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Both were ready to sneak out, just then Maan’s phone rang , he picks it up, it was adi who gives him the info about there surroundings.

Sir, all done, you can come on the terrace.

Okay adi!! He asked further about Maya and Geet became numb suddenly, she wasn’t ready to leave her mother, is it fair to do so?? Her heart became restless but then, what he mum did, was it fair??



Maan pulled her out of her thoughts, chale..?? Geet nodded her head boosting herself, she followed him outside.

She had wore her sari, taking dupatta on her head,she followed her Bodyguard.

Drashti Dhami aka Geet in Geet Hui Sabse Parayi

All of a sudden, his guards comes out of their hiding and surrounded them and no one able to see them.

Geet gasp giving them horrible looks, she looked back at Maan, who was busy in walking out as fast as he could, Geet thought they are her mother’s guards.

Maan…she nudge him, he just gives her one look, and rushed forward towards the lift which took them to terrace.


People in the hospital just gap at the VIP person, although they were not able to see him or her because of guards but knew him as VIP , big personality that make there way for him doing his work easy.

Geet was flabbergasted to see the chopper before her eyes, as wild wind rushed around them , she was not in a state to ask him anything nor he was in way to answer her right now for now they have to rushed away from this place first.

Maan… Geet gasp holding onto him as he was ready to seat inside , Maan looked back at her , seeing her hesitant he asked, you believe me??

Geet shook her head in yes, then let’s go out of here first, I will answer all your questions at the right time.

Geet gives him smile of satisfaction, and gives her hand, both sat down inside, and the helicopter took off making Geet thrilled.

She just screams in excitement once it started to go up, Maan had to pulled her towards him.

Baby..not now… Let us go away first, then jitna chillana hai ..chillana..( then scream as much as you want)

He gives her a teasing look, Geet make an o shape of face, and twisted her lips, she look away from him, outside of the window.


I can’t believe it, I am really running away, with My Bodyguard!!! She screams last word making the guard seating on the front seat look back, he gives odd look to Maan not knowing about his BG thing.

Maan clears his throat, he gives the guard one of his famous glare that he turn back.

They were in the air by now, oh Maan ..I am so excited.. Geet jump up literally on him, giving him big hug, I love you..I love you..my janu..she blabbered, giving him wet kisses on both cheeks.


His heart flatters in happiness, seeing her so happy and showering her love on him,openly.

I loved it!! She gives him now mouth kiss, making him turn hard, he grab her at once, and gives her french kiss leaving her breathless.

Geet now blushed furiously, she hits on his chest and look down from the window, enjoying the scenery. The view was beautiful with Maan beside her, it was most beautiful moment of her life. He did so much for her, she got lost in her happiness so much that forget to ask him anything again and every other things.

Maan placed his coat around her to saved her from the cold, after a while she was sleeping in his arms snuggling closed, he looked at her, admiring her innocent he caressed her cheeks, she snuggles more closer, he took her injured hand in his own , felt guilty again for making her to go through because of him, now also he was taking her away like this when she needs medical attention but he was helpless and he couldn’t done the same mistake of leaving her alone again in that danger, he can’t stay there around her to protect her.


But henceforth, he won’t let any harm touch his babydoll, he promised himself and her, pecking her forehead.


They reach the destination, it was in the outskirts of Delhi, away from the chaos of city, in between the forest, it was his farmhouse.


Geet slowly opened her eyes, seeing the surroundings, she was in his arms, he was walking towards the entrance carrying her in his arms like a bride, she felt so happy, thrill and continue to admired her Bodyguard not caring to give a look there surroundings or name plate on the house, they are entering in.


Huge number of well built guards were surrounding the whole his property.

Maan took her inside, walk upstairs to his room, He made her seat on the bed when she did notice other two person present in the room, she gave them a look to find out it’s one doctor and nurse, she had totally forgotten about her health, that’s when she realizes her injuries.


Take rest, they will just check you, and change your bandage, Maan said patting her head lovingly, Geet nodded her head like a obedient child , giving him small smile.

He got up to go, just then she holds his hand stopping him, where are you going??


He turn back to look at her, I will just come in a minute, relax!! Maan tried to make her understand as he cups her face seating before her, Geet nodded again , he gives her a peck on her forehead and stood up walking outside leaving her alone with the doctor and nurse.


Maan walked out checking the surroundings himself, talking with the guards, he make sure about their safety and call his dad, who must getting worried about both.


Where the hell are you, son??

I am fine dad, relax…and she is also fine and with me, Maan explained before he asked, and he could heard sigh of relief from the other side, Maan knew his dad was not angry on him for his stunt but just worried.

Don’t worry about us, we are fine wherever we are, you do believe on me, don’t you??

Yes son, I do that’s why I didn’t stop you, even I send you there on the first place to Maya.

I know my brave son, and his capability.

Thanks dad!! Maan was satisfied hearing his words, he did nothing wrong.

But where are you??

That should be hidden , from you and everyone!!

I need to know son!!

Plz dad..try to understand, I will be back once after few days when everything settled, at least left her recover fully, she was so stress out to that extent to hurt herself, let her enjoy those few days. His voice pained at the end reminding about her condition when he seen her first in the hospital.

All right, take care!!

Saying so he cut the call and Maan looked at the phone with a small smile on his face. He walked inside asking his servants about Geet.

Just then doctor walked out with her nurse, he couldn’t let anyone stay near her more than necessary because there secret would reveal anytime, not letting them live in peace for a while.

Her bandage is done, Mr.khurana and she is fine, and she gave him medicine strip and few advises before walking out .

Maan had already warned them about keeping their mouth shut.

He walked into his room, and take a long relaxing shower as his servants just told him about her being sleeping in the room.

He had discarded everyone out if house, just few guards were outside giving protection to the house.


He remembers about Maya, and evil smirk appears on his lips, now she will taste her own medicine, he thought evilly..

It was night by now, in the morning the news will spread definitely, he thought while evil smirk wouldn’t left his face.

He takes an relaxing shower, taking much needed time for himself then walked out wiping himself with the towel on his waist, took out his track pants and wore them, he was standing before the mirror wiping his hairs just then he heard something, cham cham…

Geet woke up suddenly feeling scared all of a sudden, it had turn night, she found herself all alone in the huge room, the doctor have given her injection for her pain that she went into deep slumber.

Now waking up in the room and new atmosphere it makes her restless for she was not habitual of it.

She got up and walked out to find him, the whole house was empty and looking haunted.


She frowns walking around trying to locate him, why it’s looking empty, when there were servants before sometime, she thought, and she saw one room open with lights on inside, she quickly rushed towards it thinking it’s may be if Maan’s and it was really his as she just felt his aura and scent in the air just walking on the door.

She peek inside to see him shirtless, wiping his hairs, must have come out if the shower, she just rushed inside.


Maan looked up to see her standing before him and before he knew she just rushed forward and threw her arms around his neck hugging him tight.

Geett…he groans with the effect of her soft body touching his bare one.

Maan.. you left me alone in the room, she complained like a small child making him chuckled, as he engulf her warm body into his cold one.

Hx19Q (1)

Relax…he rubs her back feeling her uneven breaths, you are fine here, and I am here only beside you always.. he assured her patting her head lovingly.

Geet smiled with satisfaction hearing his assuring word, she was really relax now hearing him, for she knew She is all safe now with him.

She relaxed herself in his huge arms, giving him small kiss of affection on his chest, his hold tighten on her.

Babbyy...he groan feeling her soft lips ribbing onto his cold skin there, he burned with the effect.

Oh Maan….she roams her hands on his bare back feeling his hard structure , her face buried in his neck seeking his scent.

Geet…go to your room and rest for a while, we will have dinner then.he tried to pushed her but she wouldn’t budge,hold into him like a monkey, making it difficult for him to broke off.


No..I won’t..muze akela nahi rahna.. she pouted not ready to leave him.

Maan chuckled on her antics, fine, stay here in my room ,but let me wear some cloths at least.


He tried to part her away, she unwillingly did, walking towards his bed, but didn’t left his hand, you don’t need to wear anything, you looks hot !! She commented shamelessly rubbing her palm on his chest.

Maan almost blushed with her open comment, it was something very different and satisfying to hear your own beloved giving you those sweet compliments which just filled your heart with pride and undefined happiness.

He just made her lay down and when she caught his neck pulling him on her..


to be continued…

Precap :-

Bharo maang meri bharo

Bharo maang meri bharo

Chalo pyar mujhe karo

Ang se ang lagake prem sudha barsade

Dasi teri pyasi rahi kitne janam

Bharo maang meri bharo

Chalo pyar mujhe karo


  1. Superb update…
    They eloped,she is like child,happy to be with him, enjoying those forgetting her wounds and worries…
    She forget to ask him the questions too…
    His convo with dad is nice…
    Waiting for further…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow
    Finally they r away from trouble.
    Geet is so excited.
    Maaneet never corget to do romances.
    Maan is taking care of her.
    Both r in one room.
    Something romance will definitely do..
    Update soon dear.
    Take care.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Finally maaneet are together happy that he took geet with him helicopter scenes were lovely poor geet worried about Maya…maan bought her to his farm house .. how caring he called up a doctor already 😘😘 I still suspect maan’s dad what is he upto thankgod maan never revealed his whereabouts…their romance is always on πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ waiting to read more

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  4. Nice update n maan n geet both are finally together n happy n away from trouble n maan take geet to his fram house n taking care of her n thnxx for pm me

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Super super super happy me doing my happy dance dearie:):):) Finally!!! Maan managed to save Geet and bring her to his own secure place:):):) When the news breaks out all hell will break loose…What will Maya do I am not sure. But I am very sure that Maan will fight to destroy them if they even lay a finger on his Geet…Now I am waiting for Maan’s answers to all of Geet’s and our questions:):):) And their moments of togetherness after so long:):):)

    Liked by 1 person

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