his steps inside the haveli against his will but not finding her present here, it  will be risky for her only.

He sigh as he saw maids running towards him horrified.

Yeh kya ho gaya Rani ji ko ?

His eyes roam all around the Palace but found no one..not the King and not That Witch lady..his eyes fume reminding of that women.

He led her onto the bed softly and heard her soft moan..what on the earth made her take this move. He wonder as he star at her white kurti turning red in her blood.

What are you doing standing still..Called the doctor fast..he bark on the maids furious on finding them still staring her horrified but doing nothing.

Let me called myself..

He take out his phone to make a called but maids next set of words make him more furious than he was before.

No no sir.please. .dont..King will be angry.

What ? Are turn mad or what..

The maid back off a little finding angry lion in front of her but she cant disobey the King who had order them not to do anything without asking him and on that calling some stranger to there Palace. .before she think more she heard his barking .


Will you open your mouth now..? Maan was so frustrated and confused. .why would King will be angry. .it’s her aiding is necessary and..he was hell confused.



11 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 9

  1. Geet is getting attractive toward maan n king is angry bcoz is not interesting in learning sword fighting n geet trying to do it n she got injured n maan ask maid to call doctor but she king will get angry n now maan want to why king will get angry n thnxx for pm me

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  2. Aww superbbb update the way maan was disturbed by geet’s thoughts was lovely geet to was not in peace because of his concern… swimming pool scenes was so passionate…poor geet feeling painful being alone she is proofing herself as a queen and she is tired of it 😘❤️

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  3. Geet never wanted to be queen I guess if Samrat showed love and care
    Geet then would have been willing to carry out her duties and even learn sword
    but when Samrat once again insults her and gets angry with her
    she tries proving herself to him but in the process she gets wounded but Samrat is not there
    Maan comes to her and takes her back to her bedroom and he is so annoyed with the maids
    as they don’t want to call the doctor instead they want the king to be informed

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  4. Y did samrat alwz cold to her… Even she feel attract to maan…still she know who is she….if they know tat she doesn’t fit…y should he married her…poor feet
    Man going to blast

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  5. Something strange about the King, it seems he doesn’t like her being disturbed but duty seems to be most important to him. Poor Geet feeling so desperate so as to injure herself.

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