Geet was waiting for Maan desperately, for she wanted to spend some time with her husband. Today she won’t listen to his any excuses of being busy, or work load.


Can’t he take out some time for his wife and baby, she was seeing it that he only doing his duties as some his responsibility, that too roboticaly.

She was so hurt, sad thinking , did he lost interest in her but then her heart blame her, scolds her for thinking like this for her Mr. Khurana.

She couldn’t mistrust him or his any deeds not after what he had given her, she put her palm  on her small baby bump, he had given her most precious treasure , any woman could desire.

And then he had claimed her already, with all rights then how could she blame her own soul.

But she desired those special moments with her Maan and baby. She desired to have those moments with her hubby, being pregnant, her desires grew wild, already she was dreaming about the family and now when she have it she desired him the most, to be with her.

She ignored till now, giving reasons to her own sad heart about his office, which he have to take care of, she knew because of her already, he had been neglecting it in the past, she blame herself for this, she knew many employees and Their families are relay on him that she couldn’t bound him to much, and then Dadima was always there to look after her, she fill in the place of her parents as if, Geet felt blessing of God on her that he given her Dadima.

Maan was the form of God for her, through him she had got everything which she had dreams about.

Her thoughts went on as she went to sleep on the sofa itself waiting for him. Her thoughts proceeds towards the dream,making the sweet smile appears on her lips.

And that’s how he found her, sleeping so deep with that gorgeous smile adoring her lips.

Maan stood rooted, just gaping her without a blink. It’s been so long, he was watching her freely, without any hurdle.


He felt so relaxed as sat beside her on the sofa, he continued to watch her for few minutes, he saw  her few tendrils of curls coming on her forehead, he pushed it behind her ears softly, her smile widen feeling him, seeing her reaction small smile spread across his tired face.


Maan patted her head lovingly breaking her sweet sleep, Geet slowly opened her eyes and looked confused for a while.


And her face beam with a simple smile as she turn to look at him seating beside her giving her soft smiles, she just throw herself in his arms like a little girl hugging him tight.

Aaraam se.. why are you waking up shouldn’t, you know??

Hx19Q (1)

He murmured burying his face in her delicate neck, sniffing her gorgeous scent, he so missed her terribly in this week, holding himself back though they were always closed, but today it felt like his heaven is back to him after like eternity, he was really happy and satisfied seeing her waiting for him like this, which she hadn’t done in past one week getting strict orders from him, although he was concern for her health.

Geet didn’t wanted to disappoint him after that rain thing happened back at week, she really don’t wanted to trouble him making him worry for her.

Dadi’s words as if scribes on her innocent heart, she really understand, he is loaded with much more work at office then back to home , he must be worried for her everyday for her and baby.

That she listened to him quickly without disappointing him though his behavior lately hurts her but she guess he is trying to take care of her and baby, making himself tense, yes she could able to see him lately going so tense, wanted to have a talk with him, wanted to assured him that don’t be much tense or worry for her and baby . They are fine and all happy when he is there with them.

But never got a chance , today she had decided and her heart became so stubborn to stay today for her Maan, it could felt the trouble he is facing ,  but what is it , she don’t know, the only thing she knew, she have to be look after him, just for a day at least, lately he looks disoriented, so stress may be , office trouble or something like that, unknown of the fact that it’s only her.


Why can’t I, for my husband? She pulled out and cups his face lovingly taking his heart away just with her words, he could make out she is behaving different today, or it is after long he is getting her that close all alone, just because of that??

But you shouldn’t, sweetheart…for baby!! Maan replied with his calm tone, she was really sure now , something is bothering him but what and what isn’t he sharing with her, the thought pained her but more pain was that, seeing him in trouble and she can’t help him.

Sirf baby aur mera kya?? Baby aagaya toh apni sweetheart Ko bhool Gaye??

Subpost 3 - اشتاقة لنانديني_yellow_heart__confounded__sob_ . . - silsilabadalterishtonka - drashtidhami - na

Geet asked just to ease him, to make him relax but that threw Maan back the day when he heard those dreadful words of the doctor.

GHSP 281 HD_3148

Geet!! Don’t..his voice pained, You are my life, my breath to live then how can I suppose to live without you!! He whispered each words painfully, his emotions flows lost in a moment just thinking his life without her means death for him.

His fingers press on her soft cheeks, rubbing her there feeling her.

Geet, her heart skip a beat as she read his unsaid pain in his each soft whispered of pain.

Maan…she gasp taking him in the warm embrace of hers trying to absorb his pain into her.


He chocked, feeling her warm embrace after a while now, it was only him who always held her in his arms cage giving her feel of security.

But today Geet did the needful, she embrace him like a mother do to their child, she regrets for not doing it before, he was suffering it all alone from few days now, she felt it now from the hug and she was guilty for being lost in her own world of happiness.

Tell me, what is bothering you?? She whispered painfully as few tears roll down her cheeks feeling him in so much pain,  she have never seen him in past, like this.

She engulfs his huge body in her soft arms, giving him much needed warmth of her love and care. Her hands rubs on his back to sooth his pain.

Maan was lost in her ,but hearing her words, he comes back to his senses, he control himself and pulled out, back to normal.

Batao na, kyun itna pareshan ho aap??

Geet asked getting so restless with his silence today.

Geet…he looked at her finding no words right now to avoided the situation, finally he spoke, Geet, I am damn hungry, let’s go to room, I will freshen up.

He hurriedly hold her from her small back and Geet just looked at him feeling so pain in her heart finding him struggling to hide it from her.

She kept mum not wanted to trouble him more, he will surely solved it himself and will tell her soon.

She have faith in her husband,

Maan..she stops him,holding his arm, he looked at her, I know my husband will never loss. he will fight and win at the end, just like he had conquered his Sweetheart. And she gives him her best smile.

Maan stop and looked at her grasping her each word, he at once pulled her in his arms hugging her tight, his heart beats up in happiness, feeling proud of his love.


I will !! He mutters huskily on her head, Geet left a deep sigh hugging him back.

I will treasure my sweetheart life long!!he promised himself more than her, keeping her closed to his heart.

Geet just smiled knowing he won’t tell her the reason behind his hidden pain still, she was happy, at least she boosted him, give him little courage, and support, at least shared his little pain.

I can’t lose you, He whispered again making Geet smiled, she snuggle closed in the crook of his neck, you won’t, I know! 

You know?? He pulled out and looked at her giving her admiring look,

I believe on you!! You won’t let anything happen to me and our baby!

His heart skip a beat listening her each words filled with love and pride for him. He place his hand on her tummy feeling their little life, Geet looked at him, giving him sweet smile.

After a while ,He picks her in his arms, Geet put her head on his shoulder, holding from his neck looking at him lovingly.


Kya plan hai??

Maan asked seeing her naughty eyes giving him smiles, as he carried her towards the room.

Umm…Hume kuch meetha khane ke man kar raha hai! She reveals so cutely, putting her hand on her baby bump while thinking something.

Maan gives her teasing smile as he come closed to her lips, muze bhi.. and he eyed her lips ,giving her naughty stares.

dhatt.. Geet blushed furiously, before submitting to his wish, both their lips locked for hungry and demanding kiss as it’s been a while both didn’t even share a kiss.

Maan was on fire, he couldn’t control anymore, as he got hold of her bare waist, his hands started to teased her bare skin.

Geet moaned in the kiss pulling him more close, he broke the kiss quickly knowing her condition.

His lips drags on her chin, kissing her there he went on her chubby cheeks and gives her soft bites on either side.

Ouch…she pouted cutely looking at him, I just loved those cherry cheeks…he complimented making her more blushed, I loved it more when they became red because of me.

Maan…she hides herself in his arms feeling so shy hearing his open praises.

His hands comes into the contact if her bare back, he started to caressed her, his head buried deep in her open neck as he pushed down her sari.

Umm… Geet moans feeling his fingers going inside her blouse, she clutch on to his shirt with closed eyes.

He gives her few wet kisses on her neck, going below on her cleavage, she lay back taking him on her, Maan makes sure he didn’t put any weight on her tummy.

He was lost loving her,after a long time now, completely forgetting all other things.

He broke the hooks of her blouse in his high passion making Geet gasp…

to be continued.

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