Maan came out of shower, dripping wet, his torso was bare as he had removed his wet shirt.


And that’s how Sasha and Adi( he had come later on) saw him, all panting and wet,  their eyes widen in shock.


You baster, what did you do to my friend, what were you doing so long in her room??

Sasha screams manically, so furious with the thought.

She just rushed from there to see Geet, she was damn worried for her dear friend.

Damn it!! Maan racked his hand through his wet hairs, frustrated on himself for the whole fiasco.

Sir, is everything alright??

GHSP 364 HD_4470

Adi asked worried, seeing him like that, he was surprised to see him here , in that condition.

Don’t worry!! Maan just mutter those words , he was standing, facing his back to Adi.

Just then Sasha again come back,checking on Geet, she saw that geet was sleeping peacefully, she realized, she uselessly shouted on maan, and blame him.

sorry.. and thank you!!

Maan stood still, with his back towards them, he was listening her, she further added, you are a gentlemen, didn’t do anything to her, i thought wrong abut you! she was really guilty.

You can stay assured that mishty is the most important for me, i would do anything for me,


maan spoke, turning his face sideways, his voice was stern yet he sounds sincere.

I will leave now, don’t tell her about tonight!! saying so he left from there along with adi, who was little confused with the fiasco.


next morning, Geet woke up feeling his presence in the air, but he was not there, she sighs, and got up , went inside the washroom, there was also his fragrance, she gives one look the whole bathroom while doing brush, it was wet, she peek out from from the door, calling sasha,


sasha, did anyone come here , last night??

now sasha became shock, what ?? why are you asking this??

the bathroom is so wet.

no…no no one came, i was here all night! sasha lied as per maan’s words, Geet shrugs her shoulders, thinking, she is overreacting.. it must be sasha, who used the bathroom at night!!


Few days passed, Geet was still in the hotel as per maan’s order, she can’t moved out without maan’s words.


Today she was turning so emotional and upset hearing the talks in the office and it’s all about karvachauth. she didn’t know why it is?? is it because of Sameer?? that she didn’t get his call from the morning or it is because of MK?? she doesn’t know.

at Evening, sasha asked her, i heard , tomorrow is karvachauth, so what have you decided,?? you are going to keep fast, aren’t you??

sasha’s words again hits her like a sword, she don’t know what to answer her, what to decided on this, will sameer come to break her fast but why her heart is denying to keep the vrath for him.


i don’t know?? she said out lost, making sasha surprised,


Geet was pulled out of her thoughts hearing sasha’s loud voice, umm.. will see tomorrow! she somehow managed to answer her, sasha agreed and both went to have a dinner.



Maan was not able to sleep tonight, he was lost again in those beautiful memories, after his call with his dadima, who was again asking him that when he is going to bring back her Geet, what should he answer her, he sigh painfully as again those beautiful memories hits him painfully, knowing tomorrow is karvachaut, the most beautiful day of his life where he owned his mishty first time. she became his, maan ki Geet forever.


Geet was listening dadi’s talks seating beside her, she was talking about karvachauth rituals to her friends, little Geet became excited and asked form dadi every little thing about this ritual once dadi put her phone down.

dadi explained her everything, smiling happily for she knew the reason behind it.

okay dadi, thank you! saying so, Geet was about to rushed away from there, but  dadi’s words halted her steps,

bete,rukiye, i know you wants to do this fast and for whom??


Geet blushed furiously still hiding her face from dadi, but her next set of wards makes geet sad, but you can’t do it now,dear!

why dadi., Geet at once turn towards her, you don’t like me for maan?? she asked innocently, kneeling down before her, dadi chuckles seeing her pouting face and then her naughty words, aisa nahi hai bete, she caressed her head lovingly giving her soft smile.

then why i can’t do it, dadima?? Geet asked like a small child, indeed she was small  though,

GHSP 364 HD(0)_4590

you are very small now, dear, you can’t do this fast, it could be harmful for your health also!

no, Dadima, i am fit and fine, and you know , I am very strong, look at my muscles.. she show Dadi her little arms, like some bodybuilder, making dadi laugh out seeing her antics.

yes i know, my Geet is very strong even more than maan!! but it’s for big girls,Geet, you are too small for this things , Geet, dadi tried to make her understand, but with those words, Geet’s eyes filled up, she stood up wiping her eyes, no i am not small, i will do this fast for maan.. i want to dadi..

but dear…

dadi.. i want to do it.. plz. and by now she started to cried making Dadi worried, that’s how maan saw his mishty crying furiously as he step inside.


Geet was not able to sleep as well, feeling some restlessness, something is terribly wrong, she concluded and only one person comes in her mind, maan!!

His phone buzz again, disturbing his thoughts about his mishty, he became angry on the caller for doing so, but seeing the id, he was astonished, Geet??!!

hello mishty.. before he could talk more, he heard her worried voice, how are you, is everything fine ?? ap sach main thik ho na?? muze aapki chinta ho rahi thi, you did’nt come to meet me this two days.. and she went on ..

maan was listening her calmly, with a soft smile playing on his lips listening her worried voice just for him, her questions, she was restless without him, just like he is here, this thought made him happy.

maan?? are you there??

Geet asked after she was finished, as she received only silence from the other side.

mishty!! his voice became hoarse with unsaid pain,the pain which he was not able to share with anyone, but she sense it even staying away from him, that’s call the power of true love.

maan, are you fine, muze azeebsi baicheni ho rahi hai, say me , you are fine. she  was going restless with his silence.

i am fine! he replied with his husky voice, she left a sigh of breath listening him, still not convince fully as that restlessness was still there, she wanted to rushed to him, see him once, is he really fine??

her thought process halted hearing his voice, are you fine?? why are you waking up late?? he asked not wanted to make her condition more worse.

um.. i am all right.. just not getting any sleep! she mumble softly , her voice sent ripples of pleasure in his whole body, through his heart.

why?? what are you thinking about? he asked wanted to know the reason behind her this restlessness, do it really connected with his..or..not..

woh.. tomorrow is karvachauth!

her words make his heart skip a beat but then again one thought come in his mind making his heart sink with sadness, remembering about that Sameer guy.

I am thinking to keep the fast..


and as those words left from her mouth , he realized, it must be for that guy but not for him.. but then why she is telling him, he was so frustrated.

maan.. are you there?? but he cut the call , really angry on her.. on himself.. on every damn thing..for making him stuck in this situation.



Precap :_ Maan on Geet’s door

Laal Dupatta..

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18 thoughts on “MSK’S LOST BRIDE PART 12

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    He is in pain as his mishty is not with him as old times,as she doesn’t remember their past…
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  2. awesome update…………….

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  4. Woww geet don’t know anything about the night…this Sasha is also dumb she scolded maan without any reasons…after knowing the truth she apologized ..both are drowned in memories of karvachauth hurray now for whom geet is gonna a keep fast maan cut the call without knowing anything waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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