p.s. : – the italic words are from the past.. see to that..

Geet looked at the red shinning material in her hands, the dark flashes suddenly started to surround her, the little girl giggling around with the dupatta on her head, adorn like a bride, then him..he caught her from behind, she broke into loud laughter..leave me..

I didn’t catch you to leave you mishty!


The word buzzed in her head, mishty..mishty.. who’s that guy..??


She felt her head bursting with great pain, aahhh…


she held it tight with her both hands, clutching her hairs, the pain was unbearable though, she tried to control herself knowing she is alone at home.

She rolled on the floor trying to control herself , tears roll down on her chubby cheeks.


Few minutes passed, she was lying still, getting to normal she got up slowly and went into washroom leaving the dupatta on the floor itself.

She washed herself first, still there was slight pain but she ignore it for she couldn’t do anything for it now.

Geet stood before dressing table and look at herself, her whole make up was ruin, she pouted knowing if  her devil friend came back and if find her in this condition then it would not be good, thinking so she put some make up on, just a little touch up with red lipstick on.

Just then the door bell rang, Geet rushed to open the door thinking, who is it??


As she opened the door, her eyes widen in surprise on finding Maan there. He was in his official three piece suit, taking her breath away with his hot persona.


Maan stood hypothesized on his place,seeing the beautiful angel standing before him, he continued to gawk her, she was looking so different and heavenly today, with red sari on, with jasmine flowers in her hairs, her hazel eyes adorn with kohl, red bindi on her beautiful forehead.

Mera chaand mujhe aaya hai najar – (2)

Ai raat jara tham thamake gujar – (2)

Chhaaya hai nasha meri aankhon par – (2)

[I can now see my moon
Hey night, please pass slowly
My eyes are intoxicated ]

His gaze travel down on her bare arms, which were looking more beautiful today, his hands itch to touch her, her bare waist and flat tummy peeking through her red sari.

That color was just complementing her beauty.

Geet turned pinkish seeing his gaze which was not ready to leave her. Seeing his gaze traveling down on her arms then tummy, she realizes that she forgot to get the dupatta on.

Before could she thinks more she heard his husky baritone, won’t you ask me to come in?

Geet was startle, she somehow managed herself and just nodded her head giving him side to come in.


Maan walked inside reminding about his little mishty, the way she had adorn herself on their first karvachauth, just like a bride, his bride.



Little Geet was so excited as her mother adorn her with jewelries, she was wearing red designer  patiala red suit.

Her mother was obvious of her keeping fast, she was so stubborn that her Mother had to bent down and make her ready as per her wish.

Geet looked at her reflection in the mirror and ran to show her Maan.

Maan had came to pick her from her house. Maan was dumbfounded finding his little mishty looking so beautiful and little mature today.


Ai raat jara tham thamake gujar – (2)

Mera chaand mujhe aaya hai najar

[Hey night, please pass slowly
I can now see my moon]

Maan, how I am looking?? She asked chirping,

Beautiful !! (St. My would be bride)

Saying so he pecks her forehead lovingly where her mang Tika was hanging, Geet blushed sweetly smiling whole heartily for getting the right appreciation from her love.


Beautiful..My bride..

GHSP 95 HD_1513

Maan mutters lost in his mishty yet again just like past,



Geet was flabbergasted hearing his soft whisper, she did heard his words which makes her blush scarlet Red like a true bride.

She totally forgot about Sameer or anyone, it was only Maan at that moment, as she gives him water to drink. Both was sitting on the sofa facing each other.

Sorry, I can’t take it!

His words left her confused, she thought he is upset with her that’s why denying the water even from her.

I am sorry, but are you upset with me??

She asked genuinely, with sad eyes which makes him to reply immediately,

No it’s not that Geet,

They why are you not taking it?? Geet asked with a cute pout and frown on her forehead.

Maan smile seeing her face, I have kept fast today..

The words left from his mouth, makes Geet shock, her mouth open wide, eyes shinning brightly, her heart began to beat rapidly falling yet again for MSK.

But then who is the person, she became restless thinking someone else is there in his life.

Who’s it??

Her thoughts came out loud, she was so restless that could be seen from her body language.

It’s You!!


Geet looked at him bewildered, heart beating fast .

GHSP 464 HQ_8395

Maan smirk seeing her reaction, he wanted to tell her, that someone is there who love her unconditionally, starving for her love from ages, waiting for his bride.

He doesn’t wanted to lose her yet again, that he spill the words out, he knew his mishty loved her just madly as does, and MSK couldn’t let go what was his , he will make sure , she remains his forever.

It’s you, mishty, always you!!


Geet was sweetly surprised hearing that he also had kept the fast for her, she jump in joy, wow Maan!! I love you!! She jump on him giving him lots of kisses on his whole face leaving Maan daze with the effect.

Mishty.. he moans with close eyes, holding her close, his body reacting in different way.

Mere dil mein hai armaan kayi kayi

Meri chaaht hai abhi nayi nayi – (2)

[There are so many desires in my heart
My love is still new]

tumblr_mvw1vhb43U1rk5tb2o2_250 (1)

He hugs her back passionately, dipping his face in the crook of her neck, sniffing her scent mingle with jasmine flowers , she was wearing in her hairs.

Maan.. Geet whispered feeling his lips on her soft skin of neck, she felt goosebumps, turn restless and pulled out not knowing what is it all about, his hands rested on her small bare waist, as her top pulled up.

Maan rubs his palms on her soft waist, feeling bliss with his little bride’s closeness.

Geet was so restless, she began to breath highly, her heart races madly, throat turn dried, with his move.

Maan.. I am so thirsty, let’s go, we will see when moon will come out, saying so she drags him towards terrace, where the karvachauth program was going to happen.

Maan smile knowing his touches affecting her, she is so nave to knew it.

Geet felt overwhelmed hearing him, did he really kept the fast for her, when she was waiting for Sameer to come and break her fast, here the MSK claims that he had done it.

You!?? Why did you?? For me..??

Love u my angel _kissing_heart__heart_eyes__heart_eyes_ @dhamidrashti - dhakdhakdhami - dhamidrashti_heart_ - drashtidhami

She stammers not knowing what to ask and how, why did he do that, did he really mean it??

It is my wish, mishty, why can’t I??

He threw back the words with his stern voice, possessiveness was living out with his words.

But why me?? She managed to ask again really restless to know the answer,you should for your would be, not ..

You are the one, My bride!! 

GHSP 180 HD_7719

before she complete he interrupted turning furious with each passing seconds for his patience level breaking , can’t she just feel his love, is there love so weak to buried deep because of her memory loss.

Geet gasp audibly, heart thump loudly even Maan could heard it in the silent room.


She got up sweating profusely looking at him with fearful eyes.

Maan watched her shock and bewildered expression , his heart bleed heavily seeing those fearful Hazel’s, in his own anguish he storm towards her, and jerk her close in his arms by holding her waist.


Leave me… She started to struggle, not knowing why she is even doing it, maybe thinking about Sameer for whom she had kept the fast, her heart denied, may be her engagement had happened, and she didn’t want to cheat Maan in all this, her heart cried.

I love you!!

Geet stop and gap at him hearing him, her eyes began to watered, feeling helpless.


Maan was so hurt seeing her struggle , he could see her  emotional turmoil and knew her condition well now.

Yes, I love you mishty and always you!! He cups her face dearly, you are mine forever!!

Forever Maan!??

She could hear her own little voice echoing in her head, she looked confused at Maan , their surroundings, then again him, not getting from where this voice come out.

Forever Maan??

Yes mishty, forever and ever!! She heard his voice again, little different Little like Maan, she look back at him, but he didn’t speak anything, only staring at her lovingly.

Then those flashes again started to disturb her, her head turn heavy, forever Maan?? Forever!??

She holds her head in her both hands,her eyesight turn blurry, she was losing it, before she completely blanks out , she heard Maan’s tense voice, mishty, mishty.. opened your eyes..what happened to you..?? He patted her cheeks but she was unconscious.


He took her unconscious body in his arms and walk inside her room carrying her, followed by her pet who started to bark knowing something had happened to Geet.

Reh jaaye na pyaasa pyaar mera

Meri baahon mein bhar de yaar mera

Itana sa karam tu kar mujh par – (2)

Ai raat jara tham thamake gujar – (2)

Maan put her on the bed, and turn to take the glass of water when his eyes landed on that red dupatta, his heart started to beat rapidly..

I hope that my love doesn’t stay thirsty

Bring my beloved in my arms
Please do this favor for me
Hey night, please pass slowly

to be continue…


Tum jo keh do to aaj ki raat,

chaand doobega nahi,

raat ko rok lo (2)

Raat ki baat hai, aur zindagi baaki to nahi

(If you say then the moon will not set tonight,make the night last forever

It is only for the night… the rest of the life may not be there)

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17 thoughts on “MSK’S LOST BRIDE PART 14

  1. Whenever she gets some falshes of past,a pain arises in her,and no one was there too…
    Then he comes and then their little moment…
    He tell her he is fasting for her,she is happy to heard this from him,for sometime she just forgot about Sameer and all,and only maan is there…
    Their past was so beautiful,little geet is such a cutie and sweet heart,love her….
    Hoping she gets her memories…

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  2. Amazing update geet is getting flashbacks front their past and even she is getting severe pIn also how will maan make her understand and remember their past now
    Hope their fast and love will make them together

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  3. Wow lovely pics 😘😘 describing the situation very beautiful
    Coming to the story poor geet is suffering from her memory loss and getting ready for karwa Chauth and maan is there for her surprise and he is fasting for her too their admiring session is lovely their past experience of karwa Chauth was so romantic ❤️❤️😘😘 omggg maan confessed his feelings and geet fainted🥺🥺 waiting to read more ❤️😘

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  4. Loved it. Very much.
    Mostly i like maan share what he is feeling for her.
    But geet again felt same pain.
    She didnt want to cheat him. How maan will handle this?
    Update soon dear.
    Take care.

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  5. wonderful update
    maan confess his love
    whenever geet got flashes of past her she feels head will burst giving her pain
    geet again got flashes of past in same day twice
    hope geet get her memory back soon

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  6. Fabulous chapter n maan fast for geet n geet fast for maan but not ready to accept it n thinking about Sameer n maan confress that he love her n maan told geet that she is his forever n geet head start paining n she fainted n thnxx for pm me

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  7. Truly an awesome update…The flashes of past & Geet’s struggle brought a lot pf pain…But Maan’s confession is for real and I do hope that now Maan does what he needs to do…Marry her to protect her first then let her heal and know the truth of her past…Maan will now be searching for the truth of what happened with her & her family…

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