Geet was just thinking about how to convince MK that she couldn’t sleep an ounce, whole night she kept on twisting and turning tense with the task at her hand.

Maan was turning much more furious with her for not taking his calls or even she didn’t replied his any msgs.

Next morning,

Geet came out of the bathroom, having shower, wrapped herself in a white bathrobe. She walked to cupboard to take out her dress, just then her room door got open with a click sound. She startle turn around swiftly , who’s it??

Next she saw his foot stepping inside, then him, she left a sigh of relief on finding non other than Maan here.


Geet makes a face,for scaring her like that, as he closed back the door , next her breath halted seeing him approaching her like a true predator.

Maan, you should wait outside… Her words died in her mouth as he reach near her.


Woh…I need to change..she whispered huskily, as next his hands wrap around her small waist pulling her close.


Hm…you can do it now , before me..saying so he smirks seeing her wide eyes, her cheeks burns, she shiver just hearing his soft whispered of words.

You are so shameless, she pushed him on his chest, go outside.. and struggle hard but he jerk her even more close.

You can’t…so don’t try even, he said huskily , clutching her soft palm in his own, his one hand was on her waist holding her closer.

Geet sighed feeling defeated, not soon she felt his face lowering towards her, she looked up and found his lips hovering onto her, she blushed and not before he slam his lips on her delicate one, kissing her madly.

Geet responded back willingly, pulling him closed, her hands wrap around his neck .

Maan kissed her furiously, giving her bites, sucking her lips harshly, Geet could make out with his harsh kisses, he was angry.

He left her finding her breathless, before she could react, he was all over her, kissing her harshly on her bare skin, from neck, coming down he followed the path below on her half open cleavage.


Geet gasp,Maan.. she moans with his wildness, trying to pushed him apart as his wild bites started to give her pain now.

Maan was really not in his senses, he was furious on her for the previous night, she didn’t responded to his any calls or msgs, he couldn’t sleep whole night without listening her sweet voice.

Next moment, he opened the knot of her robe , making Geet startle, she pushed him away with all her straight.

Stop it! Maan!!

Tears sting in her eyes, she blink few times giving him painful looks while Maan stood still realizing what he was doing, he comb back his hairs furiously giving her one furious glare, still his anger was not reduced.

Geet was so confused with his demeanor today, she wasn’t either knew the reason of his anger.


Maan..before she could start, both heard the knock on the door follow by the voice of pinky, Geet are you there?? Can I come inside??

Geet, her eyes widen in shock, Maan was not that affected, he was still furious , giving her angry glared.

Geet doesn’t know what should she do now? Though pinky know about both of them but still finding them both like this in this situation will be so embarrassing for her.

Just a minute, pinky, I am changing! Geet finally let out the words in hurry.

You plz, wait downstairs!

Okay, No problem!! Saying so pinky walked down.

Geet turn to see him still angry, she sigh and walked up to him, cupping his one cheek lovingly she asked, baat kya hai?? Why are you so angry?

As if you don’t know?? He angrily removed her palm from his face, rushed to go out.

Maan…Geet gasp trying to stop him but he just rushed out, banging the door shut behind leaving her shock as she just gaped at the way he walked out, then ran downstairs.

Pinky was surprised finding him here that too walking out of Geet’s room, mischievous smile comes on her face but seeing his angry glares she gulp hard turning confused.

Just as he was gone, after a minute Geet rushed down hurriedly dressed up with still wet locks.

GEET! What’s it?? You were hiding your MSK in your room, ha..Dear?? And pinky winks at her making Geet’s cheeks red.

But what happened that he was looking so angry, did it because of me that I come between your both romance and she was going on and on…

Servants were looking at them listening her words, some were giggling, Geet cursed her dear friend for her wide mouth.

Pinky!! Enough!! You don’t have to worry.she rushed forward near her giving her dreadful glare,

Look!!even you are upset with me..for the same thing..isn’t it??

Now Geet just shut her mouth, putting her palm on her mouth, pinky tried to struggle in her hold while Geet continue to gives her dreadful daggers that Pinky have to stop.

Leave it!! Tell me, what is it in your hand?? Geet diverted the whole topic seeing some cards in Pinky’s hands, as she pulled her hand off her.

Pinky became excited suddenly forgetting all other things.

Yehh… Geet it’s..party passes.. she exclaimed happily showing her.

Geet looked confused as she takes it from her hands to have a look when she heard her next, Halloween Party!!

Image result for halloween invitation card


What, What, Geet!!

I mean, That will be so scary…spooky.. she shudder with the thought even as she despised the whole thing.

No dear..it will be funny..and exciting..guess what??I have even decided our costumes..infact it’s all ready.

Geet was shock now, she looked at her friend bewildered..

GHSP 364 HD_7489

No !!

Yes!! Pinky nodded her head in yes giving her full teeth smile.

I can’t go..

Geet..plz.. you have to…for me..pinky literally pleaded making faces as she hold her hands to manofy her , she was really excited to go there, it was her first time, she got this special invitation because of Geet only or else who unlucky will get it..she is so lucky, she thought.

Geet was in dilemma, for she was not feeling good either with current happenings around her, she looked at Pinky’s sad small face, her hopeful eyes , she couldn’t have that small heart to break her hopes that she have to agree eventually.


Carved Faux Pumpkin Lanterns Hung From The TreesFront Porch Light Decoration Halloween Night

Geet adores the decoration, none the less it was little scary, but her next her steps halted seeing the door at front.

Blood Stained Door Decor With Ghost

Geet, her heart skip a bit, seeing the red letters, she controlled herself knowing it’s just a party, she just have to entered inside and there will be lot’s of people.. or ghosts… her mind alerts, she ignores it.


She had come alone wearing witchy costume as per party theme, pinky was going to be little late, so she had asked Geet to managed today. Geet sighs, giving herself a boost she opened the door with a thudding heart. she was not that scare other ways, but then, she had never been to this type of parties before, specially a Halloween party, that too alone like this as her guards left her inside, there was no one apart from her inside the gate, all were inside or dying to come behind her, but her dumbo guards didn’t allowed them, she wanted to scream but no voice comes out.

As she step inside the corridor that faced the dark, for a while she was blank, is this rally a venue, where party was going to be held or just she had mislead to the haunted house, she thought taking the dark view inside.

Image result for spooky halloween corridor decoration

Image result for spooky halloween corridor decorationRelated image

Image result for spooky halloween decorations descriptionImage result for halloween hanging pumpkins

there were skeleton hanging, around the each corner of dark corridor, some ghost dolls standing, or hanging on the wall, with their scary looks, scary pumpkins decorating around, her heart started to beat rapidly, she really wished this time , if someone was there with her, she curse herself for coming alone here, without waiting for pinky, she did had called maan several times but if he forget his anger!

keeping her all courage together, boosting herself, she walked further wanted to reach fast towards the door above that will lead to the party hall, it’s all fake, Geetakshi, don’t be scared.. umm.. it’s not real.. yeah.. and she dialed few times to maan, giving stealing gazes all around her, that small distance even looks so long now, she thought eyeing the door.


her heart almost stop beating, when all of a sudden she saw some zombie like creature walking towards her from the side door , little ahead, she started to sweat, and gasp keeping her hand on her chest with the sudden horror noises and lightning, the skeletons beside her began to dance in the air, laughing at her as if, her fingers shiver, turning sweaty, still she tried to press the numbers making one call, her eyes water being so scary, she tried to walked, but before she could, suddenly hands comes out from the wall on her both sides, making her damn scared now that she screams out loudly with all her might.

Image result for spooky halloween decorations description

Hello Geet.. what happen.. are you fine…

the person on the call from other side heard her scream and shouted from the phone, but she was so lost in the fear before her eyes to notice her call being answered.


Outside there was so noise and hustle bustle going on , so was inside the hall, that no one could hear her screams, she dash madly to reach the door, that one hanging statue of the witch  from the front wall above come dancing towards her with scary lights and noises and she lost it completely,

Image result for halloween witch images

she was turning dizzy with much more fear, without her notice she bangs herself on the statue and fall back on the floor going into unconsciousness.


In one of the room, he was standing staring his dark image in the mirror, his face blank, looking angry on himself for giving his Jaan pain. why.. why??

he bang his both hands on the dressing table before him angrily, furious on own self, why?? why did he do that?? suddenly his eyes landed on the knife laying there on another table, he smirks evilly, and took that , staring at it madly, he again walked before the mirror, bare chested, he looked at his mirage before his eyes, and took that knife near his heart where it most pained, seeing his darling in such a pain, and her condition, whole month, she needed to stay in that hospital against her will, it’s all because of him, he poke that knife in his chest, dragging that near his heart, the blood flood out, he screams out in great anguish, but no one heard it as outside , whole hall was noisy.

Finally done, it takes so much hard work of mine to update this part, forgive for mistakes.. do leave your likes and comments, it’s just started..smiley15 you  guys never know, what is store in next chappysmiley2 and next will be full of maneet.smiley27

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  1. maan help ur geet…………she is scared maan…………where r u maan when she needs u?……..u r only angry on her becoz of ur confusion………………

    scary update……………

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  2. Wow amazing update like always. Hope geet will be not in the danger. She is really scared. Ur writing is too good. Thank u. If I m not wrong mere rakshe quamar is also ur story. But I m not able to read that. I will be thankful if u provide the access to this story to me.

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    1. Thank you 😊
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    1. 😂😂😜😜
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  3. OMG!!!! What just happened dear…Why why why…Why does she have to endure so much pain & trauma…Feeling so sad & upset dearie….Who is this mysterious monster always after her….And this Maan!!! I really feel like bashing that MSK attitude & ego of his…He is alway throwing temper & anger at her…Seriously…

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    1. 😂😂😜😜
      It’s not the monster..or real one atleast..😂😜
      You will get to know in next update..
      Well MSK is like that here..so is Geet..😜😁


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