As Geet pulled him down, his lips crushes on her soft one, igniting the fire between both.

Maann.. Geet moans kissing him madly, Maan loses himself with her passionate kiss as he lay beside her, hovering onto her , kissing her back madly, both broke apart feeling breathless.

He got up knowing where it is leading, but Geet was in no mood to stop today, she caught his wrist , Geet..?? He gives her a look.

Maan…I want you..don’t leave me!!

She whispered huskily getting up, Maan turns around controlling himself, he closed his eyes tight, feeling her next crushing herself on his bare back, Geet was totally turn on now so was Maan but he was in a control though.

Geet couldn’t held back, she started to roam her hands on his bare chest, feeling him.

Geettt… He groans feeling aroused with her soft sexual touches. He hold her hands removing it from his body, he walked further towards the cupboard taking out his shirt.

Maan, why are you stopping yourself today, I am all yours??

Kabhi Palkon Pe Aansoo Hain

Her eyes moisten, she was feeling like a incomplete woman having her love with her , still she was thirsty.

Bin tere mera koi aur nahi
Mere pyar ki kachi dor nahi
Piya leke mann ki kali
Teri pooja karne chali priyatama


He could really hear the pain in her voice, his heart quench in great pain hearing her painful voice.

He holds the sharp corner on the door tight in his palm, clutching his palm tight onto it, it became red and wet with the blood coming out,


when he heard her next.

You know, don’t you, I want to make you mine first by marrying you!! He somehow let the words to come out,

When?? When Maan??

Maan have no answer to this question, even Geet knew, it’s not easy, the way it looks, they have to pass so many hurdles but she wouldn’t able to live without him.

She just hug him from behind again making his back wet with tears, you know, I can’t live away from you!!

Bharo maang meri bharo
Bharo maang meri bharo
Chalo pyar mujhe karo

I know baby, he turn briskly controlling no more, he cup her face with one hand, his other hand was injured.


Even I can’t..

Then don’t stop yourself, she spoke burying her face in the crook of his neck, giving him soft kisses there, turning him on.

Ang se ang lagake prem sudha barsade
Dasi teri pyasi rahi kitne janam
Bharo maang meri bharo
Chalo pyar mujhe karo


He groans pulling her apart by holding her bunch of curls in his fist, don’t check my patience.


I can say the same Maan, don’t do this with me, her voice was husky reaching his soul.

His hold lose from her hairs, when she continued, till when you are going to hold yourself, staying away from me, torturing me to no extent?

She questioned to which Maan had no answers, he turn away his face not daring to look into her painful eyes.


Look at me!! She demanded turning furious now but he didn’t yet but her next words make some senses to him.

Yesterday that bastard tried to molested me ,

He turn to face her really shock with her revelation, you said..

Yes..I told you, he tried to..

Even he tried to take me away, he was going to married me!!

Do you realized, she hold his one arm looking into his furious eyes with her own angry Hazels, if like that had happened??


He jerk her close holding her both arms, Geet was startle with his move, don’t…!!

Why not Maan?? This is the truth, yesterday he and tomorrow what if someone else try to take me away from you..

He didn’t let her complete,but slams his lips harshly on her, kissing her furiously, Geet struggle for a while, then she just gave in, tears roll down her eyes feeling frustrated for he was not ready to understand her.

He broke apart leaving both of them breathless, not before he jerks her close in his arms, holding her bare waist,


you are mine Geet, only mine, and no one will dare to take you away from me..I will not let that happen!! He spoke determine, burning like a lava to even think on that line.

Geet was shocked , happy hearing him, she felt wet on her waist and arms, she looked at it to see the blood, she gasp horrible to see it, she began to turned dizzy already seeing it and realizing it’s him.


You are hurt!?? She quickly checked his both hands getting to know it’s right palm, she check his wounds with her dizzy eyes trying to focus.

Bharo maang meri bharo

Maan looked at her then his wound at his hand, next moment before she knew he filled her partition with same blood of his.


Geet gasp, going through different emotions all together, shock, happy, satisfied, till now she had only dream about it that too because of him, he wanted to married her first but today when he filled her maang, she was flabbergasted, gush of emotions ran through her, she touched her partition , then watch her fingers filled with blood, his blood, she was overwhelm, that just flung herself in his arms.

Chalo pyar mujhe karo

Maan never knew the small thing could make her so happy, He felt overwhelmed with her innocent love for him. He engulf her closer hugging her tight, trying to make himself sure she is his now forever and ever, now one will dare take you away from me!! He whispered dangerously in her ears, sending ripples of pleasure through her body by hearing his POSSESSIVE voice.

Geet was more than happy to hear him, she chuckled happily burying her face in the crook of his neck, loving her possessive Maan, that shows his Love for her.


You need to do something more!! She teased nuzzling him in his neck, he grasp her more tight, that surely I will do!! He gives back to her knowing well where she was indicating, he pushed her curls at onset side, and showered wet kisses on her bare shoulder, then coming down on her neck, Geet turn her face to gives him more access.

Maan… She moans,trying to hold him for she was still feeling dizzy, Maan realized her attempts to be stable and he pulled apart taking her in his arms, he took her downstairs, Maan, your hand, she suddenly remembered while walked the both downstairs towards the kitchen.

It’s nothing.

It’s not nothing!! We need to bandage it or else, it will worsen !! She told him, looking into his eyes.

Maan put her on the chair in the kitchen while he took out aid box from the cupboard , Geet bandage him after cleaning his wound, and putting some antiseptic.

tumblr_ngkpn5m6m31tv2jz4o2_250 - Copy - Copy

Maan admired her while she did her job, he looked at her bandage wrist, how is your hand??

Umm . It’s fine!! She answered giving him sweet smile as she stood up watching around ,she was feeling hungry.

Maan stood up as well walking behind her, he take out the meal which servants had cook just before leaving and set the table.

Geet watched him doing it alone with his injured palm, Maan, you must have told me, let me do, you are already hurt.

So you are Geet!! He spoke back giving her one glare gesturing her to seat back.

Geet was angry on him , but then when he open the lids her stomach grumbles with the food need and she attack on the food like a starving kid.

Maan chuckled on her antics and sat on his chair beside her, he was also famished but couldn’t able to eat with his injure palm.

Geet watched him struggle and stops him, Maan wait..

Maan watched her surprised as she got up from her chair and next moment she sat on his lap adjusting herself holding his nape.

Maan was instantly turn on with her move as she rubs herself on his main point unknown of it as she sit herself comfortably on his lap making his condition worse.

to be continued…

Precap :-

Naughty Dinner..

Naughty Naughty Night ahead..smiley2smiley2


His hands went up on her Blossoms, he cups it on her blouse, pressing it in his palm, Geet shudders with his move, Maan… Her breaths began to hyperventilate..

Maan dekho..koi badmashi nahi..or else bhooke raho..


Image result for naughty emoji gif


  1. Wow what a passionate part well happy that geet made him understand her situation and his possessiveness rose high and he filled her maang with his blood and contended that she is his aww teaser is awesome waiting to read more ❤️😘

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  2. Them in their land of love…

    He wants to marry her first…

    She says to him wt Karan tried to do with her and wt was and will be her condition….

    He understands that…

    Then their care for each other…


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Are you not on IF..do you read this story from here directly.. because I have given PWD on the thread only..
      Here it is :- PA@47bb


  3. Super awesome dearie:):):) Maan is a man of his word and these are things he holds so sacred to his heart. I am hoping that he will marry her in the house. And that Adi will arrange for his marriage to get registered immediately. I just want them married in the eyes of God & law so that nobody can dare think of separating them…Wowwwwwwww their passion is really sizzling and I am eager to see where it takes them:):):)

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