What the hell!?? maan threw his cell on the bed, hearing her screams, he was so restless thinking what happened to her, that heart wrenching scream of hers, he take his cell and again rang her but no answer, he was turning so frustrated , finally he cut the call and dial a number, where is Geetakshi?? he just heard the address and cut the call, as he look at the invitation lying on the table in his room, he walked up to it, Halloween party!!

Image result for halloween invitation card

There I come!!

he had received the invitation as well from the same member of production house, it was not into him to visit those parties, he was not interested nor his mood allowed him but now knowing his darling needs him, he have to go, for her.

pinky looked at her phone, astonished,what was it?? How crazy!! her dear friend in trouble by this man?? she wonders as she was left bewilder with angry MSK’s voice and the cutting the call so abruptly.

then something strike to her, wait.. oh shit.. Geet!! she dial her number while already she was on her way to the party, she was really worried for her Geet now, why the hell she let her go alone.

the ring was going but no one was answering the call, damn.. she tried but no use, after while she was inside the party hall.

the corridor, then hall way… all was so scary going alone by but then it was her choice, thought pinky, though she was not scare but yes, it was so spooky, they had really managed to scared her poor friend, with those perfect arrangements.

she makes her way inside and was greeted by the host, she was quickly show the way to the guest room where their special guest of the party was being taken care of.

GEETTT!! i am so sorry. pinky rushed inside behind Geet, who was in the balcony of the room taking in fresh air of the night, though she couldn’t dare to look downstairs where the fake ghosts were waiting for her one look.

geet turn back with the worried voice of pinky, she didn’t turn her face giving her back, she was really upset with pinky.

angry on me, you should… really pinky added cooing her from behind, she tap on her shoulder.

don’t talk to me, geet jerk her hand away, walking inside again she sat on the bed, pinky came from behind,

i know i shouldn’t have left  you alone to come here.. but i was just too stuck in with the get up for the party,

and that’s when geet look up to see her friend, but there was not her friend, there standing some ghost with white face, and next moment whole room buzz with the screaming sounds,

first Geet who screamed her lungs out to see the ghost before her eyes, already she was drain with the welcome of hers by ghosts and here it was standing just before her eyes.

pinkly was so bewilder with her sudden scream that she shouted after her, few servants who were passing by looking  after the arrangements, ran on the door knocking to get her permission.

Geet after a while calm down herself and shut pinky as well, she somehow control the situation and pushed the servants away.

pinky quickly get the glass of water for Geet, geet who was trying to calm down her own heartbeats, she was startle again finding pinky near her, she took the glass from her hand without giving her a glance,

pinky felt very bad with her behavior, geet could get it, she gives her a glance, pinky i am sorry, it was just i was not really feeling good recently, and then..

Geet.. it’s all right i can understand!

geet gives her look again, and this time she broke into sweet laughter, seeing sweet ghost this time in pinky, as her face became grumpy with pout of her lips.

pinky look astonished first then she heard her friend, you look funny pinky!! sweet ghost, she pulled her chubby cheeks making pinky smile finally seeing her friend back to normal.


both walked down in the spooky party, it was as if all type of ghosts were roaming in there own Halloween land.

Geet was little relaxed with the presence of pinky with her and she was really not scared now with going through the fear already. They wore their masks as per the party rule .

It was just after few minutes he entered inside like storm , coming through the corridor already he got to know about her fears but nothing could scare MSK, he was just worried for his darling.

And there he caught her sight wearing the mask. He smirks and get one mask for him walking towards his destination.

Geet muze already bhook lag Rahi hai..we should eat something.

Geet look on to her dear friend with unbelievable look,

You know I just came in hurry for you to forgetting to eat anything

Geet sigh listening her, you needed to ms.assistant!

Geet spoke in stern voice,

The hall was already dark with scary lightning highlights turning around, supporting to it was scary voices.

I know, pinky makes grumpy faces,I am sorry for that!!

All right, pinky, how many times you are going to ask sorry, I am fine now, Geet assured her holding her hands.

Pinky gives her nervous smile though, you know Maan air was so worried for you, he actually made me a call asking me about you whereabouts , and she narrated her all about his phone call.

Geet was sweetly surprised,she had totally forgot about him in her own fears, and with pinky around.


Darling, I am here!!

Both turn to look at side, to see him stood there with his vampire get up on.

Geet gasp seeing him after a while now going through that dreadful experience now finding him near was most pleasurable thing for her.

But he looks different though, what was it, ??

Geet thought , trying to get a clear view of him, which was impossible though in the dark and spooky atmosphere.

He looked bite different with those scary vampire teeth , blood stain on a corner of lips, with high vampire suit, then that little big mask hiding his half face, those dark eyes shinning through it, in the dark as well but it too looks different a bite.

Geet was so confused and lost in just gaping at him when suddenly he pulled her in his arms jerking her closer, pinky left from there silently to give the couple much needed privacy unknown of the danger in which she was just leaving her friend .

to be continued…

I don’t know , how whole part has come out but forgive for mistakes, I wasn’t well, It’s been too late that tried to update it for you guys, do like and comment.

Precap :-

Who is the guy??




Or both are one??


17 thoughts on “AASHIQ PART 31

  1. Really excited for further updates…so many questions to be answered,the mystery behind aashiq is something really looking forward to see..

    Finally pinky comes and geet gets back to normal,she is happy to know about him …

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  2. First of all take care dear no hurry we are here whenever u give an update …

    Coming back to story well on Halloween party maan is being invited he is well scared for his sweetheart so he coming to party..thank God pinky came to support geet..now who is behind the mask of wampire quite excited 😘😘

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  3. Nice update.
    Geet is scared a lot. Thank god pinky come their for geet. Maan also scared for geet.
    But who is that vampire?
    Is that maann or someone else?
    It will be very interesting to read.
    UpdTe soon dear.
    Take care.

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  4. My dear sincere apologies for my late catch up. I have accumulated almost 200 updates since I could not read since Oct last year due to work & health…I have just started catching up on your updates. I hope you are well & good. Pls take good care of yourself.

    I am scared for Geet…I have a feeling that this vampire is not Maan…I think its her villain…I really hope that Geet calls out to Maan for help or Pinky sees Maan & alerts him. I really want to unmask that villain & beat him up blue & black…He is scaring the hell out of Geet…

    I hope Maan just stops getting angry with Geet all the time…It hurts & breaks Geet…and its of no fault of hers…I wish he would realise that…

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