Geet was just looking at him trying to make sure he was Maan, but he seems not he… and before she could think more, he dip his face in her neck making her gasp, her bite marks on her neck sting with the effect of his wet kisses, as he shower his love on her.

Umm…she moans grasping his shoulders, she was not able to grasp anything as if he castes some magic on her , she closed her eyes holding him tight, his masculine hands grasp her small waist making his way down on her half open cleavage , the blood from his face smears on her skin.

Suddenly she was pushed away softly, he makes sure he didn’t hurts her and in blink of moment, he rushed away from the place as if some real vampire.

Geet stood grasping the things, still bewitched by the vampire,


She come back to senses hearing her name being call and as she looked up to see him standing before her eyes, her eyes widen in shock, mouth wide open as she continues to gap him in real terror.

He was no more vampire but in his casual cloths, i.e. pair of jeans and shirt, without his mask.

Maan was just going to walk towards her but he was held back with few business associates, he was helpless but have to stop and do few talks with them, in this he lost her track as it was dark also in the hall.

After a while he finally left a sigh of breath and rushed to look for her, and there she was stood at a corner.

He was confused seeing her lost standing like a doll. He thought it must be because of her fears.


GHSP 180 HD_1498

He called her only to receive shock expressions from her.


Maan was definitely frustrated and hell confused with her now,

You were wearing that …vampire suit.. what happened to it .you are now..

Subpost 4 - @DhamiDrashti- DrashtiDhami- Silsila - DrashtiandVivianAgain- SilsilaBad

Geet was blabbering in real terror, her breath as if stuck in her throat, she gasp few times, her face filled with sweat, eyes moisten feeling horrible to experience it as she again thought of those incidents which had took place before also,

What are you talking about, Geet? Here I came for you, and it seems you are not happy with my presence, He jerks her closed making her fluster as she was reminded of the vampire man pulling her closed just like him, she looked at him intently.

Ha..Geet!??? Answer me!!

He was really mad but then his all anger as if vanish in thin air feeling her soft palms caressing his cheeks, she tried to feel him, making herself sure he is really here, and Maan only.

Geet…?? He groans feeling her soft palms rolling down on his neck, his chest as his few buttons were opened, Maan, it’s really you??

She whispered ready to cry now, she touched his jaw line, lingering her long fingers there for a while making him turn on just with her sensuous touches, what are you trying ….he whispered huskily looking at her face intently,as he pulled her closed by holding her hips.

She buried her face in the crook of his neck, kissing him there, as reflex, he pressed his lower on her making her shudder, she moans out..Maan.. her hands went on his back clutching his shirt in her fist she hugs him tight, so did Maan, his hands wander on her bare back, squeezing her soft flesh.


Oh Maan…

He do makes her feel different so real and beautiful, she thought sniffing his scent in the crook of neck, then she was reminded again of him, who was he? He was real for sure, even pinky did saw him, how couldn’t both of them recognize him when he was not Maan. No he was not , the way Maan makes her feel with his touches or kisses , it was not him, even his scent was different, the reality hits her hard.

He was not Maan, then she again makes out with that stranger, the same stranger..she was quickly pulled out making him confused and angry on her.

But seeing her face , he turned worried for her, she was sweating profusely with terror written all over her face, Geet!?? he cupped her face,

Maan… He was again here!!

You!?? You wasn’t wearing vampire suit, was you??

Geet asked hurriedly looking at him waiting for his answer, she was restlessly waiting, he looked at her confused, trying to grasp her question, Maan.. answer me!?? She raised her voice holding his shoulder still waiting for his answer.

Geet, you know me, don’t you? I don’t do this stuff, it is not MK!

Geet gasp shock to the core hearing him,then it was not you!??

Who!?? What the hell are you talking about, explain me, damn it!!


He busted on her shocking her by holding her both arms tight, for he was going frustrated with her riddle talks on that she was speaking about some stranger which he hated the most.

Maan..it’s.. she cry out, it was again him…

Who!?? Tell me!!.. he was really mad now.

He was in vampire suit,he did try to close with me, then… She couldn’t speak more,

Maan was burning like a lava, then what..??


He whispered so dangerously shaking her soul as if,

then he was gone… She whispered back losing her straight, Maan looked at her tired face and tried to calm himself but he was not in a mood, hell.. someone try to be close with his lady love and how he had to be calm.

He left his grip on her, and rushed to look for the person, for today he was really mad with rage. He searched, asked few staff members there but no clue. And then there was no one else who had wore vampire suit, it was only him, how clever and vicious he was!!?

He was the same stranger, who was behind Geetakshi’s murder attempt, oh shit!! As soon as he realized it, he made a made dash back to her.

Maan!! She rushed into his arms, he engulfs her body softly giving her much needed comfort and took out his cell to call Khan, he briefs him quickly about the happenings, Khan asked for Geetakshi, look, she is in no state to answer you, now!!

All right , MK! We are just on the way..


Maan gives her water glass, she drank few sips, I want to go home, the place just making her more sick. He nodded his head in acceptance and move from there, holding her protectively from her shoulders.

Both moved out, having small talk with the member who has hosted the party.


Geet got Pinky’s call in the car, she was also scared and worried for her getting to know about the fiasco from Khan as he met with her asking some questions.

Geet are you okay??

Yeah!! I am fine, pinky! You enjoy the party!

Geet tried to sound normal, Maan squeezes her shoulder, giving her soft gaze, though from inside he was still furious thinking about it, the person is still roaming freely, even daring to come close to her always, his fist tighten on the steering thinking so, he really needs to do something..

Both reach her home at late hours of night, servants had already gone leaving while house haunted.

Maan looked at her, she was completely drain out, for a while he turned angry on pinky as well, for she took her to that so call haunted party of hers, leaving her alone to go.

He suddenly took her in his arms making her gasp, she holds his neck looking at him daze.


Why were you calling me? I heard your scream as well! Maan asked from her reminding about it for which he happened to go to the party.

Maan carried her upstairs towards her room, she clutches his neck resting her head on his chest, she closed her eyes.

I was so scared...and she explained him everything..

I tried to call you but you seem angry on me.. she whispered burying her face in the crook of his neck.

Maan realized her pain, and because of his anger she had to go through more, he thought placing her on the bed, she left him and sat still waiting for him to speak something.

Why were you so angry, in the morning??

Geet asked finding him silent, he was just looking at her intently, making her nervous suddenly.


I couldn’t even asked you to come along with me, for you were really mad and then you…she suddenly reminded about his love bites in the morning, he given her out of anger and then…

She gasp audibly making Maan twitches his brows looking at her, she gives him one look, Maan look back at her and his eyes caught the blood stains on her neck, where he had given her bites in the morning.


Geet gulps hard seeing his gaze stuck on her neck, his eyes turning red with anger knowing who did it, she got up hurriedly seeing him turning furious.

He... Before she could speak , Maan jerks her closed, placing his forefinger on her Shivering lips,


shh.. not a word, he was turning so possessive, as his hands press her small waist, making her flinch in pain.

Maan.. plz.. she tried to lose his grip but he turn it more tighten in rage.

It’s hurting me..


She whispered with wet eyes, for it was really paining.

He loses his hold, cupping her jaw line, his hands holds her bunch of curls softly not giving her anymore pain, still his eyes were red with anger, you know darling, how much it hurts me .. I know…but it wasn’t my fault.. she tried to console him with soft whisper of voice, her hands cups his face.

She pushed herself close to his face, touching their lips, and he grasp it next moment in his hot mouth, burning with jealousy.

to be continue…

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Geet talking about him…??

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  2. Who the hell is that wampire dear this person creates lot of misunderstanding between them poor geet has to face the rage of maan without any fault of hers but love the possessive and caring MSK the most hope u reveal him soon waiting to read more ❤️😘

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    1. Thanks ..
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  3. Fabulous chapter n who is he n again he came n try to get close to geet n then vanish again n geet is very scared of his again entry but now maan is with her to take care of her n thnxx for pm me

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