He broke the hooks of her blouse in his high passion making Geet gasp, his hands pushed down the material from her both shoulders, he removed it hurriedly making her scarlet red. she was already high on her hormones, that without her own notice, her hands began to open his coat buttons, followed by his shirt buttons.she started to feel his taut chest and abs making Maan moans in great pleasure.

lost in her touch, he unhooked her bra getting the view of her hidden treasure after long while, Maan drank her beauty for a while , both were lost in each other to realized where they were heading.

Soon his mouth descended on her chest, he kissed her curves and bit her n***** making her moans, she squirm under him. his hand went on her other curve, giving it massage, he teased it’s hard buds.

Geet closed her eyes, feeling ecstatic with his raw passion, it’s been as if ages, when he loved her like this, her eyes moisten feeling overwhelm with the pleasure. her hands bound him closed pressing him more on her chest.

Maan was so busy in loving his wifey, his hands went down on her skirt in intention to remove it as well but before he could her stomach grumbles loudly making both of them to come back to senses.


Maan looked at her realizing what he was doing, when he again heard the sound, his face broke into pleasant smile, when he saw her grumpy face, she tried to pulled her sari from his clutches which was stuck under him.

Maan saw her embarrassed and moved to let her pulled up her sari, she covered herself feeling really shy.

sweetheart, relax.. he grabs her with one hand, while with other hand cups her face, sliding her curls behind her ears he looked at her red face, her eyelids droops with heaviness, she couldn’t able to face him.


didn’t you had your dinner?? he asked little stern this time, she snap her head up to meet his chocolate orbs, yes. I had. but i am hungry again.. saying so she makes a face pouting at him, Maan couldn’t held the smile back, he chuckles making her frowns in frustration,

aap humara mazak uda rahe hai??


she pointed her forefinger at him still with that cute pout on her lips, let’s go! he button up his cloths leaving her confused with his words, she then realized her own condition and hurried to help herself. Maan smirks seeing it and walked near her, he took her bra and help her to wear it with her back to him,


Geet was so shy to to face him, that she closed her eyes, while Maan make her wear her cloths properly giving her few kisses in middle, she was moaning silently, turning him on, still he kept himself in control taking it slowly. he wraps the shawl around her and took her in his arms, Geet was loving it whole, his attention today. his love.. his pampering.. she didn’t ask him any question, just let him to carry her outside.


Tu mile, dil khile 

Aur jeene ko kya chaahiye 

now that I have met you, my heart is blooming

what else do I need to survive

maan walked out towards his car and made her sit inside, Geet was confused yet she didn’t asked , for she felt no need for that , when he was with her that all she needed at that moment, not wanted to spoil their togetherness.

as the car started to move on the dark streets of the city, she felt cold winds blowing furiously, her one hands went onto his arm feeling little scare int he dark and cold atmosphere.

Maan looked at her scared face, he knew , it was her first experience, its been few months now, she had not been outside, he felt the hit of pain in his heart again just reminding her painful past.

Na ho tu udaas, tere paas paas, Main rahoonga zindagi bhar 


he press her hand which was on his arms, assuring her with his soft smile, relax Geet, I am here!

I know.. she mutters giving him soft smile, she felt relax with his words and move. Maan  just hold her hand with one, while other on the steering, giving her much needed comfort.

Saare sansaar ka pyaar maine tujhi mein paaya 

I have found the love of the whole world in you

after a while, Geet was enjoying the play of soft cold wind against her open curls, her curls teased her face, coming on her chubby cheeks, Maan was watching her time by time along with driving the car, finding his right destination.

He pulled out his hand from her clutch, she looked confused, frowns, next moment small smile adores her beautiful face, feeling his warm palm on her cheek, his fingers trail down the path of her teasing curls, he pushed it behind her ear, slowing down the speed of the car

Haan tu mile, dil khile 

Aur jeene ko kya chaahiye 

yes, meeting you has made my heart glow

what more do I need to live

Geet gives him shy smile, her heartbeat raises, feeling his hand going down on her neck, he touches her cleavage, teasing her senses, maann.. she moans softly, with her eyelashes drooping down.

Maan was watching her reaction to his touches, he smiles seeing her innocence, that pleases his heart.

After a while both reach near the ice cream parlor, famous spot in the city, and the shopkeeper kept it open as per Maan’s order, Maan already paid him heavy amount.

Geet didn’t realized when the car stop moving, she opened her close eyes hearing Maan calling her.


He smile seeing her still lost in the moment, Geet looked at him then her surroundings, Ice Cream Parlor!?? Her mouth watered though she was hell confused, why did he brought her here and why??

She gives him her hand as he help her to got down. Geet take in the view of her surroundings, the shop and it’s surroundings were lighten sweetly making her smile, Maan was please to see her smile, he guided her inside.

Geet was awe seeing the view inside, as it was her first time entering some huge shop in the city, from the time they came in Delhi, she was just at home, adjusting herself to new living with her pregnancy.

The gorgeous smile never left her face, she felt refresh again coming into new beautiful place with Maan beside her.

Both settled themselves on the sofa in the corner, he makes Geet comfortable.

So what my baby and baby’s mamma want??

Maan asked lovingly holding her hand in his. Geet was so overwhelmed with his special care, she realized till what extent he went on to please her.


I …I..don’t know… She chocked not able to speak anything. Maan presses her hand comforting her.


Sweetheart, don’t.. he wiped her tears which were hanging on her lashes, not letting to them drop, he gestured her not to cry.

Tell me what do you want to eat?? He again asked taking her in his arms wrapping his arm around her thereby consoling her.

Maan, I really don’t know?!! take whatever you want!!

Her words left him astonished, Geet, I brought you here for you an baby, not for me.

But I really don’t know Maan!! Her answer left him puzzle, I don’t remember when I last ate ice cream, I was really young, once my papa had taken me to.. she couldn’t spoke more breaking into river of tears.

He pressed her shoulder, anger and pain rushing through him, his eyes became red stopping his tears.

He control himself wanted to gives her support but not makes her more sad.

Na ho tu udaas, tere paas paas

Main rahunga zindagi bhar

Do not be sad, 

 I will stay my whole life nears you

It’s all right, sweetheart!! No worries..I am here now,  you just ask and will bring you every damn thing!! He jerk her closed making her look up to him, he wiped her tears,


just don’t cry, the thing I hate the most to see you sad, I want to see you happy, can’t you do this for me? He cups her face, Geet nodded her  head giving him small smile, though the memories of her father , her parents, hits her hard, making her heart cried, but she didn’t cried again.

Maan get to know from her face, she is missing her father, he didn’t said a word knowing she will cry again.

You sit here,I will bring something for you.

GHSP 180 HD_0530

He got up giving her some space while to bring something delicious for his Sweetheart.

Geet became calm till the time he reach with the stuff at his hands, followed by more tubs in the hands of shopkeeper.

Geet was just checking her surroundings, when she notice them approaching her.

Geet, her eyes widen seeing those huge tubs of different ice cream flavors, as he put them on the table before her, followed by more stuff by the shopkeeper.

Once keeping the stuff on the table he left the couple alone.

Maan..this much..??

Not a word, Geet!! Just taste all and tell me which flavor you like.

His demand left her speechless, she gap at him then the stuff on the table, next second her mouth watered, already she was feeling hungry, then wanted to eat some sweet and here it is all present before her eyes.

She took the one spoonful on first vanilla, her eyes closed feeling the delicious taste in her mouth, the thing slowly melting, so softly in her mouth making her taste buds jump in joy.

Next she took the spoon full from the chocolate sundae and her eyes shine in happiness loving the taste.

Maan watched her face, his heart jump in joy seeing the happiness on her face, those shinning eyes like a diamond. He was please with his efforts that makes his Sweetheart happy.

He didn’t disturb her , just watched her beautiful sight, enjoying the scene he relax himself back on the sofa.


Geet was busy in her own world with baby, talking to him, asking him about his taste. She makes faces in between not liking some of flavors.

Gorgeous smile was plastered on Maan’s face seeing her changing of expressions on her face every second.

After done, she was almost full when she realizes he didn’t had a bite even, she felt bad for not noticing it before.

Maan..I am sorry..hum…


But he didn’t let her complete putting his forefinger on her wet lips. Her breath hitch in her throat seeing his next action as he put the same finger in his mouth tasting the same ice cream from her lips.

Her cheeks burn at instant making her whole face hot, she lower her eyelashes.

You didn’t share with me!?? He complained teasing her with a smirk on his lips which Geet didn’t notice as she was looking down.

Woh hum..Geet stammer looking at him, then asked, aapko kaunsa flavour pasand hai??

Joh tumhe pasand hai!! He said with his husky baritone eyeing her passionately.

Hume..!?? She was confused for a while eyeing every tub, then realized that she and baby had loved the taste of the chocolate sundae, that what was Maan’s favorite as well. He didn’t missed that glint in her eyes, wide smile on her beautiful lips when she had tasted it. He knew at that time she loved it.

Geet took the spoonful of Ice Cream forwarding him, She gesture him to take but instead he turn the spoon towards her, Geet looked confused, first you..

GHSP 180 HD_5641

Geet had to take it in her mouth without arguing as it was melting, as soon as the spoon was out Maan threw it in the bowl and grabs her from her head, holding her hairs, Geet gasp and before she knew, he was sucking her mouth, taking the melting ice cream from her mouth.


Geet was flabbergasted, it took her for a while to get to know the thing, she blushed furiously looking into his teasing eyes, he continued to kissed her passionately while Geet closed her eyes surrendering to him.

He pulled her closer, angling her face to his level, he make her open her mouth, sticking his tongue inside gives her french kiss.


Geet just holds onto him, sticking to his chest, she responded back.

Precap :- taking care of his Pregnant Wife.

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  5. Such a cute update. Buying her all the ice creams to allow her and baby to try all flavours and of course both like his fav choc sundae. Bit confused on one thing, are they actually married now?

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